Raitt, Bonnie - Thank You Lyrics

Sittin' here thinkin' baby about you
I'm wonderin' how I ever got through my life without you
Days pass me by, left my life somewhere behind
Games I was tryin' out, oh before my time

You came into my life almost like you knew
That time was runnin' out, oh I came runnin' home to you
You taught me how to love you, you helped me too
You could even love me, I was all you'd ever need

[Instrumental break]

Sometimes when you're sleepin' I wonder if it's true
I'm afraid they'll come and take away this precious dream of you
Then you'll wake and hold me and love me through the night
Then I'll know that somehow everything will be alright

Thank you baby, for giving me my life
I love you honey. you've given me my life
Thank you baby, for giving me my life.

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Raitt, Bonnie Thank You Comments
  1. Levy Stephen

    Always thought Bonnie Rait was a country music singer. I had no idea she had songs like this. I can't stop listening to it.

  2. Chantil Dukart

    This is so killin

  3. Say Tan

    anyone have the lead tab??

  4. Tina Marie F

    Been a fan of BR for 40 yrs
    Her music never gets old
    She is amazing

  5. b allodium

    • yup •

  6. George Wang

    I never knew Bonnie Raitt had songs like this

  7. anthony echeverry

    Thanks marc rebillet :]

  8. slickbert43

    Marc Rebillet sent me here and I never want to leave.


    slickbert43 Poppin straight to my soul

    mike orosz

    Who is that

    Gwendal C

    @mike orosz https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXgxNzAgZ1GExhTW4X1mUrg

  9. Feonix

    My favorite of Bonnie's original ballads. Those who only know her from her late 80's fame are missing out.

  10. morganedelic

    kooley high - days passed me by

  11. rupert latimer

    yes her voice is indeed like an angel, and this is a wonderful LP, her first and best


    No her best was Give It Up and Taking My Time.

  12. Moskalus

    sensual like a touch of a woman


    You had to make it weird

  13. Badman Carrizo

    Her voice is like an angel...