Raheem DeVaughn - The Love Experience Lyrics

Yo peace and love, I wanna tell yall about the beautiful love experience (hope you have time, hope you don't mind)

To my cousin I'm hoping you can hear this rhyme
When I ride through the bricks yeah
I think about you all the time
That cold day I got that phone call
It plays back in my mind
I can still hear your mother cry

Well at least I can say I had my first experience of love through you

And to my first girlfriend
I know you probably married now
Reminiscing on our prom date
The way I did you yo was kind of foul
But I guess I had to wise up
So now I know better now (but at least I can say)

But at least I can say I had my first experience of love through you

Like how it feels
When it comes
What its like
When it leaves

So to the woman that betrayed me
I think its unfair how
How you chose to deceive me
I thought that was my child
Now he's forced inside for now

But at least I can say I had my first experience of love through you

To the faith I've lost ( faith I've lost )
For the friends I've gain ( the friends I've gain )
I'm thinking while I'm questioning change is a good thing
'Cause with dead weight you can't travel light (can't travel light)
Besides I was born to fight so I'm gon' be alright ( born to fight)

But at least I can say I had my first experience of love through you)Like how it feels
When it comes
What its like when it leaves

To my moma,
To grandma
To my sister (to my sister)
And say good-bye (to my family)
After departure day and my friends told me what happened oh

But at least I can say I had my first experience of love through you
(I've experienced love)

I've experinced
The Love experience
You should experience
The love experience
We are all, all experiments
Of the love experience
So just experience

We all should experience (la la la la la la, la la la la la la la la)
Experience [x2]


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Raheem DeVaughn The Love Experience Comments
  1. Lashawndia Sheppard

    2019 and still loving this song💙💙

  2. Perverted Alchemist

    Raheem DeVaughn being a victim of paternity fraud must have affected him deeply. He mentions it twice on his debut: On this song as well as "Until".

  3. Ealon Wallace

    This song helped me get over some difficult times.

  4. Camille Williams

    This song reminds me of this song. He plays it a lot. I love this Sexxy beat. 😍😍😍😍😍 The lyrics are dope too. ❤️☺️

  5. Shirley Jones

    I've Experienced....The Love Experience... ! It's Powerful...💯💞

  6. Miss J

    He is so great!

  7. Dante F

    I bought this junt in the pen..my whole cellblock wanted to borrow this junt..lol

  8. timmy841212

    His producer sure showed off flipping that Motown beat from Switch!

  9. Jan Sleets

    2019 and i'm rocking this still. Best LP album

    Shirley Jones

    Me Too....Love Every Song 🎶💯💯❤️

  10. kris B

    this that joint for riding down the interstate thinking about the ups n downs with your old flame or rolling through your old neighborhood were you grew up as a child. 👍🎶

  11. AdriAnne D Bridges

    2018 still so deep I suffered a lot of loss but at least I can say that I have Experienced Love 💕 💋💋

  12. Paul Bailey

    Incredible track. Incredible album. Any artist championed by Masters At Work has to be brilliant, and Raheem DeVaughn is.

    Shirley Jones


  13. Schari Montgomery

    Aww this song make me think about my cousin that pass tears

    Shirley Jones

    Sorry for your Loss 😇

  14. Ronald Hampton

    A classic!!!!!

  15. Shayne Slayman

    riding down "pch" feelin free

  16. monroe duog

    2018 still listening

  17. patrick green

    You killed this homie, You, Believe and Close should have made this a platinum disc for sure.

  18. Roderick Grayson

    Laura, at least I can say I experienced love through you.

  19. Music Man

    He did this song no justice..

  20. Ricky Chisolm

    Straight 🔥🔥 The Love Experience... I've Experiences Love


    Peace, one of my favorite albums of all time.

  22. Glenna Pinckney

    this is still my favorite song ever . thanks to Garcia Vegas .. love you G

  23. Ms. Pretty Brown Cancer

    Yessssssssss rip sister

  24. Shaqwana Williams

    yes I love this song. the whole CD is good to.

  25. Eric Jones

    real classic

  26. TXejas19 TXejas19

    we're all experiments? i didn't sign up for this!!!

    Shaqwana Williams

    I know right. lolol we it's best when we handle it with grace.

    TXejas19 TXejas19

    +Shaqwana Williams :/ at this point I've lost all grace, hope, and faith. his music still speaks to my crusty old soul, but a crusty old rock can not bear fruit or life lol

  27. NellyBelle

    Album is timeless!!! My favorite by Raheem!!! DC stand up!!

    Shaqwana Williams

    it really is.

    Daria Fennell

    Yes! Raheem Is Dope. D.C., Stand Up Forever!

  28. zion4400

    My last memory of my cousin was him singing this damn song. RIP Adam.


    Sorry for the loss

    Jasmine Grace

    zion4400 I'm sorry to hear about your loss my condolences

    Anthony Montgomery

    This song make me think about my cuz as well been gone since 06 shit im teary eyed now

  29. Stoney Jackson

    "Well at least I can say I had my first experience of love through you"
    What a great way to look at hard things we go through! This song helped me get over a rough period in my life. I gotta thank you Raheem if you're reading. haha

  30. Reuben

    STILL my favorite LP by him. Man that album was classic!


    @Reuben Shandy Ya man this album brings back memories. I was dating a girl (from DC) and she told me about him. Our 1st date was at his concert at the Trocadero in Philly. Best live performance I've ever seen.


    @TheMegaman1982 Man, I am already knowing it was. I have never seen him live but play this on the regular here. He has put out quality music since BUT nothing has come close to topping The Love Experience.

    Shaqwana Williams

    +TheMegaman1982 oh wow that's amazing.

  31. Kenni Wells

    Hmmm. I hear Switch's "My Friend in the Sky" sample in here. Love it.....

    Jason Shannon

    @Kenni Wells  definitely!!!!!

  32. Aashia Truly Blessed

    The love,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  33. Beatrice Lewis

    I love this song .it make think about how i found out the truth about that someone who hurt me

  34. Jamilah Ali

    Makes me think about my first true love experience

  35. bigrod8975

    9 people must've never experienced love.

  36. Trice M

    Raheem brings that different type of sound . Love it . We need it for sure!!!

  37. Paris Amour

    Only been here fifty catrillion times to listen to him...

  38. Stephanie Swanagan

    Love this song

  39. Paris Amour


  40. gosa211

    I love this song

  41. Kisha Kee

    Thanks hun!!

  42. Havok214

    "My Friend In The Sky" by Switch

  43. Kisha Kee

    Does anyone know what beat he sampled? or an instrumental>

  44. Chandrika Richardson

    This is my cut!

  45. FrankWonderBeantown

    He sampled a song from "Switch."

  46. LalaMaiIMVU

    These ppl saying that raheem stoled this beat from theyre "dad" need to stfu cause they mad and cant except that ppl can make good beats and music THEMSELVES! But anywayy i love this songg :-)

  47. Leah Swann

    Love rah!!!

  48. Leslie Detouche

    love it......

  49. lowendswift

    Classic tune.......

  50. sotimelessmusic

    ST crew vibin to the music brotha..peace

  51. monica austin

    This is the beginning of the Love Experience- waiting- God's Will

  52. anthonywilsonus

    ....all this from the intro of a "Switch" cut......Genius......best Raheem album by far....he was still hungry then

  53. msangela2525

    This was my joint right here!!!

  54. Marvelous2998

    This a real smooth cd...everybody needs to experience it!!!

  55. lazeezee

    i love this joint,, this brother is so underrated,,, this is real music,, i looooove this joint!!!

  56. TL Carman

    Played and still play the crap out of this album......... Chair dancing at the Mac...lol


    2 people haven't experienced the love experience

  58. Jay Byrd

    When i heard this song, i rolled through my old hood and saw the houses where ppl died at and cried. Now i can also say i had an experience in love. Keep Striving Radio Rah!

  59. Deborah Kirk

    This is my ish....... Raheem you this dam thang here. When I dance to this I feel so so sexy dancing with my move to the song. Reminds of when me my cuz used to roll just kickin it listening to this entire cd then putting this song on repeat!!! With my baby I have had the love experience thanks Raheem!!

  60. Trulli Tavi

    This has to be one of my favorite songs by Raheem because it is so true. We are all experiments of the love experience.

  61. nicole dee

    oooo god i love this song yo....till this day i blast this out my bronx windows hahaaaa!!!

  62. autokidd1

    people r so late hoppin onto this nigga. hopped on him when i was 14. imma music feign nd he happens to b one of my fixes. this nigga is so good.

  63. Baking Cutie

    Great sample of Switch's "Friend in the Sky"!!

  64. nicole dee

    still blastin this hot shit...peep game hot song!!!!

  65. Southern Visionaries

    first heard Raheem on a radio show called diamond soul experience, been a fan every since, love him

  66. SigmaBlack

    I remember hearing "Until"on a music sampler I got free with another CD purchase,then later hearing this song on XM radio back in 03,it drove me crazy for 2 yrs asking for it at my local music shop as nobody had even heard of this or Raheem at that point(down south),it's a shame this was one of the records they first put that now infamous spyware on.

  67. lovesandra

    I've experienced
    The Love experience
    You should experience
    The love experience
    We are all, all experiments
    Of the love experience
    So just experience <3

  68. T Washington

    true. great album

  69. Jerri

    Plus with dead weight you can't travel light.....besides I was born to fight. I hear you Raheem. You gotta love this man.

  70. Whitney Hicks

    this song is beautiful he is so underated ..i wish they would play music like this on the radio

  71. bigreed43

    We are all experiments of the love experience ....WoW!!!!

  72. 33Kellymc

    This is the first song on the cd! My friend called me from back home in Jersey and told me to pick this up!! I was in GA at the time... I was hooked ever since! This cd was hott! This song is HoTT!! Love Rah!!

  73. Danielle Piper

    They dont know nothing bout that Raheem!! He'll have his moment soon enough!!! He is tooo grea to be un-noticed

  74. tinaloveseddie

    Thank you Lee for turning me onto this jam....its in my head and heart all the time.....yes, a very bad jam...oh yeah.

  75. tinaloveseddie

    Me 2........................

  76. TruthSeeker

    This is a real cool sample, I like what he did with switch's "friend in the sky", I think the late great Bobby Debarge would appreciate it. I'm glad he did something classy with the lyrics, unlike so many of the degrading new music. Great job Raheem.

  77. gb4double

    and this beat is sick!!! the bass gettn it in...

  78. gb4double

    how does this only have 3160 in views??? Folks, this is something Marvin Gaye would sung in his prime man... shaking my head.

  79. oneeye9426

    This was one of the first albums that I could truly listen to all the way through without skipping a single song. I love it. I drive limos and we have to drive up to Louisville every year for the Derby from Memphis and I swear I listen to this entire CD at least three times on the way up there and another three or four times on the way back.

  80. oneeye9426

    I totally agree brother!

  81. oneeye9426

    I totally agree.

  82. Norva Sylvester

    Love the sampling, wicked tune, but I prefer the original by Switch, "My Friend In The Sky".

  83. deedeegiggles

    This song is about love not sexuality. Really, what's love got to do with it?

  84. andre brown

    Shit man!U dont have to be gay to appreciate a dope ass song!I'm a dude too,and this whole CD is tight!Real talk!

  85. Aubrey Zanders

    I ain't trying to tag him, but this shit sound so neo-soulish dunn! I pull up to the bodega bumpin this!!!

  86. CJvibez2008

    This was the first tune i heard from raheem and ever scince i been hooked...hes cute too. xx

  87. Shamon Stone

    Sampling My Friend in The Sky by. Switch

  88. redjam40

    This was the first track that got me to notice the album called the Love Experience by Raheem Devaughn. It had even better jams on it then this which was a great bonus. A great album which allowed Soul music to fly in the face of Rnb Music, and on this occaision - win!

    What a album this was.