Rainbow - Spotlight Kid Lyrics

You don't know what's happening, you want to go home
But there's nowhere to hide
You walk out on stage, your first time alone
The crowd's going wild
And you feel so alive
You could stand up and take this all night
They love you but you're in love with the spotlight
You're the spotlight kid

Jokers and women they hang 'round your door
They're all part of the scene
Just like a junkie you've got to have more
It's a pleasure machine
And you fly every night
But the dressing room mirror don't lie
They love you but you're in love with the spotlight
You're the spotlight kid

Your audience died, faded away
Leaving you on the stage
It's been so many years since that first matinee
It seems like an age
Encore one more time
For the ghosts of the past in your mind
They love you but you're in love with the spotlight
You're the spotlight kid
You're living in a dream
You're the spotlight kid
You're in love with the spotlight

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Rainbow Spotlight Kid Comments
  1. super 8


  2. Taylor T. Carlson

    With the mighty Joe Lynn Turner on vocals, a good time is always guaranteed!

  3. Tobi's Music Channel

    This and Difficult to cure are by far the best songs on the album.

  4. Fernando Martin Heras

    El duelo Blackmore/Airey sencillamente magistral. El tema, pura energía y vitalidad del mejor rock.

  5. JQ LLC

    That's a great album cover. It could pass for killing joke.

    dirty whiteboy

    The doctors look like aliens that abducted someone and are about to do some work on someone

  6. JQ LLC

    This sounds like Highway Star. Underrated album.

    Roc Johnson

    I don't know why this album is slagged on Allmusic. It's deserving of four stars.

    JQ LLC

    @Roc Johnson I don't go to them for reviews (or anywhere else these days). It's probably because it's commercial sounding.

  7. kridens II

    Мощный драйв , отличная техника , красивые мелодии -- это Радуга Блэкмора !!! Вещь просто супер !!!

  8. Petri Syrenius

    Any of you ever listened ... of fear of not being enough... this is the song.

  9. Leonardo Santiago

    Mr. Blackmore ❤️

  10. Kelly Acosta

    Rainbow kicking ass all over the place spotlight kid

  11. Cemen. Cemen.

    Слухаю всю жизнь!!!!

    Рустам Криницкий

    Я тоже

  12. user787

    the man in black

  13. Στελιος Ανδρουλιδακης

    o ςπορδηλιου , του σπορδηλιωνος

  14. Hideyuki Miyake




    Hideyuki Miyake

    @TheTenfoureight さん

  15. Дмитрий Автаев

    Как возможно играть на гитаре со скоростью балалайки?

  16. fourfiveone


  17. ccpredatormassa

    Eternal Classic

  18. Veganomics

    Malmsteen totally ripped this song off for Jet To Jet. I'm surprised no law suits were filed as it's a total steal. That's coming from the man who said I was never influenced by his playing?? ! Yeah sure man, whatever.


    Malmsteen talks out of his arse.First time I saw there he was-shoulder length black hair,black outfit with white boots,scalloped white strat etc etc.I thought "WTF?"No wonder the Alcatrazz drummer burst out laughing when he saw him!Then later he releases the "Inspiration" album half of the songs on which are Purple/Rainbow. Kidding no-one fat boy!


    @spinozacelt Yeah he ripped off everyone especially Uli Jon Roth who has much more soul all the way back to Hendrix whom he apes his every move. I think he likes to believe he's a master but nothing more than a plagiarist a fast one albeit!


    @Veganomics Malmsteen CAN play but to deny the Blackmore influence is idiotic.Also,ur right stole so much from Uli John.The guy is such a bore and really a terrible musician.his latest "opus" Blue Lightning is fucking awful.One trick pony-not fit to be mentioned in the same breath as masters like Ritchie and Uli John.


    @spinozacelt I agree he is an unbelievable guitarist, lightning fast. I have 4 of his albums but rarely listen to them. I cant stand it for more than a few tracks they all start sounding alike. Too much preponderance of scales with little vibrato and feel. It's cold and mechanical. I remember when he was comatosed after a crash in 1988. When he recovered everyone wondered if he would slow down and play with more soul but he came back twice as fast and with even less soul! I'm not sure he even has one, he's got a massive ego instead and yes he is a OTP. Personally I prefer Jimi, Richie, Page, Gilmour, Schenker, Uli Jon Roth and people of that ilk. They may not be as fast but they have so much class and feeling. Richie says it all with one note he can't do with a 100!!

  19. Karen Lo

    Jaw dropping

  20. Cemen. Cemen.

    suupper!!!!!!!!мне 56.л

  21. Srđan Popović

    Riff at 2.30 sounds like a phrase from classical music`s piece...that`s why is Blackmore the best one after Hendrix

    Tom Chagas

    I'd put him with page after Hendrix

    Barnabás Sós

    In my opinion Blackmore better, than Hendrix😃

    Srđan Popović

    I used to listen to Hendrix before,but now I like Blackmore more than Jimi....i think that Ritchie`s riffs are more poetic and phrasing has more meaning.Both of them are revolutionary artists(Hendrix`s technique and Blackmore and heavy metal),very influental.


    Blackmore the Best

  23. akira fukazawa


  24. slaughter reaper

    Rata Blanca eres tu ???}

  25. miguel villalba

    estupendo solo de don airey, en ninguna version en vivo, ni siquiera en covers hicieron este solo de studio, una maravilla

  26. Blackers06

    Ywing Malmsteen is an idiot... he said "I do not owe anything to Ritchie Blackmore" but his all career sounds like this solo... Mr Blackmore the best....

    Clout Lord

    In the beginning he was influenced but then came into his own

    David Topchiev

    Fuck Yngwieeeee


    You are idiot
    Yngwie is best!

    Jesus Guerra

    Malmsteen have never denied Blackmore influence in his playing and career, he always speaks in high end regard of Rirchie, but truth is yngwie can kick blackmore's ass any day of the year, any hour, anytime. Ritchie is so overrated, I mean he is good, but not that good.

  27. mikko hyvärinen

    Listen some Bluesounds once and a while...

  28. mikko hyvärinen

    Who the f is spotlight kid?

    dirty whiteboy

    Sonic the hedgehog


    The Spotlight Kid.. That was me when I was 23..the good ol days


    A singer whom falls in love with fame, celebrity perks and the spotlight.

  29. Tom Chagas

    Would've been so awesome Dio singing this song

    Wayne Gagnon

    still awesome, Joe lynn is great

    Tom Chagas

    @Wayne Gagnon agreed

  30. стас пихайлов


  31. Akihiro Tanahashi


  32. Yoni Kup

    Yngwie jet to jet? So similar, damn

    Anthony Nungaray

    Not similar, kind of a rip off.

    Victor Koehne Ramalho

    Yngwie is a huge fan

  33. Winz Winz


  34. TCorporation66MG


  35. 前田光代


    Miguel Spolzino

    Tenes toda la razón!!!

  36. 酒谷知裕


  37. Eric Campbell

    Love the guitar solo but the synth almost ruins it.

  38. น้ําเพชร ร่วมทอง

    Blackmore is idol malmsteen

  39. Теоретик НЕмного практик

    Даааааа!!!!!Во силища.

  40. Combat King 0

    What's the awesome synth instrument that starts at 2:46 ?

  41. Kim Selinger

    Музыка моей юности!

    Liam Great

    Я тоже!

  42. sancho panza

    Yngvie definitely did rip off the the main rhythm on jet to jet from here, I am glad some one pointed it out to me, I would have had no idea if I hadn't seen the post on jet to jet, which is still a good tune, but is pretty much plagiarism when it comes to this song .

    Vlado Petrovski

    Well you obviously don't know anything about Yngwie than! Only guitarist on which Yngwie would pay a homage is Blackmore,nothing more nothing less just a nod to his Master ;)

    sancho panza

    @Vlado Petrovski I new yngwie's idol is blackmore, this is beyond that though

  43. David Crabbe


  44. Cemen. Cemen.


    Liam Great

    Crap its time for supper

  45. Zakk Zakk


  46. Sans

    jet to jet

    Jon Blackers

    copied this song

    Liam Great

    @Jon Blackers They actually didn't

  47. Graham Jeffries

    Who is this

    Liam Great



    Ritchie Blackmore, guitars; Joe Lynn Turner, vocals; Don Airey, keyboards; Roger Glover, bass and Bobby Rondinelli, drums = Rainbow 1981.

  48. rolf kerola

    old memories- i played this song in Sweden- now im in Finland


    Лучшее соло Эйри!!

    Алик Такати

    Случайно не знаете, есть ли эта вещица в исполнении Дио? Я нигде не могу найти ее в его исполнении. Может Дио не исполнял ее никогда? 🤔Мне это даже кажется странным.

    Юрий Коваленко

    @Алик Такати Dio пел 1975-80

    Алик Такати

    @Юрий Коваленко А, вот оно что! Как жаль! Его бы чувственные,колоритные интонации и мощную энергетику в эту песню! Эх! Спасибо Вам за отклик.😊

  50. Gordon Marshall

    Great solo and one of the greatest rock riffs

  51. David Buzzin


    Robert Roman

    Thank you mr. Blackmore

  52. Valerie J

    At 01:59, fasten your seatbelts, we have lift off!  :D

    Liam Great


    Liam Great

    You look like such a nice person, i need some cookies

  53. Alcides Duarte Falcao

    This is really a great guitar solo by a legendary guy!

  54. John V

    24-Bit 96.0 KHz / FLAC 3.165 Kbps but... 480p.
    Anyway, good upload man.

  55. さとし

    Thank you very much.

  56. CrowleyRhoads

    Mr. Blackmore

    Arwah Sapi

    and friends

    aaa zzz


    Ivan Golovenski

    Black Rainbow

    Bagas Prakoso

    and his rainbow