I feel like I'm dreaming of the silence
Follow all the reasons not to cry
Wake up for me now keep on breathing
Hold on until you show me your sign

(Show me your sign)
(Show me your sign)
Show me your sign

Take off into worlds we never traveled
This life is a journey through the snow
Let go of it all for the healing
Hold on to surrender our control

(Show me your sign)
Show me your sign

Show me your sign


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  1. Иван Коломиец

    Голос волшебный! С любовью из России))) Я ваш фанат!

  2. Keiran Chmiel

    What a recording voice!

  3. The Red Lady of Winterfalls

    Als Leon Madeleine sagt, dass alles gut wird, sie ihm aber widerspricht. Dann wendet sie sich aus seinen Armen und verspricht ihm, wenn er sie noch einmal berührt, er seinem Tod näher ist, als sie selbst. Dies ist in dem Kapitel "Tod eines Mädchens" zu finden.

  4. Nachi vintage

    wow como no puedes tener mas publico??

  5. ridoy hossani

    Lovely voice

  6. Miehleketo Chauke

    Her voice simply takes my breath away

  7. Cristina Andrasi

    Raign you're amazing. I love your songs. And your voice...it touches me everytime I hear it. I believe every word your sing.

  8. Rebecca Corbett

    Sign -

    I feel like I'm dreaming,
    Of the silence.

    I follow all the reasons,
    Not to cry.

    Wake up from me now,
    Keep on breathing...

    I'll hold on,
    Until you show me a sign.


    Show me a...


    Show me a...


    Show me a sign.

    Take off into worlds,
    We never dreamt of...

    This life is a journey,
    Through the storm.

    Let go of it all,
    For the healing...

    Hold on to surrender,
    Our control.


    Show me a...


    Show me a...


    Show me a sign.


  9. Anoushka Baelmans

    I wanna go so bad to a concert of you when you have one! Your songs are ALWAYS unique, special and sung with so much power ❤❤

  10. calvoxant

    Omg... The moment she started singing I got the shivers. What a beautiful song.

  11. Mathilde Dobigny

    I love your song 👌🏻😍

  12. Roden

    WOAH!!! THIS IS BLOODY INCREDIBLE!!!!!! When she says sign I get chills. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  13. Nivi Uhbarp


  14. Reinhard Herbst

    Love you Raign .amazing to see you grow and rise .keep it up 🦂

  15. Jessie Mccarl

    Love it 💗💗

  16. ѕlιce oғ deѕтιel

    she has an incredible voice

  17. kennylacombe

    Loved it! Does anyone know what happened to an old song of hers called "What I Can't Do"? It was the most beautiful live ballad. I need to find it.

  18. Francisco

    Esa voz es unica 😍

  19. Pamila P

    😍😍amoooo amooo

  20. Brissa Alvarado

    When you will give your first concert?💔

  21. Brissa Alvarado

    Raign believe me!!! You are amazing, i love all your songs, I identify with all your songs 💕

  22. Nicole Donovan

    I've never been disappointed by any of your songs I love youuuu you're an amazing artist!

  23. Evelin Zubia.

    I love your songs 💘 They are the best 💖

  24. B. Amine

    i luv with this Album <3

  25. Tiago Pedro

    Essas músicas me acalma 😍❤😢amo de mais!

  26. Akanath Singh

    Love her pitch this girl can sing such beautiful songs. She just gets better and better. Soon the VMA's.


    Akanath Singh 👌