Raitt, Bonnie - Round & Round Lyrics

There's a brand new dance
That just hit this town
Makes you feel so good
This dance they call the round and round

Round and round, up and down
Round and round, up and down

You know the kids got a bloodhound
Out on the playing ground
And when they want to have some fun
They start to goin round and round


I got an elevator man
In the heart of town
And when he's feeling right
He will carry you round and round


Baby don't be jealous
When I come to town
I'm just a country girl
Everybody's tryin to push poor me around


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Raitt, Bonnie Round & Round Comments
  1. Stefan Popescu

    Hau hau baby

  2. Stefan Popescu

    J B. B rAitt mmmhhhhblueeeees

  3. manu guil

    aaah c'que ça fait du bien aux oreilles! merci