Rafferty, Gerry - Over My Head Lyrics

We sat up talking right on through the night
And the day had just begun
Then you said let's take a walk outside
And watch the rising of the sun.

And over my head there was so much to see in the sky
Just that feeling of being alive
Don't let it go, don't let it slip away.

We stood around until the sky was clear
It was time for you to go
I watched your figure slowly disappear
As you walked off down the road.

And over my head there was so much to see in the sky
Just that feeling of being alive
Don't let it go, don't let it slip away.

Don't let it go, don't let it slip away
Don't let it go, don't let it slip away.

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Rafferty, Gerry Over My Head Comments
  1. Fiona Jolly

    Can’t mistake his beautiful voice, talking or singing so special and so sad he is not here with us, so many special songs ..... it’s not over my head xx

  2. 09kittykatz09

    I have to say, loved Elvis and mourn his talent daily! But with Gerry, my grief runs so deep, people considered sending me sympathy cards, when he passed away! A talent gone wayyyyyy too soon!

  3. Jess Spence

    Please review my favourite album of Gerry’s called North & South.
    I have never heard a track of this album at anytime on the radio or anywhere else.
    I cannot for the life of me understand this, as there’s not a bum track on the whole album.

  4. MaryLou Winaught

    Wish I could find this album (cd) somewhere.


    Sweet soul voice. Joy Foley, Sydney, Australia.

  6. MrWalbudri

    روعه يا Gerry والله يرحمك. Iraq

  7. 09kittykatz09

    England's Bob Dylan???? They say Gordon Lightfoot was Canada's Dylan. The Girl's Got No Confidence has some of the cleverest lyrics in music.

    Stevie Callaghan

    Get a grip pal he was Scottish.

    cam gnilpe

    nobody is bob Dylan except bob Dylan. and lightfoot is lightfoot . what in the fuck are you talking about?

  8. Jason Carpp

    Awesome songs.

  9. Adam Zbyszewski

    I still don't know how on earth I missed this album

    cam gnilpe

    quite the mystery!

  10. Billy Rubin

    The only words to describe my feelings Gerry R is no longer with us is; gutted.
    Having had a past life in Scotland, and always had a very strong connection with Scotland, but not known this was so till fairly recent years. Even after being 'magnetised' to go and work there. And go to Edinburgh Castle where I was like an iron filing on rails. I knew EXACTLY where to go -- never having been there before (this time around). I walked straight to a room, opened the door walked straight in; looked around saying to myself; "Doesn't look any different." Different from when or what I had no idea at the time. I went out closed the door and completely 'forgot' about it for 40 years, till a very good clairvoyant in the spiritualist church pointed at me and said: "You went to a place you knew." Instantaneously I was back in the room I had completely 'forgotten.'
    I said: "Yes." To which he replied; "That's because you lived there." It was an emphatic FACT. No guessing or fishing.
    Scottish accents are music to my ears. Not that I am (currently) Scottish at all. When I was five I wanted to learn to play the . . . bagpipes. More recently, another clairvoyant said straight off the cuff: "you were a piper." No 'fishing' that time either. I won't say what else I was told no one would believe it. But suffice to say I KNOW I was at the Battle of Hastings. And NO ONE has ever told me that. And if I go there on the 15th October and stand where the battle was fought, I feel exactly as it felt at the time.
    Just to round things off, I used to play Gerry's music for hours in my car. This was in the days of cassette tapes. It went forwards and backwards time after time till once, when I hit the eject button and out popped the tape, THE MACHINE / RADIO JUST KEPT ON PLAYING THE SAME SONG. It nearly freaked me out. I changed channels and thankfully the programme changed.
    I had ejected the tape microsecond perfect to synchonize with what was playing on the radio.
    As for Gerry and drink /' Scottish Anesthetic,' poor lad had a rotten childhood with a father who had had an even worse one. Who when he got drunk -- which was often it appears, he would take it out on his wife. Gerry lived an itinerant life on the streets of Glasgow in the evenings with his mother wandering around so she / both weren't beaten up.
    It clearly left deep scars on Gerry. As he says time after time after time in his songs e.g. Baker Street , he used drink to 'anesthetise'/ forget 'everything' in himself. On one occasion arriving back at Glasgow in a plane he chartered from America, so paralytic, the police took him to a drying out clinic. Gerry was in what he also says in his songs, namely he drank to blot out and forget what gnawed at his the whole time. Poor lad. He was in a fatal grapple with himself with no winner. He suppressed everything he needed to release and resolve in himself. Even to the extent he suppressed his own speaking voice. He was VERY quietly spoken. And when he sang his face was always expressionless. He had an absolute iron grip on what he was fighting in himself. The only relief being . . . his music. And if anyone started making a noise or being critical he didn't hesitate to floor them if they interfered. As happened once at a session in Taunton one time. The band had to have a police escort to get out of the place. When I die they will find a cassette tape still playing somewhere in me. If you put a stethoscope to anyone of my veins you will hear the red blood cells moving along in clumps which play all his music. Gutted does not adequately describe how I feel at his departure. And for that matter the same is true of John Denver. But on balance for depth and unique originality Gerry has the edge. What a crying shame.

    Alan Rafferty

    Billy Rubin Don't believe everything you read about Gerry. Much of it is nonsense.

  11. James Edens

    Gerry.... you left us way too soon, but thank you for leaving a legacy of incredible music and poetry. I never tire of listening to your songs. You and Dan Fogelberg were my two favorite singer/songwriters of all time, and sadly, you're both gone. :(

  12. Karen Robinson

    Fantastic album

  13. Mark F.

    The Gerry Rafferty, he every time good, alot like the him, Heaven be the place to play, he groovy with it all, mix em right does Gerry, me bop a lot to his jive, never grow weary of the jams, play it like there are no tomorrow, like to get jiggy jiggy with it every time, thank you the Gerry, will never forgotten be my grand man in the sky, to you the tribute of ages mine friend!

    Hammer Head

    Be up good!

    Renate Atig

    Mark F.
    You are totally right.

  14. Achim Zeeck

    One of the most underestimated albums of GR - perfectly produced, excellently recorded, geniously sung and played.

  15. Faraos the first

    La plus belle voix de la musique pop, les plus belles chansons aussi.

  16. teddy mathew

    GERRY..You are especially extraordinary.

  17. T Norfolk

    great stuff

    Dilyan Dimitrov

    He's the best Irish singer ever.Amazing


    Dilyan Dimitrov
    Scotland from Scotland😉

  18. Daniel

    his version of Out the blue is out of this world, just beautiful!

  19. Jennifer Long

    Koch Brothers BS!!! Bounty commercial...Jesus!

    Glade Swope

    Unfortunately, artists aren't credited in a conspicuous manner when they are sampled in TV commercials; However, they do get good money for it.

  20. Vincent Fuhrer

    Gerry Rafferty has not changed too much in the past years. I grew up with his music. He remains one of my favorite!!

  21. streaming1950

    I was born in the Fifties and became a teen in the Sixties. I relish each and every musical memory that came with those two decades ... BUT in my opinion, there has never been a better singer/songwriter than Gerry Rafferty.


    My thoughts exactly.

    Ken Swanston

    Consistently EXCELLENT!

  22. Leland McAllister

    A Genius who will be missed. The music lives on! Oddly, Gerry seemed to understand the human condition & was able to put it down in music we can all rejoice to. He's the most underrated singer that I can think of.

  23. Américo Ramos Samissomar

    Great Stuff...Rock's Finest !...

  24. les collins

    the guy was a genius been playing his music for 40 odd years lets say how great he was foe his music not personal life

  25. fitzpatrickgf

    This is a wonderful discovery! Every song especially with the upbeat great feeling song "Clear Day" gives hope to anyone who may be down. I want to find this on Vinyl, especially because of the crisp sound every song offers. I am a fairly new fan of Gerry Rafferty and I can tell he poured his soul into every song he wrote and recorded on this album and his past discography. I will listen to this over and over again! It' has that awesome 70's Summer sound similar to his City To City Album that included Baker's Street and Right Down The Line. We need artist like him again! His music will last forever!

  26. Ivailo Stankov

    Brilliant Album !!!

  27. Jean Yves Le Goff

    il etait tout simplement génial

    Gunnar Kruse

    Jean Yves Le Goff y öm

  28. d Hoxha

    steve p, i wish you wouldn't worry about what gerry did with his life, but think thats what he was. he was a wonderful  person, or else he could never write the beautiful lyrics, and the depth of his soul expressed. to his daughter maggie. i have three little girls,  and i'm sure he misses his mattie.

    Steve Pauwels

    @d Hoxha Nobody is fated to waste his/her life. Gerry was a tremendous artist - he could have been an ever better one had he made better choices, sooner. This is no slight to the work he did produce. It was peerless -- my heart is broken, however, at what "could have been". Sorry, I hate to see waste -- especially wasted talent.

  29. bernard j

    Un artiste hors norme tous simplement Génial

  30. jeffy Meighan

    Brilliant Album Gerry A Classic, God Bless You. Anthony Meighan Dalry Scotland

  31. Steve Pauwels

    Tough lessons from this man's too early loss: http://clashdaily.com/2015/01/gerry-rafferty-reminds-us-dont-waste-life/

  32. Steve Pauwels

    @rogerhunt100-- Unfortunately, Gerry's life-controlling passion for "the red wine" (or its equivalent), played a significant roll in the destruction of his marriage, his career and ultimately, led to his premature loss of life. Really sad thing is, if you listen closely to some of his work (Baker Street, Night Owl) it seems like he realized he had a problem -- just didn't do enough about conquering it. It finally conquered him. We're all the poorer for it. Great, great talent, largely forgotten about and then lost too soon. 

    Solomon Helmfitte

    +Steve Pauwels True but life ain't one plus one....so you never know Red Wine or not : )

    Claire Wills

    Except that we haven't forgetten him, I for one will always hold him in my heart for the beautiful music he made

    cam gnilpe

    he liked to drink big fucking deal!

  33. Don R. Mueller, Ph.D.

    A New Beginning - great song.

  34. Don R. Mueller, Ph.D.

    Good all-around album.

  35. david fitton

    Do not be down when you listen to Rafferty's life songs, I have been along that road with him.

  36. EnosEverything

    Bought the first few albums by Gerry up to Sleepwalkers and for some reason went away from him to discover other new sounds ( bands like Joy Division/New Order/ The Smiths et al )and now all these years later I've come back to this marvellous man and have discovered his later catalogue of wonderment such as this album and North and South... He deserves to be remembered for a supreme body of work, not just Stuck In The Middle and Baker Street.... It's tragic to hear gems that are rife on these later albums not played on the radio....He like other Scottish talents John Martyn, Jackie Leven and Alex Harvey are sadly missed - all went too soon... I'm not a Scot but by Christ, they put out some astounding music... Over to you Malcolm Middleton.

  37. jacques crochard

    il est magnifique cet album

  38. Jerome Sincire

    Gerry Rafferty avait un sens mélodique fabuleux, ses compositions sont de toute beauté l'album "On A Wing & A Prayer"  est également une perle, un des meilleurs avec ce "Over my head".

  39. Frank-René Braune

    .... einer der gefühlvollsten Komponisten und Sänger der vergangenen Jahrzehnte, von der Musikwelt gnadenlos unterschätzt und unterbewertet. Ich habe seine Balladen immer geliebt ...

  40. rockbug00

    "Don't move, don't move,
    don't mess that groove...."
    The ecstasy in his songs...Thank you Gerry...

  41. Jan Eldor Martinussen

    ...Gerry will always be my number one,..always...!!

  42. the beautiful Gnome

    Please can someone tell me,why this album is available in Germany on you tube and others like Night Owl not?GEMA you are stupid!

  43. Dave Thomson

    Why isn't this album (Over my Head) and North and South on Spotify? All the rest of them are, it's quite annoying.

  44. Bill Err

    Ya man. I pick up on that too.

  45. Miro Beatles

    He was on the right track with this one ,this album has soul, and version of John Lennon's "Out The Blue" is stunning, thanks Gerry R.I.P. !!

  46. Benoit Vanhees

    In Belgum it is the same: Steely Dan is mainly reduced to Rikki don't lose that number, and Donald Fagen to New Frontier... On the other hand; I'll have to admit I only now Chuck E's in love of RLJ... I hereby solemny promise to explore that road here on youtube, and see what the lady with the cigar made for other work. There are quite a lot of top notch 70's fem vox artists which are largely ignored, think Melissa Manchester, Carlene Carter...

  47. Mike Jenkins

    Could'nt agree more...they have been conditioned by Radio 1. The same thing has happened with Rickie Lee Jones & Steely Dan. Only ever play the same songs over and over again. They have albums and albums of brilliant music that nobody has ever heard on the radio.

  48. Benoit Vanhees

    through a perforated brain :))) Well done !

  49. Ponyboy Curtis

    out of the blue reminds me of Sexie Sadie

  50. Ponyboy Curtis


    Karen Robinson

    Fantastic album

  51. R Bowden

    What can one say innit

  52. Teddyb1939

    Gerry Rafferty,later than Baker St. Magic stuff.

  53. Benoit Vanhees

    And the instrumental part of Clear Day immediately made me think of the band The Bible, with their nice songs such as Skywriting, Skeleton Crew...

  54. Benoit Vanhees

    A new beginning too is top notch work, an ideal one to start a "best of" CD of Rafferty's post-Baker Street era...

  55. Benoit Vanhees

    My favorite too is Over my head, and what a sublime song this is !!! How comes this one hasn't 57 492 positive reactions, why so many crappy vids here on youtube have ? Why are so many people happy with just knowing Baker Street, in stead of exploring what the same man who made such a top song has made except for that one... One should invent a new word, to describe 'tunnel vision" via the ears !

  56. goodpull

    Another nice GR album. Like most of his albums, I think the more I listen to it, the more I'll like it until I eventually love it. Had missed out on his last couple of albums so it's nice to be able to hear it in full - until I get around to buying it. Any chance of putting Blood & Glory on here if you have it - I only have it on vinyl. A much missed craftsmen by me is Mr. Rafferty

  57. CroxleyEducator

    Slightly too many remakes here for my liking, but also some cracking new stuff such as the single that never was, 'The Girl's Got No Confidence', 'The Waters of Forgetfulness', 'A New Beginning', 'Clear Day' and a fine take on Lennon's 'Out the Blue'. Certainly not Over My Head.

  58. Labradorite Dorée

    Je ne connaissais pas, j'aime, merci ♥

  59. Philip Croft

    Marvelous album, first time I've heard it. Such a talent, such a needless loss.

  60. cabbey31

    Vn, vn!