Raitt, Bonnie - River Of Tears Lyrics

I guess you got me in a sentimental mood
Never thot I'd feel this way again
Lyin' here with my dreams
I get so lonely thinking of you

River of Tears
Oceans of heartbreak
I want to feel
What your love can be
I close my eyes

Chances that I take
Got me so blind
Til I can't see
I never let you know just what's been on my mind
Never thot I'd hurt so bad for you lovin' this long
Lyin' here at nite alone
I keep on wonderin' just what went wrong


River of Tears
River of Tears


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Raitt, Bonnie River Of Tears Comments
  1. randall scott burress

    2018/ Matthew sepherp left a scar on all of us???????????????????????

  2. randall scott burress


  3. randall scott burress

    Some policemen are so sweet ? and some are homo-phobes?

  4. randall scott burress

    thought on losing a n old friend and how do you feel

  5. randall scott burress

    play this twice

  6. paula watt

    Been a fan since 1974- And then guess what in 1982 I my boyfriend was John Lee Hookers keyboard player Deacon Jones and I got to meet her ~ She is so down home friendly

  7. noobi core

    Great song. It's got a Rolling Stones easy rhythm to it. If I did not know it was Bonnie , I would've thought it was Richards on guitar.

  8. Charlie Wallace

    Just another reason I've been a diehard Bonnie Raitt fan for over 40 years!!



  9. CarolineSky

    Nice!. thx for sharing. If you're a fan of this music, you might enjoy my original tunes. Mind stopping by my channel and letting me know what you think of my new single "Awake Now"? I appreciate it! -Caroline

  10. noordzee11

    Geweldig, ooit dit nummer op een bandje/casette  gekregen van een vriend

  11. Jeffrry Boisvert

    Actually that's the late, great Richard Manuel on the backing vocals, not John Hiatt.

  12. Martin Praetorius

    I know she is kinda giving her best "Stones" impression here, but it's Ricky Fataar on drums, not Charlie Watts. ;-)


    Very Stonesy album throughout. Guitars especially. Plus the obvious NRBQishness.

    Steve Ross

    And Ricky used to be in the fabulous Ruttles!

  13. Emma Cairo

    Wonderful video! :-)

  14. Karen Freeman

    She sang this at Jazz Fest in NOLA some years ago. It was sublime.

  15. xtremenortherner

    The illustrious Charlie Watts on drums adds a lot to this song!

  16. John Henderson

    Amazing song!

  17. Al Standridge

    think it was 78 in Atlanta, she didn`t come on till midnight, still hasn`t left. Thanks

  18. Marjory Zaik

    Thank you for posting. Love this song and think it's one of her best.

  19. AJ74ever

    One of my favorites. I've always wondered why this song wasn't a bigger hit. It's so good to hear it again.

  20. Craig Leavitt

    thank you so much for posting this

  21. Monjo Hakashi

    Green Light, great album, this was one of the best tracks. Yoooo Hooooooooo

  22. ChristopherBix2

    FINALLY... someone posts this fantastic song. Thank you!!!

  23. Jables DeMento

    Fack...this is an amazing song. Notice the John Hiatt backing. Sick. I only have this on vinyl. I remember shouting it out as a request to BR once during a concert about 12 years ago. She laughed and shook her head, God bless her.

    Magnolia Trees in the Meadow

    Jables DeMento John Hiatt? That’s Richard Manuel, bud

  24. MrPhillyGuy23

    Classic, underrated song....saw her perform it live at Saratoga Performing Arts Center in the late '80s. Her voice is as strong as ever. One of the all-time greats!