Rage Against The Machine - Down On The Street Lyrics

Down on the street where the faces shine
Floatin' around i'm a real low mind
See a pretty thing in a wall
See a pretty thing in a wall

In a wall
In a wall
In a wall

Yeah deep in the night I'm lost in love
Yeah deep in the night I'm lost in love
A thousand eyes they look at you
A thousand eyes they, they look at you

Oh Come On! [x3]
Yeah Yeah Yeah

Oh Come On! [x3]
Yeah Yeah Yeah

Where faces shine
A real low mind
Faces Shine
A real low

Oh Come On! [x3]
Yeah Yeah Yeah

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Rage Against The Machine Down On The Street Comments
  1. Twiggysiren

    Zack's voice here makes me hot. Wow.

  2. Papa Midnight

    I love this cover! Amps me up!

  3. Liza Chen

    This is one sexy ass performance...I never get tired of hearing it

  4. Pena Walker

    A Real 0'-Mind'-:)

  5. Martin Debaser

    Stooges !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeaah

  6. Shane V

    We are a group of music lovers nerding out over our favorite songs that fall under a new theme each day. Come show us what you got! Today’s theme is “Street”.


  7. Alvaro Aguilar

    Zach's vocals in the chorus and the bass tone make this song. Great cover.

  8. Pena Walker


  9. John Tate

    Stooge Against the Machine

  10. João Dantas

    oooooooohhhh so fucking good version of such a great song

  11. Prashant Barua

    Awesome! Listening after a long time. Had this album on cassette.

  12. buttkrieg

    This is an absolute garbage cover lol. But it IS RATM so no shit.

  13. Maximilian Bernard

    Why are so many people so triggered/offended by this? Did Zach piss in your cereal or something? It's just a cover.. Geez...

  14. David Coleman

    Gotta agree with Jakob. How can you not like Zach or morello. Iggy is cool as shit but rage is freakin awesome!

  15. David Coleman

    Tom merollo is innovative. I like iggy and the stooges and rage was as original.

  16. Cristálido

    Why so many RATM haters here? It's okay if you don't like this cover but Rage don't make bad music, in fact, is one of the most unique bands ever.

  17. PaulgG461

    WHAT AN AWESOME COVER...VERY WELL DONE! Right up there with Sonic Youth's cover of 'I Wanna Be Your Dog'.

  18. Crni Gavran

    my favorite stooges song!

  19. greg tutt

    TV eye, TWAT VIBE EYE !

  20. greg tutt

    NO wall No walll

  21. greg tutt

    Real O mind

  22. sandinosfire Marchena

    Down on the street where the faces shine
    Floatin' around i'm a real low mind
    See a pretty thing in a wall
    See a pretty thing in a wall

    In a wall
    In a wall
    In a wall

    Yeah deep in the night I'm lost in love
    Yeah deep in the night I'm lost in love
    A thousand eyes they look at you
    A thousand eyes they, they look at you

    Oh Come On! [x3]
    Yeah Yeah Yeah

    Oh Come On! [x3]
    Yeah Yeah Yeah

    Where faces shine
    A real low mind
    Faces Shine
    A real low

    Oh Come On! [x3]
    Yeah Yeah Yeah

  23. Mr. Destroyer

    Come on motherfuckers bring on your best to us ALL!!

  24. Mark Wright

    great cover. i think they did Iggy justice here. in fact the entire album is superbly done. considering zach de la roche isn't a conventionally a singer its impressive.

    Stephane Malhomme

    Totally, I'm a die hard Stooges fan but this cover does the original total justice. Feral, unhinged fucking rock. So cool when bands you love cover each other.

    Jeff M

    Hell, I wish La Rocha would have sung more conventionally just a little more. Just to switch things up a bit, you know.

    John Tate

    I mean, is Iggy conventional?

  25. private Person

    love this song

  26. Mike Vino

    I love this song

  27. Oliver Collins

    To whoever is planning on reading the comments, don't, it is full of arseholes that don't like this song because someone else did it before

    Robann Kerr

    I scrolled down anyway, and now I wish I didn't. How can anybody diss Rage Against the Machine? RATM are legendary. So is Iggy Pop and the Stooges

    W C

    "someone else did it before"

  28. clarkewi

    Sounds like "The Stones" covering "The Stooges".

  29. Thee Ol' Boozeroony

    I like how they did the chorus. Very loud.
    And the vocals are quite ...worthy, so to speak haha.

  30. sasse Brasse

    Love it!!!

  31. Yep Me

    I hope all the members of this group get Ebola.

    Ronny Swift

    +Yep Me bastard

    Its kapnoc

    troll stop taking it seriously

  32. dangramful

    Hate RATM, and gotta say this sucks

  33. Hister333

    I really hate this band, and really love the Stooges, and I gotta tell you, I can't hate this.  Especially the vocals.  So sleazy...Guitar is as awful as the rest of their material, though.

    David Coleman

    Hister333 you and yep me should go blow each other behind a dumpster

    Jakov Delas

    oh, shut up fat b1tch

    David Coleman

    Hister333 I know you can’t possibly think the guitarist for the stooges is better than Tom morello. Most original guitarist of past25 yrs. no one plays like him.

    David Coleman

    Yep Me you and history should go pump each other up the ass. Faggott!

    Adam Coutts

    I really hate this band, and really love the Stooges, and I gotta tell you, I hate this.

  34. Adam Cyr

    Why are a lot of people stupid? This song is from the album Renegades, which is a cover album of songs that inspired the group. "Also rumored that Zach de la Rocha didn't want release."
    They're not claiming these songs or stealing... just a cover chill.....


    Yeah this wasn't long after the last LP (Battle of LA), was most likely done like the live album in order to fill their end of their record contract, but has some great covers on it.  In particular I think "I'm Housin" and "The Ghost of Tom Joad" are some of RATM best work and better than the originals.

    Carlos Gallardo


    Martin Debaser

    iggy and the stooges yeaaaaaaaah

  35. Yep Me

    The Stooges did a better job with this song and they were far more original than rage against the machine.

    Greg Eastman

    What kind of dumbass has to post negative about a GREAT band he doesn't like? MORON go away

    David Coleman

    Yep me sux so much ass for dissing on rage. Most original guitarist. No keyboards. All bass drums and guitar. You are just idot

    David Coleman

    Tom Vear I am sure his dad was probably on his knees also!

    Doug Marshall

    Stooges....original? Ahem, the punk movement was already alive and well in Britain. We just took credit like we always have. Hey look, us Americans also invented New-Wave! Lmfao how ridiculous dude. Lol Rage is completely original for one, they were a whole fuckin' political movement.

    Spyros PETS

    It can't really get more original than RATM.

  36. David Cancino

    Pearl Jam has to remember that RATM was first

    Pena Walker

    Ahh Jeebuzz..really ''o shit the hypepervaly police''!-&"watcha doin'?"Eatin Choclate'!"Weird u get it'? "Dog dropped it''-ah yeh its lionel Richie'-All Night long'?

    Pena Walker

    Buss came..but nded to add ..give the 'Origins of the main lines..in that other comet..win good feelings..braggin rites..a choc fish.🎈♻💥♨➿🔚

  37. Billy Dean

    Lol Well you got some talent on trolling.Anyway man everything is fine,i hope you win the fight against the corruption in you country

  38. Billy Dean

    you listen to ratm and you are a fascist pigs hmm thats intresting .Believe it or not it is the candle of western civilazation you were eating raw meat when they build the parthenon,corruption in politics made it what it is dumbfuck,still your people come to our country for vacation i take your money for nothing you fascist little pig

  39. emichaelmcmahon

    Occupy Down on the Street [email protected]

  40. Billy Dean

    its a cover change description please the original was from iggy pop album:funhouse

  41. yallow rosa

    LESS than the original version ...

  42. lollekism

    0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 0:00 free replay buttons

  43. lollekism


  44. lolipop3231

    yet my question remains, what is good music really about?

  45. ChaosInFlux

    First off, it is genres, not gendres you tool, and no I would not consider this hard rock or even close to being sub genre.And no I just think this is not even being close to as good as the original, the only one I appreciate from RATM is Tom Morello. The people I could care less if I piss off are the ones who actually think this was better than The Stooges version.

  46. lolipop3231

    what is music really about and why are you trying to piss off people who listen to hard rock and all its sub gendres if you listen to it too?

  47. thickfreakness

    even if i heard the iggy pop music first, i will stil prefer the cover from ratm, just like the white stripes - walking with a ghots, an music cover from tegan and sara

  48. slacky

    you've clearly never had sex then.

  49. teby95

    hahaaha lol

  50. Stephane Malhomme

    I really don't understand all the hate levelled at RATM and The Stooges are probably my favorite band of all times. I must have listened to the original of that song hundreds, and hundreds of times. I still think this cover kicks ass. Iggy loves RATM. Why all that criticism? Can YOU do better if it's so "pathetic"? Has anyone here actually even tried to play / sing that song? If you want a truly embarrassing Stooges cover youtube "rem wanna be your dog stooges cover".

  51. slacky

    jesus that solo is pathetic.

  52. sumsar01

    this is a cover of "the stooges" so i would quite call it original...

  53. ChaosInFlux

    The only saving grace that came out of RATM that is still around and kicking all kinds of ass is Tom Morello.

  54. squinkque

    I like RATM but this cover just shows how ineffably brilliant the original was by the Stooges was. Too bad, RATM were a great, loud and raucous band for their time but do not compare to the original great, loud and raucous band for ALLTIME.

  55. Omar F


  56. jasonmasonradiostati

    This cd is the reason I gave up on RATM ,this and that magazine cover where they wore designer underwear. Processed revolution

  57. TheClassicrocker67

    tom morello is no ron asheton. lame attempt, espically since the stooges could still belt this one out better than ratm when they did this cover.

  58. ChaosInFlux

    RATM make me laugh since they tried to cover this, they can never come close to the original that The Stooges did they should have just burned all of their gear after they tried covering this song because they were done. Anyone who thinks that this even comes close to being as good as the original, "or even good for that matter" should bury their audio systems, IPods, what have you now because they are done even trying to know what good music really is about.

  59. passiveMenis

    Uncoverable song

    I admire the attempt

  60. blacknganga

    RATM bring little/nothing to the original here...

  61. MisterMKdick

    @timbo17 I agree with you.this is the radio friendly version of the stooges.

  62. BIG YOGI

    Ain't my thing. The Stooges didn't need to be covered.

  63. cogwheel756

    @arouska Good to be reluctant, because you would be wrong

  64. arouska

    Good, but De La Rocha is no Iggy Pop.

    (I'm kind of reluctant to say Ron Asheton is a better guitar player than Tom Morello)

  65. Eline Mols


  66. Chuckie Grandioso

    @chailizard Chill bro. I have no intentions of bashing a country for a little revolution o.o

  67. Chuck Norris

    @goober1537 that's the third comment I've read about Rage and those riots, this music has nothing to do with stealing fifty grand from small businesses and burning down random people's houses so I'd invite you to shut the fuck up.

  68. Clovis Rouland

    très bon!!!

  69. foolycoolytheband

    @whisperer46 my friend this is what us in music call a cover song, as in was cover a song as a tribute of our respect for the original creator. rage are being fan boys of iggy and the stoogies with this cover, think if they reallly wanted to steal it why would they give it the same name. the original is much beter though i have to say

  70. Chuckie Grandioso

    I played this song during the London riots.

  71. Will Bowen

    Tom Morello ya fuckin'' genius.

  72. Sanjeev Rau

    @MrPonko holy shit it's a troll! OMG everybody, a troll! QUICK, STAMP IT OUT AND HARVEST IT'S INNARDS

  73. yack ballsac

    @MrPonko Holy shit i think it is fake to.

  74. MarloesAndFriends

    I love it

  75. fortheloveoftunes

    I like "RATM" but the original is way better! .-)

  76. kk1323kk

    cover is flattering!! the Stooges guitarist is a god

  77. Richard Cam

    Cover The Stooges Lp Fun House

  78. Luke Miller

    @bucketheadandtoolftw no he just jelly like his mum on my kitchen table.

  79. Stephane Malhomme


  80. TheMErdShowVlogs

    And a very good one.

  81. TheMErdShowVlogs

    The Spice Girls didn't steal this from RATM Plus This isn't even there song It's a cover from Iggy Pop & The Stoges.

  82. Elmbank

    Seriously, don't feed the trolls. Just listen to the amazing music.

  83. Krakle

    @MrPonko ..are you retarded?

  84. b0ss

    @MrPonko Jesus! Take some Ritalin! Oh, and how could Rage 'steal' this from The Spice Girls? They performed this song long after Rage recorded it. And yes, i am aware that it is a cover, before anybody says.

  85. MrPonko



  86. sam turner

    @MrPonko RATM are completly original. as if the spice girls wrote any of there own music. YOUR A BRAINWASHED MAINSTREAM ASS. now go get a life and some taste

  87. MrPonko

    @samturner31 HE DIDN'T WRITE THIS BLOODY SONG HE STOLE IT FROM SOMEONE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  88. zoya k

    there is only one word to describe this song. and that word is...sexy. im serious. zacks screams and that guitar riff are highly arousing

  89. MrPonko

    @Koolkitties It's because he CAN'T BLOODY SING!!!!


  90. Matt Koester

    Pretty cool cover, but why doesnt zack ever sing ever?

  91. Yo Goku

    Really to the one that he does not like, it is for that he is a lover of justin bieber and is a complete ignoramus

  92. SuperLAFWorld

    @siemenspill This comment!! Yes!!

  93. pinkdog199

    @MrPonko you're just siiiiilly, silly!!!

  94. Bloody Honey Bunny


    .... wow. =\ dude... gtfo

  95. Mehmet Alper

    most honourful group of usa

  96. the insane(s)

    @MrPonko do heared the vocals?! its Zack de la rocha of Ratm!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. blake rosenberg

    @MrPonko i lold

  98. Fxxdy Redstar & 90's

    very nice cover