Rakei, Jordan - Goodbyes Lyrics

Yes I was flaking on you
Guess I was sturdy about it last night
No need to take away from it
You flew, I surrender to the moment
You washed away the sadness
Your world had no minimum requirements
So tender, hands off a sweet machine
I spot the soul of a masquerade-rade

Unnecessary goodbyes
You've taken your time
Unwrestled by the moment
Homed by the thread of your mind

Talk deep to test the water
3 inches too far and too slow
I stepped right into order
You welcome the settle of a throne
Ice keeps melting like rain drops, rain drops
Clouds of guilt built like a nimbus
I'm weak it's such a mercy
Control me like a circus, the circus

Unnecessary goodbyes
You've taken your time
Unwrestled by the moment
Homed by the thread of your mind

Unnecessary goodbyes
You've taken your time
Unwrestled by the moment
Homed by the thread of your mind

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Rakei, Jordan Goodbyes Comments
  1. Eleisha Tamiya

    This is so fire.

  2. A Castro

    This song and "Wake up the Day" should be on someones movie soundtrack. Hollywood is so stupid.

  3. Anna Thomsen

    👍👍👍👍👍good picture yes yes yes

    Anna Thomsen

    This is Reuben 🤘🏾

  4. Marian Ioannide

    Unesseccery goodbyes... Perfect 😇💞

  5. r u t h l e s s .

    Seriously underrated

  6. Rosenna Davalan

    i get steely dan vibes

    Damon Wilson

    Very observant of u and I agree

  7. David Martin

    God bless CBC Radio for introducing me to this

  8. P Mon

    After Dark on CBC 2 Radio with Odario Williams brought me here..Just Wonderful.Don Pedro From Montreal.

    David Martin

    So lovely, so lovely indeed

  9. Tyreik Webster

    Jordan you are so inspiring , you , Sam & Tom !!

  10. S A M S E I

    love this one!

  11. maya

    Tom Misch, Jordan Rakei, Fkj.


    Adoro tutti e tre! 😍💖❤️💞


    Your list looks like mine with a recent addition of Sunni Colon.

  12. PM Seminario

    Can't get enough of this song. On repeat repeat repeat

  13. Nicole Trahan


  14. Fatemeh

    singing along with Jordan is like hitting all the right spots, head bopping included

  15. Taj Hameed

    This song is colder than a polar bears toenails

  16. Louis Thomas

    Heard this on Pandora and now I'm hooked.

  17. Todd Tollfree

    very Donald fagen... ish

  18. Joseph Rabai

    lovely music

  19. Amon Bokako

    Why do I only know this track now??? damn the bass riffs are amazing!!


    Amon Bokako Wait til you hear the new track Minds Eye.

  20. Gipsy Rangel Salas

    FIP Radio brought me here.

  21. alyssa naicker

    the bassline!!!! wow

  22. Nisa Nasir

    the intro sounds soo familiar, anyone know where its from?

  23. P Mon

    Mix of Steely Dan,Malcom McDonald,Kenny Loggins,Christopher Cross,Donald Fagen and Soul Music.Well Done.Love it !Don Pedro From Montreal.

  24. Bells Potledi

    When this song ends..it feels like an unnecessary goodbye..

  25. Paulo DO COUTO

    Can you please tell me who is playing the drums? Thanks.

  26. Joda R

    can't get enough of this track...

  27. Andrew H

    I absolutely love this tune! Thanks for the upload!

  28. thevinylist

    "Control me like a circus"

  29. Blackcrow411

    woww <3

  30. Skeletor #SeigneurDeLaDestruction

    Nice melody nice text nice voice. I LIKE IT !!

  31. Paulo DO COUTO

    Muito bonito !!!

  32. xebio6

    That coda should be like 5 times longer

  33. Ryan Oceros

    By far my favourite song and artist of 2017...

  34. God Zilla

    Honestly.... theres only 1 thing i can say about this.... Timeless🙏👑 New Skool Vibe with an Old Skool Complexity. Ur authenticity shines like the sun... Ur luv 4 REAL Music is DEFINATELY Felt, Respected, Reverenced, Appreciated but most of all... NEEDED. Thank You. - from Canada (Fresco P)

  35. X Gin

    Amazing Dope!

  36. Mat D

    OMG never heard something this gooood

  37. NovemberThreeThree

    Brought me here
    And that makes me smile

  38. Gerson mabote

    Yes yes indeed. Great song!!!

  39. Laura

    I was unprepared for just how good this is. almost threw away my phone and laptop jamming to this!!! WHAT!!! Sooooo much yes to everything about this song/piece of art!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  40. savvysista14

    Love this!!! x

  41. G Cordery

    Reminds me of The Beauty Room, who I also love!

  42. pogdog31

    See also Jamie Woon

  43. Yvonne Courtney

    Just found you and I love it!

  44. Karla Giselle


  45. Jewels 67

    Smoothe, sexy... just love it <3

  46. Taka Gani

    Jordan... love this! Unique tunes

  47. Mick Aneworderfan

    Absolutely amazing songwriting skills! I've been waiting for sophisticated pop like this for a very long time!

  48. Matthew Robinson

    Nothing short of stunning, grabbed me right away, not one moment of it makes me doubt it.

  49. emirglass

    Ohh god, this song...

  50. Elliot Gwynne


  51. Trikloe

    Big little pants

  52. Guillermo's Productions

    Outstanding vocal harmonies and track....Just discovered you and will pass along and follow!

  53. Tom Misch

    yes yes yes

    José María Colonia

    you are awesome too!

    Taka Gani

    You are also "yes yes yes", Tom!!

    Max Chevere

    Tom please come in Italy with Jordan and Alfa Mist...


    wait, as in THE TOM MISCH?

  54. C L


  55. Nicolò Garavello


  56. Exzavier_ Hawk

    An ocean 🌊 of sound

  57. Jordan Hymon

    Straight fire dude!,You Def have a new fan from the States!

  58. Phelelani Qwabe

    Dude....when are you coming to South Africa? I need to speak to someone to get you here!

    OC Wayvz

    Phelelani Qwabe Bruh . He must come this side.

    Caitlin Luter

    Honestly, truly

    Reneilwe Nkadimeng

    Cape Town Jazz Festival he'll be here!!

    Koketso Setoaba

    Delicious Festival this year...next week actually!

  59. Kevin Priest

    Excellent. I don't know if Jordan has been influenced by Steely Dan but this has definitely made me look further into this artist. Hoping to catch him on tour next month in the UK.


    I'd say the influence is definitely there, whether conscious or not (I suspect the former). Check out the work of some of his musician-friends in London, especially Tom Misch ("I Wish" live) and keyboardist Alfa Mist. Alfa's latest album "Antiphon" is begging for Fagen to sing all over it.

    Mick Aneworderfan

    My most heartfelt thanks for the suggestions! More of the same?

    ericka haskins

    Yasss that's what he reminds me of

  60. Didymus

    So addictive

  61. Klang

    No haters. No thumbs down. This is Jordan Rakei.

  62. Paul Callan

    Who's of thunk it....a Brisbane boy!!!

  63. Paul Callan

    Reminiscent of Donald Fagen..... tight as hell!!!

    Max Chevere

    Paul Callan I thought the same...


    Max Chevere So did I

    Doctor Mu

    Like a fusion of Fagen and Stevie Wonder. Amazing stuff.

  64. duujo

    Super kewl #nonlinear vibes <3

  65. Damien Slingsby

    Dude... this is super cool...

  66. Max Chevere

    You are a legend Jordan and this song is already history...see you in November in Italy!

  67. Dawn McGhee

    Just purchased this song. Great job JR!!!

  68. Matt Glorion

    Can't wait for Wallflower.. Jordan you're a king! 🔥

  69. N Anderson

    I love this! 💃🏾💃🏾👍🏾

  70. Egbert Copplind

    you have eaten my guts and soul with this one!!!!!!!

  71. Stefan Botha

    Damn... 🔥

  72. Nico Michea

    oh yeaa what a groove man... lovin' it... unnecessary goodbyes... right in the eye... great work!

  73. Jui Djoce

    T es génial mec good job

  74. Tillina Anona

    ''the kinda jam you put on your bread every morning''

    Christopher Collins

    And you right yeah!


    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Can't wait for the album

  76. -me1isa

    this is beautiful

  77. Lea Marte

    Hell fvcking yeah! This is soooo good!

  78. Tim Pickering

    Nice work once again!

  79. Joni I

    Ahh you're killing me with these tune 😭😍😍

  80. Joash Abraham

    everything you touch is gold

  81. nzmbk


  82. guardi guard

    So dope

  83. boombapboom

    First!!!!!!!!!! need this album asap.