Rakei, Jordan - Talk To Me Lyrics

You cannot compare yourself to me
We are different
Trapped inside a fake reality

You cannot compare yourself to me
We are different
Trapped inside a fake reality

Waiting for disaster to strike me once I fall
Oh, I'm riding high
Yes, I'm riding high
Oh, I'm riding high
Yes, I'm riding

Better than I was before
Better than the usual
Waiting for disaster to strike me once I fall
Oh, I'm riding high
Yes, I'm riding high
Oh, I'm riding high
Yes, I'm riding

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Rakei, Jordan Talk To Me Comments
  1. Lil Woozy

    My soul would leave my body if i heard this goddamn song live.

  2. Berkay Celik

    Won der ful.

  3. Conor Connole

    Sonic Transmutation 🙂

  4. Electric Violin Lady

    A true pro

  5. Black and White Friends

    no music(((...

  6. Zoot Mingus

    His collar still doesn’t distract me from the vibes.

  7. Nombulelo Hadebe

    South Africans understand if they listen to yfm and khaya fm

  8. AZIZ18691

    Jordan, please do a Tiny Desk !!

  9. MissDAdolph

    Can I please have this guy, Jacob Collier, and Jarrod Lawson on 1 stage together? Ijs. Anyone 2nd this?

  10. Sizwe Ndlanzi

    Jordan is unreal!

  11. Michaela Lawler

    I come back to this so often :) beautiful performance

  12. Kitai

    I just translated what he said at the end. "Zato Zate Date Dona". ( Therefore you must give your donation)

  13. Kitai

    3:27. His facial expressions and head bobs are awesome. He's feeling himself.

  14. Kitai

    "Oh, I'm riding high, yes I'm riding high."

  15. Haus Junky

    Sir 😭😍😍😍

  16. John V

    Dude you have to tour in the US please stay true to your music. Don't chg your music and become commercial. Love your music peace and love

  17. Todd Tollfree

    Jordan Give. Out Sting vibes

  18. alice o

    I am in love with thisss YAASSSSSSS I'm highhhhh

  19. Tonick Moss

    All Jordan's live renditions are whole next level!...looooove! I had pleasure to see Jordan as one man band at Sole DXB in Dubai....truly amazing talent

  20. Venessa Appiah

    sheldoooon on that guitarrr

  21. qq Able


  22. S J

    Is he even on earth when he performs ? 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  23. Paul Keenan

    I've watched this video everyday since I saw it 💕

  24. Paul Keenan

    Best live performance I have ever heard! 💕

  25. caroline walsh

    Connection. Detachment. Expression.

  26. Mordicus

    Where's the rest of this?

  27. Rea Ramanjee

    tiny desk please

  28. Alexander van der Wyck

    Wow I would love to see this live

  29. miss_ mjay


  30. Ntsikelelo Thutha


  31. who is blacksid

    i will forever hold this masterpiece in my heart, the magic behind it is beyond me

  32. Daan Heijnis

    What a voice Jesus urnel

  33. Sizwe Ndlanzi

    Respect this song!

  34. Victor H. L.H.

    The percussion for this song is top notch!... Along with everything else in it of course :)

    Oliver Brunetti

    Ernesto Marichales!!! Check out his other bands! Wara, Waaju, Telajeta, to name a few.

    Papikie Seopa

    @Oliver Brunetti where?

  35. Ongoing Discovery

    If you guys like Jordan Rakei but are also partial to a bit of dance music, check out his dancier project under the name Dan Kye. It's brilliant

  36. Phephelaphi Magoro

    My favourite!!! My 4 year old thinks this is the ultimate...

  37. Boss

    Anyone thinks he could be inspired by Atoms for Peace?

  38. Lerothodi Nyatso

    my type of chilled vibes loving your music down here in South Africa simply awesome mate!!

    Ubane Kagiso

    22 September kyalami, get tickets

  39. Kai Khan

    can totally relate to the bassist that came in too early with the backing vocals at 1:54 lmao

  40. Lebidike Neo

    Matt Masters pulled this killer on Freerange radio show. Am loving this!!!

  41. San Panico

    Everything I've seen from this cat is fire! The dude on percussion reminds me of Lanu.

  42. Fabien Can Güvendi

    WTF amazing, what a melody guys ! Keep Pushing

  43. Timo

    Jordan Rakei's voice, love this guy

  44. Danny Xander

    Fuck. 😲😲😲

  45. Paulo DO COUTO

    MUITO BOM !!!!!

  46. KAS

    tiny desk please...


    and a COLORS show


    COLORS tick. now npr tinydesk cmon guyyyss!



    ivor helberg

    yeasss, saw him with a small crowd, it was.. otherworldly

    Electric Violin Lady

    It just happened. Check his Instagram

  47. shashakahlani

    one of my all time favourite gigs was seeing jordan on a boat in bristol. <3


    Wish I'd known about him then!

  48. federicomenjurje

    When I listened to it on bandcamp I thought he was black, honestly. What a flow.

  49. Steijn Muller

    samba inspired?

  50. Nik L

    Blues Alley Washington, DC PLEASE!!!!

  51. Lucas Guimarães

    we need more live like that!!

  52. Khutšo Mokono

    When are you coming to South Africa !!!!!

  53. PeopleOnTVRecords

    drummer knows he's killing it

  54. Bodhi

    Great!! Good luck Jordan 👍🏼

  55. Joschii

    could do with less whiny humming and whimpering

    Will Cochran

    Joschii it's a good thing you aren't a judge of shit.

    Christopher Collins

    It's not whiny humming and whimpering; he's scatting. He is at a Jazz concert after all...

  56. Ben Brophy

    Beautiful. 🙏🎶

  57. Max Leblanc

    come to brazilll

  58. Ruben Barzali


  59. Nayara Amorim

    come to Swizerland pls 😍


    youre in luck. 7 november im exil

  60. Kabelo Mei

    Beautiful Piece....

  61. Álvaro Funkestein

    This guy is so underrated...


    True, but true underground bro hehe ;)

  62. Uche Amaechi

    This was fucking amazing!! The groove was too much!! This exceeded my expectations of how this song would sound live. So happy to see your growth man! Can't wait for the new album. Come play in Toronto!!

    Caroline F

    He's coming to the Opera House on Wed Nov 6!!!

  63. Gabi LG

    Si a mi amigo Michel le gusta pues a mí también 👍

  64. Charles McMillan

    Ryan Gosling on the drums

  65. Jonathan Beltran

    Wasn't having the best day until I witnessed such incredibly fuckin and pure drum savagery and outstanding musicianship by this band.

  66. Jerome Rusk

    Please come and play in your country of birth!

  67. RVScottsman

    Bought tickets to see you in LA in Sept..........then realized I'm taking my kid to Disney World that week. 😩 You are true talent. Looking forward to your new album and hope you make it back to West coast eventually. Amazing sound and video!


    RVScottsman did u resell the tickets or do u still have them? Cuz I'm looking to go tomorrow and haven't bought tickets yet


    JJax1417 sorry just saw this. Resold hope you got to go.


    I went and it was amazing, hopefully you can make it next time he's in LA. Opening act James Tillman was also great

  68. Lau Element

    increible jordan rakei!!

  69. Nia Nin

    Yesssss go Sheldon! SO proud of U! band is soundin tight

  70. Nyakz

    Jordan - You are amazing Bro!! Keep going!

  71. jaguardo

    Goddamn that drummer is sick

    Kelsey Griffin

    jaguardo his name is Richard spaven


    Jordan introduced him at 4:06 as Jim Mcrae...

    Simon Oleary

    They seem to have a similar look. I saw him in November and though it was spaven on drums at first.

    No Robots Were Harmed

    Yeah drummer is Jim but I don't know the percussionist

    Pete Cottom

    percussionist is Ernesto Marichales

  72. Michelle Braunstein

    Gives me goosies!!! <3 Come to Northern NSW!! x

  73. Jack Painting

    Yes boys! Maximum badassery

  74. Flex Offender

    Love your music, love your passion, you're in your element. Please come do a gig in Auckland mate I've gotta experience this live

  75. Albert Ransford

    Unbelievable where you've gone man. Keep it, up, hope to see you again in AU!

  76. Caleb Jackson

    Can't wait to see you in Ny

  77. Victor Hendos


  78. Phillie P.

    Keep doing what your doing ...blessed.

  79. 3k9x

    You're great man! I'd love to see you live!

  80. Zane Mills

    The dude on the shaker in the beginning is doing a good job and he knows it

  81. TFE niname

    Emily Bear Jazz Concert Germany

  82. Jaylyn

    Live band. SMOOTH.

  83. DJ TIPZ

    So dope!

  84. Edgar Ocaña


  85. xebio6

    Band members please

    Sander Zweekhorst

    Jordan Rakei (vocals); Sheldon Agwu (guitar); Tom Guy (bass); Jim Macrae (drums); Ernesto Mirchales-Illas (percussion).


    Sander Zweekhorst hey thanks!

  86. Vl As


  87. Silent Garden Music

    Ahhh te amo

  88. Wolfie

    A Gem !

  89. Asha Lapps

    Ahhhh this is perfection! Hope to see you in Toronto one of these days!! 💕💕💕

    Luke Warm

    I'd pay any amount of money

  90. Camy Idy

    Sickkkkk!! As always Jordan!! Keep going 💪💪💪
    *Hope that you're having a great day* 😛

    *Check my covers if you want, even if it's only you that would make my day* 😂❤️

  91. Kezia Prescott

    This right here is a blessing to my ears ❤️❤️❤️