Rakei, Jordan - Tawo Lyrics

Breath is like it's made me, test it all back
Come take me home
You can't see my patience, breathless again
But I'm still beating home
Time awaits my lady, the sovereign
Keep on breathing
You were there I take it, where the place it could [?]
Then I'll say

Never hold back on yourself, leave it all behind
Never hold back on yourself, leave it all behind

You thought I'm mistaken, bless it all by
This vacancy
Try to show my patience, breathless again
But I'm still beating

Never hold back on yourself, leave it all behind
Never hold back on yourself, leave it all behind

Love to save my soul...
Isn't there enough love to save my soul?...

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Rakei, Jordan Tawo Comments
  1. Una Mabasa

    I really hope I get the pleasure of watching you live one day

  2. Pierock Antonio

    Hopefully one day my friends will understand your music bro

  3. tompezl


  4. Wolf Piel


  5. Nathalie h

    i cannot fathom how someone can sound like that, holy smokes

  6. Justice Kalil Thomas

    Me: listens to Jordan Rakei for years.

    *Watches this*

    Me: HE'S WHITE?

    humble music

    Justice Kalil Thomas i also thought he was black before i saw him

  7. Le Blanc

    in my language, tawo means human

  8. Sigourney Owusu-Bour


  9. Aleksandra Kalińska

    I looove this version!!!❤️❤️❤️Beautiful😍

  10. Matt Vieira

    I feel so sad whit this song, but it's so good

  11. 0lago0

    so sad that the drummer is cut out of the picture

  12. Michael Denny

    Wow... this guy'

  13. Svlted Productions

    Your music really blesses me😪❤🙏

  14. Carol Mhlanga

    I’m here, if were looking for me.

  15. Thatego N

    2019 anybody?

    Wim Comptdaer

    Thatego N 2019,2020,...,2050 (i hope) makes me happy, makes me cry, makes me go on, at the end everything will be ok !!

  16. Aleksandra Kalińska

    I love this song. It's pure beauty.

  17. Syarul Nizam

    Kendrick Lamar should jump on a remix of this or better yet the both of you should do a track together!

  18. Michelle Femiola


  19. AulSkillz music

    the best soulful singer left on earth.... Marvin would be proud

  20. Winnie Masipa

    This song takes me to an unknown & peaceful place. It brings tears of Joy!!!JR

  21. Lesego Mathe

    Shit man this song makes me emotional every time I listen to it?

  22. Jazz Story For Bullet

    Good tune ! THANX! <3 Alfa Mist <3

  23. Russell Williams

    This guy is a genuine musical savant. Very addictive and hypnotic in a beautiful way. Hope he gets the attention and rewards this music deserves.

  24. Leon Der Profi

    Can you please cum in my mouth

  25. MjklSimpson

    underrated music is so awesome


    Sooo good!

  27. horlale

    7 people are deaf

    Elis Baynham

    horlale or blind bc they thought thumbs down was thumbs up

  28. Curtis Williams

    What does Tawo mean?

  29. Sugar slap

    I'm waiting for the day to see you perform live! Listening to this while putting the baby to sleep, your voice is so calming (for both of us) 🤱🏾

  30. thevinylist

    This is so blissful.

  31. Shaun G

    issa homay from spitfire audio!!

  32. haaksondergronds

    me and my girlfriend both like every track of Jordan rakei , good music and let me remind me of the good times I have with her.

  33. Chauffeur

    dude this drummer is a beeeeeeaaaaasssssttttttt

  34. Astronomy, nature and music

    That added snare pre the 3rd beat by Jim Macrae. Catches me off guard. Never heard such a drum beat before. Executed to perfection.

  35. Cla Darko

    Meravigliosa 💚

  36. Ndumiso Mfusi

    one of my favourites

  37. shoutrite91

    This is just unfair.

  38. Michiel Janssen

    Does anyone know more songs/artists with this kinda vibe to it??? I am absolutely in love with this track!

    M Vukici

    Daryll reeves, taylor mcferrin, tom misch, robert glasper?

  39. Ricardo Torres

    I can't handle the feels of this recording. And this man's voice is butter to my soul...I am shook

    Heather O'Brien

    The song take 5

  40. I B

    wish I could like a million times great work

  41. isaacwinton

    Bro you got any maori in you. That voice....

    Jacqueline Ross

    isaacwinton he’s half cook island :)

  42. Linus Appel


  43. weatherxwarning

    this song is soul grabbing

  44. Minks Rule

    Gotta love dem polkadot socks!!

  45. Taylor Naylor

    I was sad one day and asked my teacher to play something. Anything (because. is my remedy) and he plays this and I automatically fall in love. This was just last week. Now every time I'm sad this song is like a soul cleanser. I listen on repeat. I cry and I literally feel soo much better. Like this song is beauty and his voice makes it 100x more therapeutic.

    Stijn Verhaeghe

    same here. When you listen to the song, you would think it's a sad song but it's just exactly the other way around.

  46. warlord629926

    We need official lyrics!

  47. skhulile mkhwanazi

    lovely, best song for me right now, what a great time to be alive

  48. Chedomir Stankovic

    does anyone know where could be found instrumental...

  49. Charlotte Maud

    What choir is that?!

  50. XxLadySagittariusxX

    Love this song, so does my 6 yr old son who's on the autism spectrum. I remember playing this version of Tawo and us bobbing our heads together 😂 as the song went off he said I want to hear that again, now he's bobbing and singing 🗣 You have the most calming and beautiful voice. Mr. Jordan Rakei, Thank You for sharing your gift.

    Dana Gawlak

    XxLadySagittariusxX (':


    Made a grown man cry with this comment. :)

    Conor Connole

    Amazing story 🙂 Sonic Frequencies resonated with he's own field of magnetism 🙂

  51. Kamila Abramowicz

    kocham Cię S.. :|

  52. M L

    Your vibrato reminds me to Jeff Buckley. Beautiful.

  53. Pavel Ivanovski

    Ok, You are very interesting and this song is fresh, new and very nice ritmic and melody!!😃👍🏻

  54. Da Cleva 1

    He should do a duo with Alexis Cara, be dope.

  55. Aaron Felix

    Can ANYONE get me the lyrics to this track??

    Loria Boban


    best I could find

  56. Mariah Jones

    I love this song ,I can listen to it on repeat everyday it is so relaxing😌. He definitely has a fan in the US on the west coast.

  57. Melissa Lee Diehl

    I'm a singer/songwriter too and I absolutely love your sound, your lyrics, the melodies, production, and the overall vibe that your songs give off. My favorites so far are Add the Baseline and Shaclackclack the puppet. Just subscribed!

  58. Gary Libero

    This slays the album version, which is one of my favorite tracks on it! Choir is on point! I will echo some comments....PLEASE come stateside soon!

  59. Manuel Mendoza

    amazing please come to Mexico!!

  60. Yasper Molle

    There was one kid who gave a thumb down...

  61. Francisca Guimarães

    Beautiful. Come to Portugal, we're waiting for you!!!

  62. tom holmes

    so totally beautiful jordan

  63. Mod Kanyarat


  64. Grace Williams

    that sound. its sound jordan! (albiet a fast.. bit up tempo) still. good.

  65. Kanya Dikiso

    Thank you for the lovely music. You are AMAZING! I'd love to see you live one day. So brilliant 👌❤

  66. Kyoruu SW

    Aquela musica que vc ouve ate de olhos fechados de tao boa..

  67. Rob Macallister

    This is beaut-i-ful!

  68. Anaël Ng

    please come to France. PLEASE

  69. Ammo Moses

    Because of your art, I believe mine. Beautiful song man.

  70. Reversed82

    can someone post the lyrics? i can't find them anywhere.... really great tune

    also really considering getting that vinyl

  71. Paseka Mokhs

    most amazing, speaks

  72. zachv2626

    This is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard.

  73. Klaus Kent

    Wow, that reprise! You are an amazingly talented musician. Please come to Japan.

  74. Hélène Lee

    Beautiful track! Heard this on pbs in Melbourne and I had to find it again. Really nice footage. Downloading this album now!

  75. Esquina

    Great!!!!! Listenning from Brazil!

  76. Thando Ndlovu

    Favourite song on the album - unbelievable vibes

  77. Bill Savory

    Pure magic...

  78. davecreates


    Alice olafare-abiwon


  79. Schwaaam Johnson

    This song is so beautiful. No joke this video brought me to tears, man. Haha I don't even know why. But seriously, this is the perfect song to finish up the album man. Really incredible job on the entire album. Every single song is gold.

  80. LJ Gomez

    This is no joke the best song I've heard in a while, and I listen to good music! Lol this album is gonna be legendary! Jordan never stops impressing me!

  81. David Hoade

    cool and classy

  82. sichka _

    I thought the one who plays the guitar is Tom ahaha
    still tho, it's sooooo beautiful <3

  83. Manny Ademolu

    Jordan and AlphaMist ish this is amazing!

  84. hijosh

    Dude, the choir... oh man....

    Mariah Jones

    hijosh I know it's insanely beautiful😌👌🏾


    hijosh the choir better be coming to Brighton too

    Sebastián Ramírez González

    It gives me goosebumps :D

  85. Yael Santé

    This an absolutely beautiful track. The chords, lyrics...everything. Perfect.

  86. Kilian Treminio

    When are you releasing a mixtape or album bruh?? So I can stop illegally downloading your music 😂


    His new album is out next week. He's got 2 EP's and some other stuff on iTunes.

  87. MusicIsLife

    CAN YOU PLEASE COME TO THE U.S. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  88. Dablyo Oficial

    Muito obrigado pela sua arte Jordan!! por aqui, Brasil/São Paulo na sintonia!

  89. Victoria Theodore

    You are amazing. Just beautiful. Bravo.

  90. Wolfie

    Another Gem !

  91. Jasmine Taka

    Such gold :')