Rainbow - Since You Been Gone Lyrics

I get the same old dreams same time everynight
Fall to the ground and I wake up
So I get out of bed, put on my shoes and in my head
Thoughts fly back to the breakup

These four wall are closing in
Look at the fix you put me in

Since you been gone
Since you been gone
I'm out of my head can't take it
Could I be wrong
But since you been gone
You cast your spell so break it
Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
Since you been gone

So in the night I stand beneath the backstreet light
I read the words that you sent to me
I can take the afternoon, the night time comes around
too soon
You can't know what you mean to me

Your poison letter, your telegram
Just goes to show you don't give a damn

Since you been gone
Since you been gone
I'm out of my head can't take it
Could I be wrong
But since you been gone
You cast your spell so break it
Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
Since you been gone

If you will come back
Baby, you know you'll never do wrong

Since you been gone
Since you been gone
I'm out of my head can't take it
Could I be wrong
But since you been gone
You cast your spell so break it
Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
Ever since you been gone

Since you been gone
Since you been gone
I'm out of my head can't take it
Since you been gone
Since you been gone
I'm out of my head can't take it

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Rainbow Since You Been Gone Comments
  1. Harry Browneigh

    I want to be the first dimwit fuckstick to ask "who's listening in 2021?"
    Wait for it…...

  2. Gennady Vaghin

    so young.....

  3. Will Hale

    Brilliant absolutely brilliant

  4. David Bell

    Listen to Bonnet sing Super Girl from 1966 its brilliant

  5. Mihály Varga

    Ezt is szerettük, sőt.....!!!

  6. Lisagirl143 H

    Graham Bonnet is still hawt🔥🔥🔥😍one of my most favorite songs everrr!!!

  7. Steve Parkinson

    The ough at 2.36 does me......

  8. Dictionary Pictionary

    always reminds me of the old city and the old world

  9. Rogue Standards

    Started remembering a girl i once loved a lot....and this song popped into my head and now im absurdly depressed.... looks like its music and booze for me once again.

    Dictionary Pictionary

    part of life, keep moving forward, get some sunshine, keep right on to the end of the road and all that

    Steve Parkinson

    @Dictionary Pictionary GIRLS :)

  10. Wolfgang Dobrovolny

    E R I K A
    Since youve been gone
    I am LOST WITHOUT YOU ....🦁🦁🐯🐯

  11. 一秀柴原


  12. james bivens

    Even before my painfully epic heartbreaking breakup.....I liked this song 😉

  13. Neil Murrell

    What a voice Graham Bonnet had, Blackmore couldn't stand him looking so cool. Great guitarist but a dickhead nonetheless.

    Lisagirl143 H

    Dickheads always look so good🙄🤷‍♀️

    Neil Murrell

    @Lisagirl143 H Blackmore is the dickhead Lisa and he looks like a scarecrow 🤣

  14. Harold Mackie

    Blackmore's Rainbow?

  15. Tie Dye by John


  16. Christopher Mirkovich

    I can't stop listening to this.... God bless Ritchie Blackmore and Graham Bonnet

  17. jumpfart666

    Graham Fucking Bonnet 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  18. Michael Morris

    Pure class

  19. Graham Malcolm

    2020 soon! Still loving the best music ever. ERIN GO BRAGH!

  20. Eddie Muniz

    Russ Ballard was a brilliant composer of memorable melodies like New York Groove on Ace frehleys first kiss solo album!!!

  21. Skipraida

    He's as cool as fuck!

  22. Alexander Torrealba

    Graham bonnet sounds like Dio in the versens!! He is also amazing


    holy fuck..i love this song and I have the record!!!

  24. joan dingledine

    Not making fun but does anyone else think the singer looks like im Carey? This is good music great memories but shit I just noticed

  25. mikko hyvärinen

    I am. GB

  26. Oleg Volodin

    Класс +++ !!!

  27. Douglas Fox

    This songs brings me back to my high school days...Great music from 1970's-1980's...Bon was an Amazing singer..a true Rock star

  28. Joe Cap

    I never knew Jim Carry sang for Rainbow?..😄

  29. Jure Horvat

    How can Justin Bieber have 1 billion viewers and this song only 5.5 million???
    Something is wrong With this world😏🤔

  30. sam ksh

    Remember of my Dad's Friend Shyamkumar he used to loved this song,He is my Hero. He is now in the place where he himself called "Heaven".

  31. Darrell Steffens

    Jim carry lead singer?

  32. Галина Ледкова

    Кози Пауэлл красавчик!

  33. Patrick Burbey

    And this coming from the biggest Blackmore fan

  34. Patrick Burbey

    I'm sorry but the best redo of the song is by Head East

  35. Mark

    What's got 2 thumbs and is better than Ronnie James Dio? THIS guy!

  36. xd toxic guy

    Who here cause nativity rocks

  37. SPRPhilly

    Didn't know Ace Ventura fronted a band before he got his pet detective gig.

  38. Tony Greskewicz

    I didn't no Jim Carey was in Rainbow?? Just joking. This song rips !!!

  39. Shawn D

    I know the guitar in the verses and chorus is pretty simple but that guitar solo from Ritchie Blackmore from 3:06 until the end is the truth.

  40. Rosario Presti

    Boys and girls and misguided this is Rock

    Rosario Presti

    Work yha Munn. Boys are kicking it. Dang

  41. sammyjett7

    Rvery song they ever wrote sounds contrived.

  42. sammyjett7


  43. stevevye19


  44. HP MAN

    Check out Taz Taylor Band welcome to America with some friends of mine you won't be leave the guitars Taz Taylor and the sound's of GRAHAM 🤘🤘👍

  45. saint jack

    The bass player is all business.

    Wisconsin Woodsman

    saint jack Roger Glover. Very talented chap.

    Shawn D

    That's Roger Glover from Deep Purple!

  46. bigcrispyhied

    how can a guy that looks like a car salesman sing like that?

    Mattia Federici

    Cause he's mr Graham Bonnet

  47. Frank Gardecki

    Nothing like classic rock !

  48. Сайха Рахаева

    Одни из лучших!!

  49. ruivog

    Great vocals.

  50. Aetila

    Real "Man Music"!

  51. abramelin the mage

    This is when rainbow sucked. Long live rock n roll. Ronnie James left before this shit made him look a douche. Live Ritchie cos he is a proper bastard but this sucks sack!!

  52. Tombstone Harry Studios

    Still a great song!

    Bonnet's voice is something else!

  53. Greg Kimura

    Another great song from the past! This is mind blowing!! These guys were incredible.

  54. Füge Szabolcs

    I've heard this when I was 3. Listened to the radio the other day when this was played. Tears came to my eyes as some great childhood memories came up. Awesome music.

  55. kokoriko999

    That 70's feeling ...

  56. Glenn Evitt

    Hey Its The 80s Hot Rods and Women☺️

  57. A Cute Puppy

    Best Rainbow song ever.

  58. Chris Kelly

    Rain bow ,I prefer,zippy bungle and George.

  59. Cathy Bradley

    I miss cozy ...

  60. Mea Dish

    How many distinct vocal harmony notes in the chorus? Is it triads, or even more?

  61. Stuart Robertson

    Fleetwood Mac called, they want their bass player back 🤣

  62. Onssku

    Perfect rock song?

  63. xc600sp

    Upeaa tämäkin

  64. Sergey Shell

    Крутой харизматичный вокалист! Грэм Боннет круче Джо Лин Тёрнера.Грэма выгнали из группы лишь потому,что он не хотел выглядеть волосатым кривляющимся клоуном,как все остальные участники бэнда. Да и сам имидж Боннета подходит скорее ко второй половине 80-х годов 20 века.Он просто опередил своё время!

  65. Chris Trudell

    Is that Jim Carrey on vocals?

  66. Richard Martin

    Dio better

  67. Lorry Ben

    Nov 07,2019

  68. Jonathan Trace

    Richie Blackmoore on the Fender Stratocaster.

    John P

    I know, just don't seem right

  69. 大好き女子グラハムボネット


  70. Frank Delaney

    the best short haired rock singer in the world.

    John P

    Really? How bout Rob Halford!

  71. Zappier Jester

    for all the Germans!! Sind schon Vegan!! viel spass immer das nun hören zu müssen!!

  72. Darrell Steffens

    Looks like Jim Carry


    this and Stone Cold...great songs!!

  74. Paul Taylor

    Feel so sad every time I see cosy Powell RIP man

  75. Eric Nielsen

    Blackmore probably fired someone during the video

  76. 2GOOD4U McBest

    This dude wearing shoes without socks

  77. Нейтральный Маппер

    Damn, the Scorpions steal this riff

  78. Randy Dubin

    This is the *REAL* "Since You Been Gone"! Fuck that Kelly Clarkson bullshit!!!

  79. Randy Dubin

    Great song! Too bad Ritchie kicked Graham out of the band after this album...

  80. missilemary

    I remember when I saw Graham Bonnet with his short back and sides with aviator shades and thought ‘fucking wow’ what a cool dude.

  81. J. Hinson

    Rainbow forever baby!

  82. Knox Harrington

    The Graham Bonnet era Rainbow is definitely on my list of top 20 Rainbow lineups.

  83. vovod voevod

    2o2o anyone!>!?!

  84. Batu Yıldız

    Cozy Powell !

  85. patrick Danial

    Back in the Days when Good Music was on the Radio,,, Joe Lynn was Bad Ass tooi

  86. 槻文彦


  87. turrt173 jones

    classic rock show does a great version of this give it a listen props to rainbow

  88. alan walden

    this band never got the accolades they deserved. bonnets voice, bloody hell.

  89. Dan DaVanman

    If the silly fools actually have a service to bury me, I want this as my song

  90. Dave Chambers

    Kinda reminds me of STP

  91. Ken Van Gundy

    Yep...nailed it...as usual

  92. Александр Волков


  93. Benny Rangel

    Good video 👍

  94. Elaine Jones

    I would love to have seen them live

    Dave Chambers

    I did and was magical

  95. Flutuando No Cosmo

    O Falco...

  96. Elijah M

    Does the singer remind anyone of rob halford in the 80’s? He doesnt have the range but he looks and sounds like him a bit