Rage Against The Machine - Kick Out The Jams Lyrics

We're gonna kick 'em out

Well I feel pretty good
And I guess that I could get crazy now' baby
We all got in tune
When the dressing room got hazy

I know how you want it
When you're hot and tight
The girl cant stand it
When you're doing it right When they're up on the stand
And then they kick out the jams
Kick out the jams, We're gonna kick 'em out

And I'm starin' to sweat
You know my shirt's all wet
What a feeling now baby
And the sound that abound and resounds and rebounds straight off of the ceilin'
You gotta have it baby
You cant do without
You get that feelin' gotta kick 'em out
Put that mic in my hand
And let me kick out the jams
Yeah, kick out the jams, we gotta kick 'em out

Got to get it up
You know you can't get enough Miss McKenzie
'Cause it gets in your brain
It drives you insane' a loopy frenzy
We got a guitar and a crash on the drums
If you wanna keep on rockin' till the mornin' comes
Let me be who I am
And let me kick out the jams
I done kicked 'em out

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Rage Against The Machine Kick Out The Jams Comments
  1. John Browning


  2. Denim Lether

    Too slow

  3. Will E. Fistergash

    I bet Rob Tyner would of loved this.

  4. Fxxdy Redstar & 90's

    RATM is the Best of king cover

  5. Twiggysiren

    This song is hot.

  6. bill291212

    Rap rock is for cunts

  7. Trucie Troy

    I still don’t understand how someone could play guitar with a drill

  8. Stephanie Malone

    This cover is as good as the original. You don't need to listen to any others. IMHO. Discovered MC5 from a 'ROIR' cassette tape 30 long years ago.

  9. LookInto TheCrystalBall

    Most covers that RATM do are either better or as good as the OG but I gotta say this one sucks compared to MC5. And that is very rare indeed since RATM are great.

  10. Brian Davis

    I almost cried when this band broke up,RATM invented their own genre of music,the name of the genre is called RAGE AGAINST THE FUCKIN MACHINE.


    Brian Davis they rage against the machine they don’t like. But many people don’t like the machine that they would have....socialism!

  11. Killian Gardenhire

    Love this cover , the original spirit of the song is with this one.

  12. LaserGadgets

    Awesome! Still cant believe its RATM. Would have expected Audioslave or something :p

  13. vault449

    [headbang intensifies]

  14. vault449

    better at 1.5 speed

  15. Debonaire Nerd

    They should play this over the opening crawl for every Star Wars film that Disney releases...or whenever Kathleen Kennedy goes to make a public statement.

  16. zapthefab

    Too fucking slow !!!!

  17. Jason Bass

    fucking well paid moron's

  18. Jason Bass

    well considering what private security forces in America are doing I am not that upset with North Korea

  19. Jason Bass

    we all must agree OK don't expect much till next year

  20. Jason Bass

    the people's movement was better when North Korea had no nukes

  21. Jason Bass

    I am fine with North Korea not being a nuclear power

  22. high low

    Ratm and monster magnet covers are the best of this legendary song.

  23. Keith Scott

    I'm into heavy metal and my punk gf linked me this shit

  24. mac demarcela

    just saw this live yesterday with Prophets and Tim from Rise Against on the vocals! fucking AWESOME

  25. Wayne Stumbo

    I believe that Blue Oyster Cult did this before


    Wayne Stumbo nope, it was MC5

    Nayla S

    The original was by the MC5. The best cover is the version of the Bad Brains with Henry Rollins. Tons of bands have covered this song.

    Chet Sacharko

    b.o.c. did cover this on some enchanted evening

  26. Killian Gardenhire

    greatest song ever .

  27. Hulsensack

    Yeah, playing it at 1.25 speed is a lot closer to the tempo of MC5's original.

  28. Mark

    Prophets of Rage played this last night in Toronto with a Dave Ghrol rocking the vocals. PERFECT

    Sadiki St. George-Ngirwa

    is there a video of this

  29. a j Carter

    If you looked up Homage in the dic'. It would refer you to this.Just as good but different, Double bonus!......still hit renegades...often.

  30. josh farrar

    1.25 speed reminds me of Jet

  31. TheRumDiary

    Definitely their best cover song.

  32. Mario Santos

    Am I the only one who likes this version in 1,25 speed?


    headbang intensifies

    falcxne Music

    life hack

    Beltran Rodriguez

    Best tip ever read in youtube

    Will E. Fistergash

    Love when MC5 went lightning speed with it.

    Miles Wilson

    No, sir. In fact, it's even cooler if you do both...let the verses play out at 1.25 and right when it gets to the "let you know who I am" part, play it at normal speed. Then, speed it back up again. Ultimate head trip!

  33. Irena Kontić


    Crni Gavran

    ubice!poslusaj od MC5 ,,kick out the jams'' ako vec nisi :)

  34. Sick Boy

    maybe one of the best from the album Renegades      Fucking great !!!

  35. Orville Donger

    A lot of songs in this album weren't that good (street fighting man) but this one makes me wanna go apeshit.

    Sullen Morbius

    Agreed. Their SFM version is way lame, but this one and "Renegades of Funk" are awesome.

    Toby Frost

    Orville Donger the whole album was covers; my favourite track is Maggie’s Farm.

  36. Antonio de la Puerta

    am I the only one who doesnt like this album? worst RATM album, no doubt


    +Antonio de la Puerta This is a cover album , these are not original Ratm songs but I like some of these better than the originals. Renegades is a good album but I agree their other albums are much better

    Facu De Mario

    this is my favourite ratm álbum 😂 (not by far but still)

  37. Davide

    Fucking fucking awesome

  38. Carey H

    Shame how MC5 ended so fast.  They had it goin on there for a bit.
    Best track on the album, imho.

  39. Crinngrinder


  40. Nanman The Legend

    best fucking comment ever hahahaha

    Rhys Rogers

    Can’t argue with that

  41. Non Zilch

    Because of Rage I like Metal.
    Because of Rage I like Rap.
    Because of Rage I like Alternative.
    Because of Rage I like Punk.
    Because of Rage I jizz uncontrollably every 30 minutes.

    Enrico Palazzo

    Matt Dylan you might want to see a doctor about the last one

    R '

    I'm just the opposite

    Joseph Ancion

    The "read more" was perfectly placed.

  42. Non Zilch

    ahman to that man, listen to the end of some songs in Are You Experienced? Jimi actually uses the toggle switch to flicker off the song on and off, which is what Tom does.. alot

  43. lohug

    oh, thanks.

  44. Vinícius

    Rock 'n Roll Brothers..

  45. ObliviousBurrito

    Oh, He actually just pats his hand on the strings with rapidity, he explained in one of his interviews that it created a helicopter effect if he uses this with a delay pedal and a wammy pedal set to an octave below. However he could be using a tremolo like you said, but with the wammy pedal set to a few octaves above.

  46. lohug

    i mean in the solo he uses a tremolo (to kill the sound between each note) but there is like some other effect that make i dont know like a hammerin sound between each note, and i was wondering what effect it was.

  47. lohug

    one question how does he kill the sound that way?

  48. ObliviousBurrito

    @Soundwasteland Effects brother effects from the wah wah to the wammy, Morello knows his effects.

  49. Mark Cox

    That solo is awesome it sounds like a high powered fan going off.

    Tom Morrello his generations Jimi Hendrix. I'm always like HOW DOES HE DO THAT WITH A GUITAR ???

    Seven Alex

    Mark Cox pedals

    Gary Wilson

    Seven Alex actually, Tom doesn’t use as many pedals as you would think, a lot of his sound comes from his technique, like scratching the fretboard, rubbing and tremolo switching.

  50. Mark Cox

    Rock ON!!!!!!!

  51. garr0r

    i've not listend to rage for years and years. for some reason i started singing this song in my head so i had to blast it

  52. klisher

    this aint as good as mc5

  53. Drive

    i used this song for a school project, instant 100

  54. fcs77

    Good shit,they r back!

  55. Black Mamba Church Boy

    @MegaEvil18 woah youre right O_o haha this song and rage are still friggen awesome tho

  56. Just

    Rage on !

  57. bluesboy25000

    Rage Against The Machine: Our Generation's MC5

  58. Micah King

    acid post some of zac's new stuff, one day as a lion.