Rainbow - Man On The Silver Mountain Lyrics

I'm a wheel, I'm a wheel
I can roll, I can feel
And you can't stop me turning

Cause I'm the sun, I'm the sun
I can move, I can run
But you'll never stop me burning

Come down with fire
Lift my spirit higher
Someone's screaming my name
Come and make me holy again

I'm the man on the silver mountain
I'm the man on the silver mountain

I'm the day, I'm the day
I can show you the way
And look, I'm right beside you

I'm the night, I'm the night
I'm the dark and the light
With eyes that see inside you

Come down with fire
Lift my spirit higher
Someone's screaming my name
Come and make me holy again

I'm the man on the silver mountain
I'm the man on the silver mountain

Come down with fire
And lift my spirit higher
Someone's screaming my name
Come and make me holy again

Well, I can help you, you know I can

I'm the man on the silver mountain
I'm the man on the silver mountain

Just look at me and listen
I'm the man, the man, give you my hand
I'm the man on the silver mountain

Come down with fire
And lift your spirit higher
I'm the man on the mountain
The man on the silver mountain
I'm the night, the light
The black and the white
The man on the silver mountain

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Rainbow Man On The Silver Mountain Comments
  1. Владимир Джуманиязов

    Дио супер.

  2. Tim Beasley

    Rock n roll 2020

  3. Robert Mounts


  4. Dane Faggot

    Ritchie was a thief

  5. james pennington

    Get yourself a good pair of speakers, a keg of beer and have a party! And make damn sure to play this album!

  6. Richard Parker

    Thanks for the song
    I need to pay for account cause my speaker should be a tad louder

  7. jonmorr777


  8. sanela radoncic

    I'm in love in vibrato in his voice. His voice was strong and unique!

  9. GEORGEE T Boom

    if a hard rock head banger had a more tranquil cousin

  10. Royale Rathcliff


  11. kenny neally

    badass song

  12. Tamás Barna

    Full Dio..........!! ! !!

  13. Arciu555

    I'm here in 2020. Rip Dio [*]. In our times i can't find better vocal than Ronnie James Dio.

  14. DawnDenise Wade

    You left me aloan to..just like everyone else....

  15. женя трофимчук

    i like Rainbow - Man on the Silver Mountain

  16. Brian Stewart

    One of my favorite songs. Pure rock n roll!

  17. Mayhem Trias

    One of my favorite song..dio and hammerfall... Thank you ronnie.

  18. Jason Thompson

    I'm fifty... Still like this song.. think I was about 6 when this song came out. I was maybe 10 when I first remember hearing it on kqrs 92.5 fm in Minneapolis Minnesota.

  19. Tears of Finality

    They used to play this all the time on Z-Rock back in New Mexico. I never knew the name of the band until now.

  20. gayle Smith

    saw them live in the catch the rainbow tour. awesome concert. Blackmore, dio, powell, and toney carey (who went on to have a solo career with a few big hits), and formed the group Planet P

  21. alex katsenos

    2020 lam here man on the silver mountain

  22. Игорь Николаевский

    Ну что со звуком? Вы в каком веке это писали?!

  23. Dawid Bekhem

    I am a wheel I'm a wheel, i can roll,I can feel. ...timeless lyrics

  24. Chrystal Branham

    Bad Ass Song !!!

  25. Parts Of Japan

    шедевр !

  26. Shlisa Shell

    🔥🤘RAINBOW 2020!!!🤘🔥

  27. Cullum Montgomery

    2:58 is the best part

  28. Jon Marshall

    One of my favorites... But what does it mean lol

  29. Travis Brady

    I kinda miss the old vinyl record of it I had you had to literally get up off ur ass to go make this song play again lol

  30. Antonin Stancl

    Devil's De-Light...💫

  31. david Anderson

    I’m so satisfied to have lived my life in the the times of real talent and full soul of artistry....nothing since has touched these young men of musicianry and may never again. The clowns since couldn’t hold a pinky of talent to these guys originality.

  32. Dave Patek

    Ritchie Blackmore is never mentioned in the greatest guitarist conversations...unless guitar players are making the list. Dude is a Goddamn God.

  33. Holden Tudiks

    Come and make me holy again!!!!

  34. Q Co

    Voices nearby. They are too close. She touched my arm.

  35. Bradley Herron


  36. Eray K

    İsmail YK brought me here

  37. Genner Abi

    this song beginning is like Zz top tush

  38. [PASTA MAN]

    Is it me or did this song somehow inspired dream evil by any chance?

  39. Klocc562

    Hate to ask but why would this song be the single (saw this on wiki) when Temple of the King has 30 million views compared to this 15. I’ve known Temple of the King since I was like 8 years old from my parents playing the radio so I have a bond with that song, only more recently I started listen to more of Dio era Rainbow’s work

    Degree Zero Art Studio

    I can't answer that for you bud, but this song used to get a lot of radio play in the 70's on FM radio when I was a teenager. Also, when I would watch the San Antonio Spurs play on ESPN or whatever, they would play Man On A Silver Mountain in AT&T Stadium when Tim Duncan had the ball, even as recent as his last year...for what its worth.


    Degree Zero Art Studio thanks for your reply. I actually grew up in the Philippines and was thinking maybe countries like to pick different songs to be on the radio. Filipinos love soft rock and ballads so maybe that’s why Temple of the King played often, or maybe this could have came on but it wasn’t very catchy to me as a kid

  40. kleber cruz

    Esperando o natal chegar ouvindo essa bela música !

  41. Taylor Raines

    I’m so thankful to have grown up on classic rock and metal!

    Gary Briscoe

    True That!!!!!

  42. cleverglimpse

    Imagine if Ian Gillan did it...

  43. Dick Richards



    Fuck Jesus Christ, Hail Lucifer.

  44. Paul Swindells

    What a voice ??? Rest in peace Ronnie.

  45. Mystery Z

    Fucking Dio man. I'm 49 years old... Nothing could bring you up like Dio and Dickinson.

  46. Robert Collins

    This is a beautiful song.

  47. Douglas Bender

    Whether they knew it or not, Rainbow's song, "The Man on the Silver Mountain", is about Jesus, especially Jesus' return. When Jesus returns, He will stand on the Mount of Olives, and He will come down with fire. Olive trees have silver leaves, so the "silver mountain" is an unintended (or intended) reference to the Mount of Olives.

    Todd Edwards

    Interesting. Is "Temple of the King" also about Jesus? I'm curious to hear your interpretation of that one, too.

    Douglas Bender

    @Todd Edwards Never heard of the song before. I'll try to check up on it.

  48. wranglerman270

    Fucking love this song

  49. Attila Hok

    Girls and guys, I know a song from a Hungarian band that sounds too much like this beginning riff. Do you think the Hungarian band stole this or is this a co-incidence?

  50. David Schlessinger

    I'm the man on the silver mountain

  51. Haneef Yusoff

    Dio makes any song, any band AWESOME with his epic vocals and of course, thanks to the Great Ritchie Blackmore! 🎸🎸🎸

  52. LeeboProductions

    Graham Bonnet sings this better, fight me!

  53. William Shaw

    Who TF is Ritchie Blackmore

  54. Talgat Zhanat


  55. jodeleppard

    Love this!

  56. Michael Pieretti

    Don't forget Cozy beating the drums like they stole something.

  57. Michael Pieretti

    RJP Ronnie James Dio 5'4" of pure dynamite

  58. TheUnbeholden

    (resuggested lyrics) We looked to sky for the star that did shine brightly, we learned to not to take it so lightly, sitting here in the firelight, we want to draw up the land up and lavish it with our silver and gold, but the rivers of old they ran dry stole all whom where proud to defend, the vultures that wait for the demise of our fellow country, now we fight without right to all that we brought and tried to secure, its a story without the glory that we wished to gain and uphold, when the fortresses we had where locked down tight, who will emerge to bring in the light.

  59. X Recon usmc

    Left dazed and confused in awe with drool mouth wide ajar then I woke up and uncrossed my shutters 😜

  60. ROLLIN100"S

    Been rockin Dio since '83... gets better with time

  61. Oleg Konnov

    Дио велик!

  62. Aleksandar Donevski

    phenomenal singer

  63. Aleksandar Donevski

    beautiful song

  64. meyer412

    Imagine trying to walk that path to the castle while drunk....

  65. Johnney Depth

    i saw this tour Montreal 1975. the rainbow over the stage kept malfunctioning and there were tech people climbing all over it but they never got it working right.

  66. Emo Bassist

    Damn without even knowing i knew it was ritchie blackmore

  67. Metal Kezzl

    What sissyfied name I never bought this.

  68. KMichele M

    This song rocks

  69. Mikey Brogan

    hell yea cranked every time baby

  70. Scott E. Nosferatu

    Awesome classic!

  71. I Drone

    This tune sounds epic on a 1000 watt house system with screaming tweeters and roaring mid-range.

  72. Charles Kuckel

    I saw Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow in late 1978. It was the Long Live Rock And Roll tour. Roger Glover had JUST joined the band. Ritchie Blackmore was outrageous on guitar. However, THAT VOICE. I swear Ronnie James Dio sounded almost operatic! His vocals sent shivers up and down my spine. There's been NOBODY before or since who can compare. He truly WAS The Man On The Silver Mountain. RIP.

  73. mikko hyvärinen



    2015, 2016, 2018, 2019 who's still listening.....2098...LOL

  75. Edison Mustaine Thrash 666

    Rock Legends
    R. I. P Ronnie James Dio

  76. lorke Santy Maiden Santy

    Absolutely à master song

  77. Melvin the Mop Boy


  78. juan gomez

    Gone but not forgotten Ronnie Fucking James Dio .one of the best heavy metal vocalist,s ever and a great human being always cool to the fans RIP the master of metal

  79. X X

    Ronnie James Dio - Not just another pretty face.

  80. Jin Atlas

    Araki have made my music taste a lot better

  81. Celine Garnier

    i'm fond of Rainbow with Ronnie James Dio as the singer

  82. peter neil

    Rock gods👍🍺

  83. Göran Gustavsson

    The best in a way

  84. Rebeca Rico

    I was on a road trip .. From Oklahoma City , headed to Dallas ,Tx ... I heard this song on the radio ... & instantly was hooked! ... I had never heard of this band or this song ... , I loved it the first time I heard on the radio last year !!!! , Music is POWERFULL , 💯💯💯💯🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊 , COME DOWN WITH FIRE !!!! IM THE MAN ON THE MOUNTAIN 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  85. Chris Manzi

    An Epic song , Blackmore , Page & Iommi top 3 Riff monsters of all time

  86. ken wilcox

    Blackmore is way underated -He is one of the finest ever!

    Kelly Tyner

    Like Jimmy Page for low budget...a good deal! No, he's awesome makes it look so easy! He looks like Page to me when he is so into the sound---and he has the "light touch wizard fingers" right before he jams his strat into a amplifier that catches fire. I was lucky to see them in early 80's. cheers.

  87. Norbert Olech

    Just Perfect just classic just rocknroll

  88. The One Millionth Roger

    Rock on in heaven

  89. Mark Rancourt

    There will never be another RJD. Not even close. The Metal poet with the golden voice. Miss him.

  90. Joshua Korynta

    _"It was me! Ronnie James Dio!"_

  91. Lindi vd Bergh

    Madonna is dead but still alive.....Dio still very alive but dead.

  92. Gary Klafta


  93. Bogging Tramp

    Wow still brilliant 🇬🇧🇬🇧

  94. Stuff Ing

    Dio will forever rock 🤘

  95. chris miller

    come down with a dragon
    onto the big city
    revenge 9-11