Rainbow - Eyes Of Fire Lyrics

Hungry and wild she was born to the night
A demon, a daughter of madness
One look from her eyes could burn you alive...
Drown you in oceans of sadness
Oh - even the deadly shades of night
Won't let me hide... from her eyes of fire

Face in the mirror we meet eye to eye
Passions of eternal fire
Desperately wanting and out of control
Dancing on winds of desire
Oh - even the deadly shades of night
Won't let me hide... from her eyes of fire

Curtain of darkness, screams of delight
Tounts me with her sirens calling...
I got to be strong but I can't hang on
Into the flames I am falling...
Oh - even the deadly shades of night
Won't let me hide (no, no, no, no)
From her eyes of fire...

She keeps burning...
She keeps burning me, burning me, burning
Me, burning me down
Eyes of fire
Oh no

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Rainbow Eyes Of Fire Comments
  1. Daniel D

    great tune can´t stop listen to it . joe´s vocals here are just amazing and ritchie´s playing is absolutely brilliant .



  3. Danse Macabre

    This is certainly something that wouldn't be out of place if it was on perfect strangers with Gillan singing

    Abraham Edelstein

    The first time I heard it I actually thought it was Deep Purple.

    Yeah, wonder why, right?

  4. Chris Manzi

    Only Ritchie can play notes like that in a guitar solo and make it sound amazing , such an underrated song too

  5. Vanei Pontes

    Great 👉 🌈 / Song Cool 🎵🎼🎶🎸😎👊

  6. Teotista felipe Laura uribe

    Lo máximo rainbow. Blakmore

  7. kevin hasch

    A very underappreciated album

    Thomass Blaquelourde

    Ritchie said "Jeff Beck had just seen Hendrix he asked how it was" Beck said "Straight between the Eyes" this album was worthy

  8. Jon Blackers

    I wish this albun was re released with extended versions and left overs(?).

  9. Doug Carson

    Nice "Deep Cut".

  10. steve poirier

    Best Song On Straight Between The Eyes !!!

  11. ed steward

    Smokin' Track ! All Rainbow Rocks. They never made a bad album. From Dio to Bonnet To JLT to Doogie White.

  12. michael88863

    Maiden were listening to this when they wrote Powerslave.

    kevin hasch

    That's what I think also

  13. Bernd Kleiter

    Eyes of Fire is one of the most epic rock songs ever

  14. ゆりなてちこ


  15. Frosted

    Outstanding .   .   .   one of my favourite ,IF NOT, my favourite song of the Joe Lynn Turner

  16. Marion Cobretti

    God why cant classic rock radio play some undiscovered shit like this instead of playing stairway to heaven on an endless loop

    kevin hasch

    Here in Chicago one radio station plays ZEPPELIN all the time but their policy is no more Stairway Ever.

    Kevin Mcnamara

    Or to plug my band or check out doomed and stoned page. So many great unknown bands out there waiting for your thirsty ears!!! Good luck!

    Chris Manzi

    All you hear on the radio is the same hit songs day after day , they just mix em up, you are so right , I grew up in the late 70's into the 80's when FM radio was amazing , it's all over

    Chris Manzi

    kevin hasch listening to Zeppelin is like hearing Christmas songs, so freakin sick of their songs, over and over for 40 years, so many great bands like Rainbow forgotten

    Nebo D

    I stopped listen radios ages ago ...better be on You Tube or listen to a personal music collection. ..Why waisting time ...(the only radio I listen to is a talk radio ...no music at all)

  17. Saz Ad

    RB with JLT= Speechless

  18. André Saga

    Joe bring so much passion my god, great!

  19. Gustavo del Puerto

    Check out "El Camino del Sol" by Argentinian band Rata Blanca -- very similar riff but faster

    Saz Ad

    Innovate not immitate. Many RB wannabies but they cant even be like Blackmore's balls.

    miguel villalba

    en el medio del solo hay un dias duros tambien jeje

    rolando ariel gallardo

    Aguante rata blanca..lpm!!!! Fiel clon del gran blackmore!!!!

    ekko De Oz

    Ni tienen ni puta idea de nada si dicen que rata plagio a rainbow

    Alejo Pert

    El riff es similar pero no es igual y el Camino del Sol tiene un "solo" mejor que el de esta cancion

  20. MetalMistress888

    Love that middle-eastern, Laurence of Arabia type feel! Reminiscent of that other epic Rainbow song "Gates of Babylon".

    Sue Nue



    Blackmore like middle-eastern motives -you can hear in stargazer, perfect strangers , Stormbringer

  21. Jay Jordan

    Ron Dio was Rainbow! The rest of it was just Loverboy!

    steve poirier

    Of Course...

    steve poirier

    Youi're Right Darth !!!

    Jon Blackers

    @Miracle Man like Romero's, Doogies voice was doctored in the studioversions. Guess accents from Scotland and Spain do not appeal to most people.

    Danse Macabre

    Nah, Graham Bonnet could sing his ass off too.

    Thomass Blaquelourde

    Beneath comment


    In my opinion one of The Best Rainbow tracks. Why it wasn't performed live I have no idea! The album version although great sounds little unfinished. Brilliant rhythm and soloing.One of those tracks you want to go on forever.

    Jon Blackers

    it is finished at a moment you think it should go on, indeed. Pity OTR did not play it as well.

    Robert Ritchie

    I hate the drums, sounds like a drum machine. Guitar is sublime...

    kevin hasch


  23. Alin Miloiu

    Sweet memories, Long Live Rock`Roll.

    Sue Nue

    Aline Minogue