Rainbow - Stone Cold Lyrics

Every night I have the same old dream
'bout you and me and what's in between
So many changes, so many lies
Try to run, try to hide
From everything that I feel inside
But I can't escape you, or your frozen eyes...

Searching in the darkness
Fading out of sight
Love was here and gone like a thief in the night...
Stone Cold
And I thought knew you so well
Stone Cold
Can't break away from your spell

Another dark and empty night
It was wrong I wanna make it right
But you are so distant, so far away
Your words like ice fall on the ground
Breaking the silence without a sound
Oh familiar strangers, with nothing to say

Searching in the darkness
Fading out of sight
Love was here and gone like a thief in the night
Stone Cold...
And I thought I knew you so well...
Stone Cold...
I can't break away from your spell...
You leave me Stone Cold

Searching in the darkness
Fading out of sight
Love was here and like a thief in the night
Stone Cold...
And I thought I knew you so well
You Stone Cold... yeah
I can't break away from your spell
You Stone Cold... baby
I thought I knew you so well
You're Stone cold... Ice cold...
Can't break away from your spell
(You put me in the deep freeze)
(Oh baby don't you leave me)
(Stone... Cold, your leavin' me cold)
Stone Cold... I thought I knew you so well
Stone Cold... Can't break away from your spell

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Rainbow Stone Cold Comments
  1. shamus248

    22 years old. Any other youngins here too???

  2. Tamás Barna

    Úuuuu.....a kedvencem !!!! !!!!

  3. Dawid Bekhem



    One of my favorite SONGS

  5. parciu marius

    who is the singer ?

    Mr Spawnlord

    Joe Lynn Turner

  6. Chris

    This song gives me goose bumps!

  7. Андрей Максимов

    Англичане, вы даже не представляете каким бриллиантом обладаете!!!

  8. Hector Macias

    Ritchie Fuckin Blackmore !!

  9. Betty Schneider

    Rainbow🌈 Stone cold! 🗿 love 💞 that song & video 📹. 1982 I was having my baby girl! She just turn 37 I believe in December 2019. Ya time flies? ⌛⏳⌚⏰ They now look like Hells Angel bikers! 💀🏍 🏍 🏍🎸🎸🎸🎸🎭🎪🇺🇸 they are still a cool 😎 band! 🎸

  10. Lisa Frankel

    Joe Lynn Turner has such wonderful breath control when he sings.

  11. Cliff Herren

    When rock music was really great. Not so much today.

  12. John Sawyer

    that's some guitar tone, bravo

  13. Валерий Кирин

    Нестареющая классика!!!

  14. rachel plows

    Great song, but the video could have used a little help.

  15. João Silvério

    the best music of the world !
    listening in 2020 !!!!

    Robert Krueger

    Same. Saw them in 82 with UFO. My first concert. Unforgetable

  16. Tammy Nickelson


  17. DerekSpeare

    Ice cold! Just as good as it was when it was released forever ago!

  18. StonerJayBoy SJB

    I thought they were talking about stone cold Steve Austin

    Lisa Frankel

    No it's not.

    StonerJayBoy SJB

    Lisa Frankel I said I thought jackass

  19. Karina Pj

    2020 still awesome !

  20. Дилноза Садикова

    Вот это музыка!!!

  21. Danny Martinez

    Why does Joe Lynn Turner have breasts at 45 seconds?

  22. Robert Mailhos

    I just got the cd that song is on the question of the day is why did the video only last 4:17 when the song on the cd last,s 5:17

  23. andriy klos


  24. Jim

    Bobby was a very good drummer for rainbow

  25. emre can

    2020 ım still listening this masterpiece.

  26. robb ballard

    James Marshall Hendrix is god. Ritchie Blackmore is Jesus.

  27. Дмитрий Иванович

    december 31, 2019,
    Happy new year

  28. searaydrivingguy

    7,000,000 hits rock is still alive and well thank the youtube gods

  29. Rose Kitty, Gray Kitty, and Jack Kitty

    Someone is trying to tell me that this video is a live recording of this song, which everyone knows is totally insane, as this song was recorded first, and then was mimed by everyone but Ritchie. For Ritchie, it is pant-amine as he is not being pretentious. He is really playing his guitar, but you cannot hear what he is playing in time, as the pre recording is being played over it, but, everyone else would have you believe this is a video of the song being recorded, which is insane and demented. Ritchie loathes this kind of cow patty, as well as all other versions of cow patty as well.

    John Evans

    are you high?

    Rose Kitty, Gray Kitty, and Jack Kitty

    @John Evans If you are asking if my mind is of a higher realm of existence, of course the anser is 'yes'.

  30. baron USHER

    I listened this song when I was little...today I hear it again....and I can feel my hair
    on my whole body standing up right now¡¡¡ I love RAINBOW with all of my heart and soul¡¡¡
    Thank you Joe for these 4:16 minutes of magic¡¡¡

  31. Redlined997 C2S

    Now this takes me back....damn.

  32. Muuricio Degollada

    Great band .joe lynn Turner bobby rondenelli. Ritchie blackmore and Glover. Please come back

  33. Kelly Walton

    Ritchie Blackmore

  34. Hot Rockin'

    Loved the cover to the single, Ritchie in a white leather jacket & red leather trousers! How i loved that look, great times long gone.

  35. G n' F N Roses


  36. Mark East

    I will jam Rainbow till the day I die such great memories of jamming this with my friends

  37. Robert W Churchill


  38. Mike Duran

    Music nowdays sucks just like fkn sports are gettin wimped out and all everything is politicaly correct! Sissy ass millinials

  39. Mike Duran

    Lovin it

  40. Julia Peters

    It's almost 2020, and I am listening too :) Just like during the last 20 years!

    Mike Duran

    Thats cuz music sucks now

  41. THX 1138

    Takes me instantly back to Avila Beach bon fires, Shell Beach, Lopez Lake, Nacimiento . . . good times.

  42. AK Drago

    Loved it When This Would Come on MTV when I Was a Kid...

    El Duderino

    AK Drago ....literally the first music video I had ever seen. MTV had about 2 dozen songs in rotation in the early goings. Bringing on the heartbreak usually played right after this one.

  43. Ruthger Hauere

    Jeee Lords, Blackmore and Turner

  44. Tina M. Dow

    All i want to know is who are the Communists who put a thumbs down? Those peeps could never be a friend of mine!


    their taste for music is their arse

  45. Benjamin israel Hellena Pàris

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joe 💗

  46. Benjamin israel Hellena Pàris

    Joe lynn Turner i love you ❤❤❤❤💋💋

  47. Tysons Accosta

    Was there a better lead vocalist in Rock back then (1980-83) ? In my opinion, there was not. Joe Lynn Turner was the best.


    Ozzy was in his prime.

  48. Gabriel I Trujillo

    Almost 2020 and still rocking to it!!! ...stone cold!!

  49. TerraNova Antony

    I remember this dropping acid shrooms smoking pot college

  50. Gennady Vaghin

    so cold....

  51. dacosta0656

    This band didn't have a bad line up

    Also the video reminds me of Conan fighting the lizard monster

  52. B P

    There is no wrong Rainbow singer

  53. snooker1982 _

    Reminds me of my childhood.. Very good music.. Nice voices... and not the over-modernised over-commercialised radio music... :D

  54. Rob Billeaud

    This always struck me as weird that this is the same band that Dio sang for. I mean, I guess not really since the lineup is totally different with the exception of Blackmore, but the musical direction was completely different. Like this is Rainbow?

  55. Druid VW

    And I thought I knew you so well...

  56. Roberto Rodriguez

    Idea y. Creativo

  57. Mike Grant

    Classic rock radio changed to classic hits radio so this is now lost to eternity so we can hear guns n roses or bon jovi for the uptienth hundred time. Thank you you tube!

  58. Renee HeKnowsMyName

    Great song, great memories!!!

  59. Michele Perrin

    Joe💋beautifull Singer, men👍Stone Cold fantastic❤️je demandais il y a peu si Joe chantait tjs, ai vue une vidéo de 2019 de « Stone Cold » il est encore crédible 💕

  60. Juan Olmo

    december 15, 2019, Rainbow for ever.

    Guilherme Bertti


  61. Ron Starkweather

    HOW MUCH FUCKING FUN WAS the 80's!!!!!!!!!!!!Love was here and gone...like a thief in the night".......!

  62. Tom T

    Great song...Great video

  63. John Underwood

    Who is the drummer? Appice


    I think it's Bob Rondinelli. Not 100 % sure but almost. Saw Rainbow 5 times during the 80's. It looks like Rondinelli. 😊

    John Underwood

    I saw a lot of show in my time but never got to see RAINBOW, and you saw them 5 x!!! Sweet

  64. John Underwood

    JLT IS THE MAN!!!!



  66. Marijan Brkic

    Foreigner Rainbow combo

  67. Diego Cortes Osuna

    Can someone explain why this is not Stone Cold Steve Austin's entrance theme for WWE? :v

  68. Larry Christy

    I liked them better with Dio

  69. David Vitullo

    Really good song, Joe Lynn Turner has a great voice for heavy metal rock

  70. Daniel Moeller

    This and Street of Dreams are the only Rainbow songs I like from the non-Dio years


    my fave Rainbow song...loooove it!!!! I have this record. Love Joe Lynn's voice!!!

  72. joan dingledine

    Richie Blackmore just has it all together. great times great music

  73. Krassimir Kiriakov


  74. Christopher Mirkovich

    Is it my favorite Rainbow song no ..
    But Joe Lynn Turner Nails this

  75. Айгуль Джумалилова

    Я извиняюсь.. это Ян Гиллан. Или я ошибаюсь. Понятно Ян Гил... это Дип Перплл. Но вдруг здесь ОН

  76. Edward Perl jr.

    Man what a great tune! Rock/metal is "DA CHITT" LOL

  77. Jimi Love

    Last great rainbow album!

  78. Movie News

    Missed you

  79. Movie News

    King Louis

  80. bigtex macgonigle

    My sister had the biggest crush on JLT...singer Joe Lynn Turner.

  81. bigtex macgonigle

    U put me in the deep freeze...stone cold.

  82. Галина Ледкова

    Классно! Слушаю это с 1982 года!

  83. Adrian Cooke

    Even better than this song is their song Street of Dreams (watch the full video here on YouTube)

  84. pete chau

    get rid of the Bloomberg ad.

  85. 2012turok , NUFF

    Singers .....Bands of 2019 and 2020 THIS is HOW U should SOUND like , AMAZING ..no plastic in face. just GREAT MUSIC,

  86. 3du76

    Blackmore can be just as lyrical as Brian May or David Gilmour

  87. Rosario Presti

    Wake up folks. This will blow your stuff.

    I R O N G R A Y

    Try my rock channel please bro.

  88. Platewarp

    Great tune!!

  89. Justin Fencsak

    Back when music was real and not this Billy eilish shit

  90. theothertroll

    yea, narcissistic bitches, so cold, don't blow you but want you to do them ~

  91. TDM MCL

    blackmore bridges ...really special stuff

  92. Jeffrey Simpkins

    I was lucky when she ratted on herself."I'm a ho and I'm out for everything I can get.Thank you and my satellite ears in the other room. When youth and beauty exit and gravity enters,look at yourself.

  93. Jeffrey Simpkins

    That phoney baloney shit stings for a minute.And your feelings is betraying your piece of mind.Blow that splittail out the tailpipe and go crack something new.

  94. ubique505

    simply amazing

  95. Michele Perrin

    Oh, Stone Cold👍is a wonderfull song🙋‍♀️and music, Fantastic 💥love, love💕and wife’s vidéo ❤️🌹

  96. Bruno Lima

    Canta de mais

  97. Kenny H

    All this time I thought Foreigner did this song!

    Scott Wallace

    His voice is amazingly similar to Lou Graham, no doubt.

  98. Glossblack Humbucker

    18 when this came out...need I say more? Judas Priest, Van Halen, AC/DC, Journey.... Can't believe the crap I hear today.


    I was 14....where has all the good music gone....

    Danse Macabre

    Iron Maiden 🤘🤘🤘

  99. John Binkley

    One of my top Favorite songs from my youth