Rainbow - Stranded Lyrics

Dog night I'm so alone
A million miles out on my own
No one to talk no one to care
Searching for someone they could be anywhere
Magic and madness it's so very strange
Sometimes I think it's all pre-arranged
That same old feeling hits me again
Just the beginning but it feels like the end
Oh feel like I'm stranded out here
Oh I think I might disappear
No don't leave me stranded out here
Oh it's just the loneliness I fear

Lonely window fading star
You never felt so near yet so far
Tried to forget you the bet that I could
Don't try to find me it won't do any good
I'm caught in a dream so hard to locate
I'm just a captive of my own fate
No turning back no not tonight
You're moving on way out of sight
Oh I think I might disappear
No don't leave me stranded out here
Oh it's just the loneliness I fear
Stranded [8 times]
Oh I feel like I'm stranded out here
Same as before
Stranded [8 times]

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Rainbow Stranded Comments
  1. SOF - Supercars of France

    Mon album préféré de rainbow : plus mélodique ....

  2. Bernd Kleiter

    Great Song from RAINBOW - unfortunately the last great RAINBOW album.

  3. john lightholder

    Oh yes! Brilliant indeed. Life's course set to music!!!

  4. андрей тимошенко

    1987 Пекинская ЧМЗ ! Одна из лучших!!

  5. Влад Ященко

    is it Forignier ? ))

    Sergio Mtz

    It sounds like it...

    Mark Chapman

    British version of Foreigner

    David Esquivel

    This is much better than anything that Foreigner was made in it's bitchly life as band...

  6. Morris Solano

    Los 4 album de Ritchie con Joe Lynn Turner son magnificos, .........

  7. Kamil J

    Only 10 comments? Hey, it’s a brilliant album, I think the best one with JLT. Version from last concert in japan. Oh my days!!!!

  8. Willian Riobueno

    Este trabajo es sencillamente espectacular

  9. Holger Eckert

    Tip Top !!!

  10. joe walsh

    Very underrated album by rainbow

  11. Jack Sparrow

    good memory old time

  12. lr882027

    Decent album, not listened to it for ages, you can hear of lot of guitar licks and phrasing that appeared on Perfect Strangers.

    Kamil J

    lr882027 one riff was copied on the battle rages on as well 🧐

  13. Roc Johnson

    Joe Lynn had a great voice. His style was very much like Lou Gramm and Paul Rogers.

  14. spinozacelt

    fantastic album.

  15. Graciela Azcurra

    La voz de Joe y la guitarra de Ritchie👌👍

  16. Crush

    Even the weakest song on this album - "Make your move" still sounds good.

  17. León Rock

    Gran banda y gran album