Rainbow - Death Alley Driver Lyrics

Rough and ready rider
In a super sonic sound machine
Rock and roll survivor
Chrome pipes between your knees
Running all the red lites
Riding the white lines
Your gonna make a dead stop
But you just can't see the signs
Oh - you'll never win the race
But you can't give up the chase.

Death alley driver
Livin' at high speed
Death alley driver... Yeah
Death alley driver... who knows what you need
Death Alley Driver...

One hundred twenty five smokin on the turns
Always on the hit and run
But you never learn...
Running from the man... and you're running
From yourself
Another dirty angel heading straight to hell
Oh - you'll never win the race...
But you won't give up the chase...
Death Alley Driver...
Life in overdrive... Death Alley Driver.. yeah
Death Alley Driver... ride to stay alive
Death Alley Driver... let's go

Red lights in the mirror
Danger on the band...
Got to take a detour cause a road block's up ahead
He takes you on the corner with a wave of his hand
Death is in the back seat of a big old black sedan
Oh - you'll never win the race...
As you turn and see his face...
Death Alley Driver...
Movin' for the kill
Death Alley Driver... yeah
Death Alley Driver...
Time is standing still...
Death Alley Driver...
Always on the run cause you're a ...
Death Alley Driver
Love the way it feels...
Death Alley Driver... yeah
Death Alley Driver
Hell on wheels...
Death Alley Driver... ooh

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Rainbow Death Alley Driver Comments
  1. Roger Gonzalez

    I heard Ritchie Blackmore is a douchebag.

  2. Михаил Лермонтов

    Тернер как цыган глаза пучит :))))

  3. pete hogarth

    Do glad I grew up to you his fantastic music
    Rock on rainbow.

  4. Chester Benjamin Lane

    Joe Lynn Turner's very much different than other front men for Rainbow and I grew up listening to rainbow music when they introduced Joe Lynn Turner back in the day when I was a little kid and now I'm in my 40's and I never forgotten about Rainbow with Joe Lynn Turner

  5. Figmund Sreud

    Addicted to That Rush

  6. Al Mojica,Jr.

    Gosh, How bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest have "borrowed" from (Deep Purple) AKA Rainbow. AMJ

    Kurt Sherrick

    Metal first came from Ritchie. He actually was hitting those licks live with Mark 1 Deep Purple. He did the same licks in 68 he does twice during Space Trucking on Made in Japan. He hits them twice as the band kicks in during Ritchie's Impromptu. There is nothing like that before Ritchie's licks in 68 and 69.

    Al Mojica,Jr.

    @Kurt Sherrick As evidenced by bands such as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. AMJ

  7. patrea lynn

    the guitar is really good.


    you don't say?!

  8. lucalone

    Chasing the Dragon

  9. 宮本英雄

    👁 🎸 👁

  10. Cesar Castro

    Qué buen tema ¡¡¡ highway star segunda parte🇨🇱👌

  11. Thomas R. Skidmore

    I actually had an early VR-prototype version of this racing game when I was a kid. It was a Tomytronic 3D device where you look into the binocular-like eyepieces as you tried to steer the car without crashing. That was a hard game, let me tell you. Seeing the game in Rainbow's video brought that memory back.

  12. Wolfgang Trubshaw

    If this predates Gillan's solo-band and Sab albums, Richie was less of a gentleman than I thought …


    Ritchie and Gentleman in one sentence^^

  13. Drew A

    Great song and band. Typical cheesy 80's video.

  14. Google User


  15. Adrianrulz

    Did Ritchie crack a smile?

    Thomas R. Skidmore

    Only because he was being malicious.

  16. Mason Hawks

    Apparently Richie has a great sense of humour and likes practical jokes and only acts insane when being interviewed, but when it comes to the music it's his way or the highway, if you don't do as he say's you're fired.

  17. Graham Jeffries

    Bit before motley

  18. Captain Sunday

    Sounds like "Livewire" by Motley.

    Charles Wallace

    Captain Sunday Yes and no. I can see where you’re coming from, but it, in my opinion, sounds way different.

  19. Joe Logik

    I’m high af and freaking out. I feel like Joe’s eyes are about to pop out......

  20. foxbad

    Richie in the car, It was so nice!

  21. Larry Toering

    This might be dated, if so, I guess I just like the dated in this case.

  22. Zach Jira

    This song is awesome! Makes me wanna go play Road Rash right now!

  23. Greensmurf

    Richie. You're wearing white. Are you okay?

  24. M K

    Commendable guitar & keys interchange, great song

  25. Saz Ad

    Blackmore as Babadook.

  26. Papapoo Do

    He just looks horrible as a lead singer. Hard to watch

  27. Orhun Berk Cagatay Uyanova

    WOW ! i was just looking for another song and saw this . im so suprised !!!!! you rock Rainbow

  28. Kellie Nicole Brooks Schettino

    I haven't to this album too much...here is my comment..another dark and empty nite if I was wrong I want to make it right...

  29. MsJagger19

    Out of curiosity, who is driving that black car?

  30. Ted Cabana

    And so began Yngwie Makmsteen's pursuit of neo-classical guitar mania. Ritchie Blackmore was the O.G. of Modern guitar shredding.

  31. Quincy Jones

    Blackmore can definitely jam!

  32. Tim Penfield

    perfect rock band

  33. Dave Messick

    This song in its entirety is majestic, but being a drummer, the fill at around the 3:01 minute mark has always amazed me. Sheer, raw fucking talent.

  34. Gary Roberts

    Cool Solo,. Cool song.

  35. soni damara

    hahaha rainbow in Heavy Metal sound !! realy good !

  36. vonzo7878


  37. Earlene Guthrie


  38. Joe Orzech

    Turner one of the most underrated singers in rock .

  39. elperro1968

    They choose the slowest bike of those years and ugliest

    Thomas R. Skidmore

    They had to. The cameras used weren’t exactly high speed and this was made on a minuscule budget.

  40. Юрий Б.


  41. jessica antonopulos

    Roger, Paice bajo perfil

  42. LE STUDIO Morin-Heights

    Recorded at Le studio morin-Heights

  43. Marco Crispi


  44. Paul Twiss

    Death alley driver. Driving at about 40mph

    Thomas R. Skidmore

    The speed limit here was and is 35 mph but the bike was in fact going about 50 mph.

  45. Теоретик НЕмного практик

    Очень мало у них музыки.Все уже переслушал на много раз и еще охота.

    Vait Ospanov

    Дип Пепл слушай, там на голову выше...

  46. alexey zhukov

    Bravo Ritchie, Bravo Joe! 👍🤘🎸... Super song, super album! 👍❤️

  47. dayne dewsbury

    What's the bike in this video..... Looks cool and I want it. Complete with helmet speakers so that death alley driver is blasting as I redline each gear change

    Thomas R. Skidmore

    I think it’s a Honda 180cc.

  48. Patricia LAMBERT

    I guess Joe Lynn Turner was supposed to sound like Ian Gillan, but he comes off more like he could have better replaced Steve Walsh in Kansas

  49. Tejashwi Rana

    This is music !!!

  50. David Gadea

    Siempre que escucho esta canción me acuerdo de los tiempos del disco-pub El Patio en Fernancaballero(Ciudad Real ) de toda mi familia manchega que también anda por todos esos mundos y de toda la maravillosa gente con la que el polvorilla(yo) compartió momentos inolvidables allí sobretodo con mis amigos Paco,Darío, mis vecinos los lentejillas..En fin os llevo también muy dentro del corazón..Mi padre descansa allí donde siempre quiso.Algún día volveré si puedo Fernanducos/as y Gracias por hacer parte de mi infancia algo tan Feliz !!! Cheers and Life On !!!

  51. Pierre LeDouche

    This song sounds to me the closest thing to a Deep Purple song Ritchie Blackmore did after he left Purple. And is one of the best Rainbow songs to showcase Blackmore's blistering guitar skill. While Rainbow managed to make many songs that were impeccably rock yet had crossover popularity, this balls-out song makes no concession to mainstream popularity. It's a hammering rock song in the best tradition of Deep Purple, and I love it.

  52. Stephen King


  53. Benoit Vanhees

    Not a bad song in itself, but clearly, Rainbow wasn't any longer what it had been. And well, Dio's outfits certainly weren't the finest, but you'll have to admit that in this clip you can't really claim real some progres has been made. While the guys of Thin Lizzy looked really credible, here it is almost ludicrous, especially with hindsight... Well, exception made for Ritchie of course. I don't know, Rainbow Rising and Long live rock'n'roll remain two very solid records, Bonnet was an odd duck and not always reliable live, but the studioalbum with him certainly isn't bad, some good songs but also really bad ones with Turner. Street of dreams could have been a hit, if only it wouldn't have had that last repeating minute, Stone Cold is a nice one too, probably his best output. Fourth singer also delivered some good songs (Hall of the Mountain King, Black masquerade), live very strong, but why the heck did he had to imitate the silly Bruce Dickinson stage performances.... Ha, how difficult to get it completely right...

  54. Glenn Thornton

    Love Blackmore's grin. He can play at my funeral anytime.

  55. El Rocker

    This could be the competition to "Freewheel Burning" of Judas Priest...

  56. MsJagger19

    You can almost sense that Ritchie has a sense of humor here. He looks like he's laughing and smiling a lot here. Like he's having fun

  57. charlotte rossi

    LOVE the guitar solo

  58. だよさち

    リッチーのギター·ソロもカッコイイけど、ピアノ· ソロもカッコイイ!

  59. sharon astill

    i bet richie really wanted ian gillian on motorbike.!from shaz in the uk.

  60. S Benton

    OMG don't think I've heard this great tune in 30 years. God I got old.

  61. ismael perez

    Freewheel burning🎶🎶😂

  62. 中村忠


  63. jessica antonopulos

    muy bueno 🤗🤗🤗😎

  64. Mark Boyd

    Always loved Joe Lynn Turner's voice. So underrated. He can nail the aggressive songs and then turn around and nail something like Street of Dreams. Respect.

    B. Young

    No, he is NOT 'underrated'. I am sick of seeing that stupid word thrown around. If he, certain bands or music were, we wouldn't be discussing them and they wouldn't be famous. Underrated bands/singers/etc. are usually barely known at all, or have a small underground following. So using this word doesn't make you a Hip person because you like them, it makes it the opposite.

    Al Mojica,Jr.

    Definitely. Lita Ford one stated (Metal Show) that "Richie Blackmore always had the best singers". AMJ

  65. Unknown

    Man, Turner and Blackmore look a lot alike.

  66. Errol Waguespack

    Great band incredible.

  67. ClassicTVMan1981X

    Was released as a single - but only in Japan (where Sega - the maker of the _Turbo_ arcade game - was based)!

  68. 5tar5z

    I have no frigging idea what the lyrics are about, but I love this tune

  69. Vladimir Georgiev

    Highway Star pt. 2

  70. Michael Elliot

    Rainbow's Highway Star

  71. j sarmient2

    Rainbow, Deep Purple, Ritchie Blackmore Forever.The greatest guitar of all time.

  72. muhammad firza alfayez

    J.S. Bach 😎

  73. Shahlan Saim

    I'm a big KISS fan but Rainbow is great too. They have more good songs than Deep Purple. The Rainbow with Dio is a totally different band than the Bonnet/Joe Lyn Turner era.

  74. a Japanese

    too cool

  75. cyrax1700

    richie blackmore is a devil.

  76. TruthUnderFire

    So bad ass. Timeless, kick ass rock and roll.

  77. Robert Anthony

    Turner with Rainbow was the best; "Straight Between The Eyes" is the band's best album

  78. Jochen Hansen


  79. Chris Lauro

    Was he playing Pole Position in the beginning of the video?

    Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist

    Chris Lauro Turbo.. My fav in the 80s

  80. Randgalf

    Two wigged men chasing each other down the road.

    Youtube Acct

    but they do it epically

  81. Mike Dixon

    Something about Joe Lynn Turner's voice - hard rock/ metal, it just kicks ass!

    yeah...forreal. Perfect match for the music

    Atlanta Guitar

    Yea it is a good match. Never understood why he catches so much crap from people. He could always pull songs off live with no problems.


    @Atlanta Guitar And he did the job he was hired to do: get Rainbow on the radio. People associate Turner's voice with ballads, but songs like these prove that he can sing heavier, more uptempo fare as well.

    Tim Penfield

    best range,

    dread true

    Mike Dixon
    He sing very well, don't scream

  82. Larry Sliwa

    Ritchie's car kicks ass in this video....reminds me of "The Car" horror movie.

    Exodus Attack

    Great fucking movie man! My exact thoughts.

  83. Bonfire


  84. justin thyme

    Joe Lynn Turner sho was pretty too haha!

  85. justin thyme

    Baaaahahahahahaaaa such a low budget lame fucking video!! Right down ther with Judas Priest "Heading Out to the Highway."

  86. platt Platt

    George thorogood says blackmore Is bad to the bone

  87. randall scott burress

    I'll preach weddings for queers ...and ye I'm ordained*

  88. Kabul81

    Pole position!👍🏻


  89. Michael Raufer

    ONE of THE BEST BANDS OF ALL TIME.. !!!!!(./... Even, when DIO left)

  90. randall scott burress


  91. Scott Wilson

    TOTALLY KICK ASS! Glad to see it on here- surprised me on local tv channel recently had to see if it was here- such legends-at some of their BEST!

  92. Andrew Pace

    This video is underrated

  93. John Smith

    I wonder if it road scenes were filled in CT. I grew up in CT. And that is was what country in CT looks likes. I recall Richie lived in CT years ago.

    Youtube Account

    John Smith I was just thinking the same thing!


    I think he still does .

    Thomas R. Skidmore

    Ritchie lives in Vermont. And my guess is they filmed the chase scene in New York State, somewhere near either Rochester or Albany.

  94. Bruno VallésMuñoz

    Classic heavy metal 10/10 for sure!!!!!

  95. Domenic Dark Moon

    The solo of this song is so fucking awesome!

    Thomas R. Skidmore

    The guitar or the synth?

    Denis dos Santos

    @Thomas R. Skidmore Yes.

  96. Chris Neufeld

    The video’s real ending isn’t here. From what I remember seeing on VH1 Classic (before MTV Classic), it had one more shot of the drummer plus Turbo’s crash and “game over” graphics over the song’s final hit. Something like that?

  97. Paul Guitar Covers

    man,what a radical game ,and malmsteen sayin ''uuuhh..i dont haved any influence'' hehehehe

    Marks Enngels

    Veery smoottth !

  98. sebastian valenzuela