Rage Against The Machine - Beautiful World Lyrics

It's a beautiful world we live in
A sweet romantic place
Beautiful people everywhere
The way they show they care makes me want to say
It's a beautiful world
Oh what a beautiful world
For you

It's a wonderful time to be here
It's nice to be alive
Wonderful people everywhere
The way they comb their hair makes me want to say
It's a wonderful place
Oh what a wonderful place
For you, for you, for you, for you, for you, for you, not me

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Rage Against The Machine Beautiful World Comments
  1. Christopher Bingham

    I love Rage Against the Machine, but this one of the worst covers of any song I have ever heard in my life. Sorry but singing isn't Zack's strength, and trying to sing softly and sweetly is definitely not his strength. He should stick with what he's good at.

  2. Trumpgotta GO ITMFA

    The original is awesome. As powerful as the original Rage was THIS version is UNDERwhelming. Zach shouldnta dun this.

  3. MadMan731

    I forgot they covered Devo. Rad!

  4. Music4U

    Just stumbled upon the original and kept saying"I know this from somewhere".... The mark of a good cover

  5. Fernando Iglesias


    Everyday Deckienson


  6. Ned D.

    They really should have done more songs like this.

  7. Raffael Wolanski

    Love this Song💚

  8. Jerich Morey

    love this version.. both versions are good i find the OG version has like a hollywood undead-bullets thing going on but i dunno

  9. JoRdOguitarman1

    All these comments comparing versions are 100% pointless. People cover songs to show respect to the original artist, not to outdo them.

  10. Jesuchrist Von Piro

    awful cover

  11. Meruem

    Zack actually has a nice singing voice

  12. Joey Roller

    As much as I fucking hate RATM due to their leftist political beliefs At least that this is a lot better than Limp Bizkit’s horrible cover of The Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes”

  13. Matthew Warren

    Absolutely brilliant cover. Both this and the original are extremely ironic and harsh songs, Devo's comes across as a joke, whereas this one is a powerful statement about racism. It's from the perspective of a person of a color telling white people that it's a beautiful world... if you happen to be white.

  14. Spyros PETS

    I never expected to see such a calm song of Rage, or at least a cover. This world is very very far from being called beautiful, that's for sure.

  15. Speedruns for charity USA

    sounds like gorillaz

  16. drahcir renreb

    its almost time for me to go.

  17. Mei Ling Overwatch y Más

    Im crying :'v.

  18. ChumleyChumchizer

    Please stop what you're doing and create something.

  19. CAPSY

    I fucking love this song, it's like he's in awe in how wonderful the world is and how fucking pissed at the state it is in. Somehow even in an emotional song and sung song like this you can still feel his rage (against the machine, lol).

  20. Alan Lloyd

    Awful cover

    Nicholas Yeo

    Give Zack a break, he can't sing very good... he's good at rap but not singing

  21. Eddie Navejas

    This goes out to all you fake makeup wearing kiniving beautiful people....

  22. Scott Robbins


  23. DrunkenCyclop

    As much as I love DEVO and RATM ... this version really sucks.

    Brush Yo TEEF!!!

    DrunkenCyclop ikr, I would have rather have them do a heavy version. It would have came out better

  24. Karl Marx

    we are devo

  25. amjan

    WOW, they turned a shitty joke of a song into something deep and beautiful.
    You have to be high or 10 years old to prefer the silly original.


    amjan Jesus Christ man. They didn't make the song any deeper, they made it slower and easier to understand. The whole point of devo's song was to show things look nice and fun but if you look closer it's just a lie. But it never says you cant enjoy that fun and rebel at the same time. And that's what devo are rebellious fun. But I still like ratm.

    Zachary Morin

    amjan You have to be 10 years old to not understand the original

    Brush Yo TEEF!!!

    amjan Devo as a joke? I don't think so! They predicted de-evolution. Spuds unite!

  26. Ganondorf

    Not Me!!!

  27. Yesuhey

    STOP! staaahp! Stop comparing the two, none is better or worse, they're just different and it's up to you to enjoy which

  28. Matt


  29. john martinez

    If there's one thing the whole world wants to say to trump , it would be this .

  30. 渡邉晃平

    冬 冬 冬 冬 冬 冬 波

    Nicholas Yeo

    mikenekonyanta04 それは...? わからない... I'm not Japanese...


    Nicholas Yeo タモリ倶楽部という日本の番組の…

    Nicholas Yeo

    I know what you mean, but I never heard of that... thanks for telling me



    Nicholas Yeo

    OK, わかぁた... その教えてにありがとう!

  31. X YZ

    sounds like Cure....

  32. Brother Bungle

    Grr ruined the album

  33. Chrìstoρhεr

    ~ Pretentious Bullshit!

  34. MorganFreedude

    "The way they comb their hair" --> Donald Trump?

  35. Tao Ky

    something about the bass feedback... just adds so much ambiance

  36. Paladin

    this goes oddly well with my line of work.

  37. Mr. Unknown

    This is too beautiful for this world! I wanna die! 😭😭😭

  38. Jee Es

    Incredible! So sad and beautiful...

  39. youareme888

    I can't stop feeling like this song.... ugh life

  40. HDM Reviews

    RATM covered DEVO? That's awesome!


    I prefer the DEVO version. Faster paced, more double-edged with its pop irony.

    Christopher Bingham

    I'd day that's awful, not awesome. As a fan of both bands, I'd say the Devo version rules. Possibly my favorite song of theirs. This version, on the other hand, is one of the worst cover songs anyone ever made.

  41. Melvortar naxtar

    I was waiting for the screams of zack well its a cool cover anyway

  42. Woodstock Man

    quiet bliss against the machine

  43. The Good Rev. Clemens

    The way he says "for you" gives me chills. You can tell his completely pissed off.

  44. Albert McTorre

    This song got me tearing up mane :,(

  45. Vulpai okay

    This is an incredible interpretation. The pathos and bitter, dejected tone cut deep.

  46. DavidM

    Wow, he can communicate without screaming, that's news for me.


    the scream is just a way to show is anger to the society and the world.

    Spyros PETS

    And what is wrong with "screaming" and shit, may I ask? No one involved in the music industry nowadays give out any energy. My ears are used in being caressed, give me something different.

  47. IlRincreTeam

    This version is wrong

  48. Linda Kloss

    devo does it better.

    Mei Ling Overwatch y Más

    Linda Kloss Not me.

  49. Veronica toothpaste

    this is shit compared to devo

    Jarred Brown

    Devo's version gave me a headache and and made me feel like vomiting.

    Pranksonline www.google.com/efesd.php pranksprankpranks



    +Jarred Brown Subtlety and cleverness is like kryptonite to the average Rage Against the Machine fan. That's why Paul Ryan is such a big fan


    @ johnny - fuck off

    Mei Ling Overwatch y Más

    Not me.

  50. Agustin Iturri de Luca

    Beatiful song, so deep, I never see this side of RATM

    Ilian Petit

    +Little Leigh I think it gives a whole new meaning to it.
    I even see it as a different song.

    Davin Wong

    TMmodify all they did was strip a layer of irony from it. It would be like if someone took "A Modest Proposal" but started every paragraph with, "I bet the English think that this would be a good idea :DDDD"

    Ilian Petit

    @Davin Wong how is this not ironic ? It's not the same kind of irony but it sure is.

    Davin Wong

    Agustin Iturri de Luca it's ironic in the exact same way that my example was ironic. It's ironic in the same way that a teenager saying, "Chyeah right!" Is ironic. It's irony in the laziest and most obvious way possible without a hint of wit.

  51. Peace Love Light and Fruit

    Man so many fuckwits in these comments. I enjoy this song, get over it


    +Peace Love Light and Fruit I swear man

  52. Lvov Leon Koenig

    can you not?

  53. sotiris geo

    H eirwnia poy paizei h diafimish tou NAI se ayto to tragoudi!Respect from greece AGAINST THE MACHINES!

  54. M. ierardi

    This song pops back into my mind every time the news gets me down. This country man...

    Jonny Jonsta

    What country do you live in? I'm from NZ... To me, it feels like this world is coming to an end

  55. Tyler Woolard

    Sounds like the same guitar tune on show me how to live by audioslave

    vysnovsky filip

    @Tyler Woolard Lead singer of RATM left them and joined Audislave. Maybe thats why.


    @vysnovsky filip No the singer left and the rest of band formed a new group with a new singer called Audioslaves #getyourfactsstraightnoob


    @vysnovsky filip Lmao like Zack would leave RATM


    @Romain Coquette they broke up,the rest of the band teamed up with the singer of Soundgarden and formed Audioslave

  56. milan alexich

    should have made a loud angry version that will change the world!


    I listened to the original and I thought that it was kinda gay

    Little Leigh

    +THETOOT Man.. that's the point, it's supposed to be plastic, fake, unnerving.. exactly what the lyrics are trying to tell you!!


    @Little Leigh I just don't like the vibe it's giving me, reminds me of David Bowie


    @***** I guess you're right


    THETOOT lol. Right?

    Zachary Morin

    THETOOT Your dogging yourself into the ground

  58. I Don't Know 0123456789

    Their best song is their softest song, and that's fine by me. Kudos to Zack and Tom!

    Little Leigh

    +I Don't Know 0123456789 It's not their song though, it's a cover

  59. Alberto Astorga Piñones

    Like 1.000

  60. Hells Bells

    They shouldve sang like this too they could have been like rhcp

    Oliver Collins

    Well, one is enough ,besides we wouldn't have ratm if they changed the voice

  61. PeckerwoodTheClown

    Don't know about everyone else, but I commend Rage for doing a cover like this. Zack did a decent job on this. I like it.

  62. Sam Smith

    Ive never heard Zack's voice like this :o

  63. NostroMonstreatum

    It's not worst than the original, i's not better, it's different. Pls just let them make a cover of a song that they like as they want :/

  64. Davin Wong

    Rage Against the Machine isn't a good band to begin with. But Jesus Christ, they really reached deep in order to ruin a great song like this.

    Shame on them.

    Mei Ling Overwatch y Más

    Not me.


    Davin i srsly hope to god that your under 16 bcs if not god have mercy on our world


    haha ok i saw your liked videos and i even feel embarrassed by being triggered by u

    Davin Wong

    GreedyMMO let me guess. Sam Hyde fanboi? For some reason RAtM has a large conservative following. I’m guessing that they allow the right to wallow in the rhetoric of rebellion and fighting the man without actually confronting them with any real leftist politics that might force them to reconsider their own shitty politics.

    Mercutio Escalus

    Davin Wong I hope you realize RATM is heavily influenced by punk rock

  65. Joey Roller

    Hearing ZDLR sing is creepy...

  66. flatshade

    Original is better. :P


    The ironic undertone is gone, but ok.

    Guy Montag

    @PrisonOfMinD85 Devo is actually pretty bad ass.


    @PrisonOfMinD85  Your missing the Irony A huge amount of 80's pop bands where using lots of irony in their songs 

  67. LIGHTSOUT594

    So ironic for these guys to cover this song

    Little Leigh

    +LIGHTSOUT594 Why is that?

    Matthew Warren

    no, I think Devo's original version was extremely ironic, so it was an appropriate choice for a cover. This version is just as ironic, but they have entirely different messages.

  68. Oskar

    For you

    Not me.

  69. Aldruin Souza

    makes me want to sayy.....


    it's a wonderful place....oh wonderful pleace....for you.

    Mei Ling Overwatch y Más

    YT2006 Not me

  70. kev yo

    Original is so much better

    Matt Lee

    @sup3rt0aster devo's whole point was that they were funny
    i'm all for covering songs in different styles but i feel like this just sucks the life out of it


    @Matt Lee see I think the exact opposite. I think Devo's comical approach to the song was an injustice to those beautiful lyrics. RATM was able to bring out the loneliness and sadness in the lyrics and gave them the justice they deserved. As a song Devo's original is good, but the lyrics just don't fit

    Assburger King

    @13dirty666 The Devo version, especially the music video, seems more like its making fun of a closed-up society that cares about superficial things("the way they comb their hair"), while not being aware about the horrible things around them like war, race problems, or famine.
    The RAtM version just seems a bit more whiny "You don't understand ME!" , almost exactly what's being made fun of.

    Ed Irby's Old Channel

    @13dirty666 devo's version is great because you have to actually think about the song to get that all the lyrics are sarcastic. ratm are too obvious with their brooding asses.

    Little Leigh

    +13dirty666 That's the bloody point.

  71. frank cardinale

    Ratm always does the best covers... ALWAYS!!!!!!!!

  72. Pepper Ludemann

    The original was funny and not taken seriously in my opinion, this version is so dark, and makes everything fit, the lyrics fit in both songs but this one just makes alot of sense the way its done, covers usually slaughter songs but this one is practically entirely different

    Sabre Iglesias

    The original presents you with a false sense of happiness and joy. That's why its so great, shows how while all seems fine here, others are suffering thousands of miles away.


    This one is less abstract.


    This one spells it out too much. I like the sound of this song, but devo's version presents the message in a much more interesting way.

    Drew P. Weiner

    @Madmaniac RATM are kind of known for spelling things out as they are, so no surprises here.

    Mark Whippy

    The band made all the covers into totally new songs.

  73. Shin Drad

    Thich Quang Duc brought me here

  74. The Afroman

    I guess that's just your opinion, I personally think Devo are great :)

  75. TonyJasta



  76. Anthony Ruelas

    anyone know the original composer?

  77. Ricardo AM

    i listened to the original and i almost puked


    Then you didn't get it

  78. Blake Peterson

    Wow, goosebumps all over.

  79. Bruna Gonçalves

    music perfect.

  80. stairsuptoanywhere

    For you.

  81. Eric Landrum

    Sometimes people need the illusion of control to live a happy life. It's difficult to tolerate people who piss you off, but it's... it's something, I don't really know where to go with this without telling people how to live their lives, which would invalidate anything I could possibly say. FML, just don't tell anyone what to do; ever. Or do. shit this is confusing.

  82. Dustin Frink

    For the most part, it is

  83. dudeer mananer

    Devo brought me here!

  84. elementx77

    I loooove this song :D

  85. Marco Lisi

    happyness of people is based on illusions and i would become a cancer turning their false happyness into rage against people want to remain animals,people intolerant and mentally closed,people eating like pigs on some other people weakness and ignorance...that is what the song is about fo me dude

  86. Reg Sordenstone

    Could not even finish listening to it... This is a terrible cover of the original DEVO song. But then it is almost a different song, just because of the style in which he sings it.

    So I will leave it to those that like this group.

  87. szoko173

    he can sing! :D

  88. liscense too thill

    you just did the same thing he did. music is subjective

  89. BlueMirrorMusic

    That is what the album does for you
    For you
    For you
    Not me

  90. Bojan Tomić

    Please check out my instrumental cover, it's in the video response! In case you like it, thumbs up, comment and share! Thanks a lot!
    RATM rules!

  91. BrettVsAll

    reminds you it's still a serious matter doesn't it

  92. Nathan Guy MUSIC

    Haha that's so true man XD

  93. Foxhound

    Despite what some people say, II think Rage's version of Beautiful World is more depressing, Devo's is more satirical in tone and social commentary with the message subtly hidden.

    I think Rage's version fits perfectly with the message behind the band, in it you can hear the contempt and social awareness in Zack's voice, but at the same time there is a glimmer of hope in it.

  94. feedmeh1

    lol, well fuck it then

  95. Matt W

    It is a cover of a song by the band Devo.

  96. feedmeh1

    wonder what/who motivated him to do such a soft song like this (:

  97. Proximity

    Well you see, some people care about the content. Others don't give a shit about it. Shuddap and listen to the awesum music PLZ.