Raitt, Bonnie - Storm Warning Lyrics

Storm warning, feels like a heavy rain
Winds on the coast tonight
We may get tossed tonight
Storm warning, he made it pretty plain
He's fallin' for another, found a new lover
(and he won't be back again)
Can't stop a river, when it's burst it's banks
I've seen the look in his eyes
He's in love and hypnotized
Time of mourning
There's already been a flood of my tears
Such a sense of loss tonight
Nought to do but ride it out
Can't stop a river when it's burst it's banks
I wonder how long it's gonna take
To get over this heartbreak
Storm warning, feels like a heavy rain
Winds on the coast tonight
We may get tossed tonight

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Raitt, Bonnie Storm Warning Comments
  1. Carobinson Robinson

    2020 still lovin me some Bonnie ❤️, who is here with me?

  2. Tiffany Vinson


  3. robin midgett

    Listening to this in 2020 and such still a beautiful song

  4. Wolf_At_The_Door

    Favorite song on the album... very sad but I it's a great song. 🧡

  5. Michelle Balser

    Looks like a heavy rain!♥️

  6. Annette Jones

    There is another female that sang this song. Her dad was a famous singer as well and I can't find it. Waaaa, anyone?

  7. L Kat

    This song calms my soul.

  8. Jeff Bilby

    A force of nature when you put her all the ingredients together, the voice, band, engineer, production, mesmerizing soulful melancholy and that slide guitar, underrated for sure, but a national treasure of talent!

  9. William Hampton

    Were I any sound sailor , I'd run thru rocks & shoals to land on this dreams harpies shore ! Har ! ;>)

  10. Stanley Belk

    Your still number one!!!!!

  11. southern hot mess69

    I really love this song.... She has the most amazing voice ever and will always be a powerful woman in the music industry

  12. сергей кутузов

    It's an outstanding song, and how she is performing it! I like her sorrowful things particularly.

  13. nyg1954

    Bonnie and Linda are the best.

  14. Larry Gonzalez

    So beautiful

  15. Larry Gonzalez

    People which down bored this song eat butt hole

  16. Larry Gonzalez

    Bonny has been the best engineers and mastering guys ever

  17. Rick Brash

    Love this tune...one of Bonnie's best if you ask me...

  18. Isaiah Oneal

    Saw Bonnie at the min state fair wonderful voice just sassy smoky smooth voice in glad I saw her hope to catch her again.

  19. Isaiah Oneal

    Yo this song is heavy baby..

  20. chris mcfarlane

    I Was lucky enough to see Bonnie about 12 years ago so good ... fantastic xx

  21. Fiona Phillips

    Beautiful !

  22. William Hampton

    im breathless ..

  23. Cathy Radabaugh

    man she rips my heart out , , love her

  24. Marsha Rupe

    Tasty slide guitar work. No one can sing a torch song like Bonnie Raitt, going way back to "Love Has No Pride."

  25. Fiona Phillips

    Love this and this woman, such class and style with a mighty blues twist !

  26. Thomas Stevens

    It was a hot summer night in CT When I saw her perform this song. She was touring on this album. She held the audience in the palm of her hand. She knows how to tell a story, reach your heart, tell it the way it is. This whole album talks about love found, love experienced and love lost as only Bonnie knows how to lament the feelings we feel.

    Sing on Bonnie. Tell us the way it is


    sweet and beautiful voice,I love her.

  28. Joan Lee

    My God. My heart.

  29. Chris Diack

    Where has this little gem been hiding for my life time (71 years)

  30. Gil Chasin

    Oh Bonnie, can't stop a river when it's burst its banks

  31. OldEMGStrat

    if it helps we love you Bonnie

  32. Warner Chandler

    "Storm warning,
    Feels like a heavy rain
    Time of mourning.
    There's already been a flood of my tears.
    Such a sense of loss tonight,
    Nought to do but ride it out
    Storm warning,
    Feels like a heavy rain

  33. Sheila Barron

    He is 😊Now What else would you want for Someone youlove 😊😊

  34. Jonas Reece

    ...absolutely as sexy as a person can be!😎

  35. Steve Johnson

    This song still gives me Chills........Beautiful.........

  36. mikebtko

    Albums' "Nick Of Time" & "Luck Of The Draw" put her over the top... Then you could expect a beautiful, brilliant, ballad on her albums to follow, like "Silver Lining"... etc... She was always great, but then she became this... Wow!...


    This album is the smoothest

  37. Les Freligh

    I can almost feel Bonnie pull her shoulders in during one of the verses, her voice has so much more than just feelings! The line is out and the hook is set - reel it in woman ....

  38. Sheila Barron

    When I hear this song can't help,but cry this song relates to so many Then you find a new lover that shows you a LOVE you never knew,but Bonnie Raitt I have been listening to your Music since 1974 ❤ya then ❤ya know Thank you 4 beening there✌💙

  39. fabiano pasquale

    Well and wontheful! By Fabiano

  40. Tony DuPuis

    Love Bonnie ...The Bob James version is sweet too... Great duality Lyrics...

  41. Jimmy Orr

    Bonnie's great keeps me spiritual love all her artistry
    Jimmy Orr cape coral florida

  42. Rick Kathrine

    hear one bonnie raitt song... gotta have more... hope they never end... keep singing please...

  43. diego Fraschini

    Un tema más lindo que otro
    Que album !!!!!!!!

  44. Don Scott

    I could listen to her sing all day and night!

  45. makokan nakokam

    women complain about what we dont? please dont spook me too much with this one ..nice melody though

  46. Nancy Andrews

    he's in love, and hypnotized . . .nothing to do but ride it out . . .

  47. Eugene Ward,Jr.

    There's no concert experience that compares to seeing Bonnie in a small club that has great acoustics & seats everyone close to the stage.
    She has the warmth, charm & soul that makes you feel she has you eating out of her hand. So real and down to earth. I just keep coming back for more.

  48. John Tatum

    this tune sung by Bonnie is under raitted...:)


    I see what you did there.

  49. Donna Toler

    Just awesome as always,love her voice an the way her can get the soulful an her playing:)Thanks Donna

    Wallet Bailey

    i think that her relationship with Lowel George influenced her heavily with her playing and singing. Got soul she does

  50. Harry Prater

    Very classy lady.

  51. taino20

    Lyrics to Storm Warning:

    "Storm Warning"

    Storm warning,
    Feels like a heavy rain.
    Winds on the coast tonight.
    We may get tossed tonight.

    Storm warning,
    He's made it pretty plain
    He's fallin' for another,
    Found a new lover, and he won't be back again.

    Can't stop a river,
    When it's burst it's banks.
    I've seen the look in his eyes
    He's in love and hypnotized.

    Time of mourning.
    There's already been a flood of my tears.
    Such a sense of loss tonight,
    Nought to do but ride it out.

    Can't stop a river when it's burst it's banks.
    I wonder how long it's gonna take
    To get over this heartbreak.

    Storm warning,
    Feels like a heavy rain.
    Winds on the coast tonight.
    We may get tossed tonight.

    Storm warning...

  52. Dias Donegan

    Love listening to Bonnie when she sings her songs of love and sadness kinds of blues.  She take u through her songs as if ur a part of the movie she creates in our minds.  She takes u to the places by taking u down a long winding road as u follow her through the journey of song.  Love this lady.  Sing it for me Bonnie. One more gin.


    Dias,,make mine a JD,,,,

  53. Eugene Cattouse

    She has such a casual deep blues pain and sadness to her voice and style. Love Bonnie Raitt and her crying guitar.

  54. Caramel Spice

    This woman sings the truth...

  55. joedrum7371

    Got a new lady who wanted to sing with us, Pity she sung this, Had trouble not crying on my drums, Guess she will be with us for a while, Off to get a Jack Daniels,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  56. Tina Marie F

    Pure music.. pure enjoyment.. damn I love this women..

  57. Dan Patrick

    incredible...why have i never heard this song?

    Joe McD-

    +Dan Patrick this real america caring people stand Dan and know your a good Man !

    Hank Hodges

    The important thing is you finally HAVE heard it & are all the more rich for it. In my eyes, a PERFECT song !!!

    Warner Chandler

    Agreed: a perfect song. Soulful, haunting vocals, lyrical lyrics, beautiful chord structure, guitar work like heaven, slow, loose tempo, supporting musicians masterfully understated, and clear recording.

    R C

    The original was written by Bob James and performed with his daughter Hillary. If you want to hear their version just search Bob James and Hillary James Storm Warning.

  58. Mbari Hogun

    *Happy Birthday ~*

  59. Nancy Andrews

    he's fallen for another, found a new lover, and won't be back again . . .

  60. Chris Frazier

    a true favorite...

  61. jkmines

    Bonnie Raitt, I have always loved your music. I'm just disappointed that by your leftist politics. I wish you would just entertain us as you do so well and leave the politics to the slimey bastards in Washington.


    +jkmines music and politics don't go well together...

  62. thestick52

    This is simply unique... Love & light from sunny Florianópolis, Brazil.

  63. Thomas Veverka

    I first saw Bonnie at Stomping 76 in Gaylax Va.  300'00 people there  BIGER then Woodstock

  64. Epidendrum7

    I saw Bonnie Raitt live at the Red Rocks outside Denver. The weather was perfect and so was Bonnie. I love her and her music!

  65. sherry gypsy S

    aint nobody sings a broken heart like Bonnie Raitt

    Walkin Bonita

    Her music nursed me thru so many...too many.

  66. Garimiah Bullfrog

    Storm Warnings - blues with class

  67. Vykintas Kuzmickas

    Nice song:)

  68. nyg1954

    bonnie and dusty are the best

  69. Daryl S

    Sometimes I feel this is the most beautiful song ever written and performed... and the video just calms me right down.

  70. Elizabeth McLain

    A seasoned artist in every way. Blues woman represents all the best.

  71. gwloganpoet

    Is there anything that she can't sing? Whether it's pop, folk, country, or blues and still
    she's the most under rated singer out there. I just love the way she takes any song
    and make it her. All those singer who try to sing "I can't make you love me" I feel
    sorry for them because, can't nobody sing like Bonnie.

  72. bretto444

    Probably the most underrated, female, guitarist, singer, songwriter, musician, ever! I have loved her, from the very first time I heard her singing to me, through my busted up speakers in my old pickup, driving down some road near Salinas, on KPIG radio...no lie

  73. William Boyd

    right on!

  74. starcitygal

    Thank you, MrChadyd - hopefully now that I'm older and (somewhat) wiser, I will choose better...

  75. chadyd

    i dont think i could live through it and i really feel this song down deep
    hope you dont have to go through it again!!

  76. starcitygal

    Felt like this song too many times in this lifetime...

  77. lela franklin


  78. jm1mchp

    Bonnie is magnificent. There are many gifted and wonderful singers and songwriters in this world. None better than this magnificent woman. Bonnie Raitt, your music touches my heart like no one else. God Bless you, beautiful soul that you are. Namaste, Bonnie. I don't know you, but I love you very much.

  79. julie roxanne

    this song, the words..makes me face the rawness of my heart breaking..

  80. Mary Panzino

    Definately talented women. I love her!

  81. Mary Panzino

    That is the most beautiful words Gus1138. God Bless You. The Storm in my life was brought to me in a "Vision".

  82. randy macemore


  83. Lita Johnson

    We go way back (self admission) and I still keep her close to my musical tastes....

  84. Carmel Tye

    1st time hearing it...love it

  85. Phil Parmelee

    Don't they realize that when they force me to watch their stupid commercials that it only makes me hate their company and their product???

  86. VinylForest

    November 8th, Happy Birthday Bonnie Raitt, I've been a fan of yours since the 70's, you have a beautiful sweet voice, and I love this song.

  87. Charles Rice

    Hi rheasisgreat ; about the audio on vevo,, The audio on the commercials almost out the windows here and you cant cut them off or out and you have to sit there and watch them ,
    B-O-R-I-N-G !!!! If I want to see commercials all I have to do is turn my tv. then when the music starts I have to crank up the audio main feed then open up my main gain from a 1 1/2 to a 7 to have it at a room level volume . Weird huh ???? I don't have that problem anywhere on youtube so like I said weird huh ???

  88. Rhea Srivastava

    Why do I have none of these problems? Just wondering. :-/

  89. Catherine Todd

    One of the saddest songs I've heard...

  90. badbadkingjohn

    best Bonnie Raitt quote, heard it years ago; she had been asked about who whe wanted to attend her birthday party "I don't want to see a face I haven't sat on"

  91. Charles Rice

    I absolutely hate this VEVO network . They have three BIG MAJOR problems. .
    Problem 1. Way too low audio. I have to crank up all my levels just to listen to the music
    Problem 2 . Too many fucking commercials !! and you can't cancel them in the first 5 seconds
    You have to sit there and wait for those fucking commercials to end
    Problem 3 . Those fucking commercials have their audio levels where the music audio levels
    should be . The audio is reversed

  92. lyonslaforet

    Longing In Their Hearts (1994) deserves to be as celebrated as Nick Of Time (1990), at least because of this gem!

  93. epoe74

    Very very few people can carry a song such as this one with such emotion, like Bonnie. Simply beautiful!!!

  94. gwloganpoet

    This is a sweet song and Bonnie sing it smooth. Now it belong to her.

  95. PoeticLisence62

    This is the kind of music that swallows you whole. You have to close your eyes and let your emotions go there ... wherever 'there' is for you. Thanks Bonnie ... you're voice is a gift!

  96. Michael Win

    There may be a few sweeter voices in the world, but nobody can play a slide guitar or sing a torch song like Bonnie. Just beautiful. Thanks for posting.

  97. Charlie Baltimore

    This has always been my FAVORITE song from her...