Rafferty, Gerry - Moonlight And Gold Lyrics

Moonlight and gold
Midsummer magic when the night turns to day
And songbirds greet the dawn
You lie awake
You watch and wonder while the moon fades away
And one more day is born.

Tides keep on turning, while hearts keep on yearning
To be where they know they belong
All on a new day, you see in a new way
The things you've been leaning upon.

Moonlight and gold
I will awaken to a love that runs deeper
Than the need in me.

While you are sleeping, the new day comes creeping
And life keeps on passing you by
Magic unfolds when the blue meets the gold
And the sun comes to open your eyes.

Moonlight and gold
Midsummer magic when the night turns to day
And songbirds greet the dawn
You lie awake
You watch and wonder while the moon fades away
And one more day is born.

Oh yeah

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Rafferty, Gerry Moonlight And Gold Comments
  1. rubbersole

    Next to John Lennon & David Gilmour, (not above or below) my favorite artist.


    Dieser Song zeigt einmal mehr seine einfühlsame Genialität. Gerry, unvergessen. RIP

  3. Benoit Vanhees

    Gerry Rafferty was no pop or rock star: he was a real arts & crafts man. I've never understood why people who were so enchanted bt solo output turned away to something newer and hipper, and did not got curious about whether he managed to maintain his high standards. Is double sad, because actually, yes, he managed to keep on delivering wonderful songs and lyrics.

  4. Dolf Vrijhoeven


  5. Sean Casey

    Class at its very best the man never failed to deliver shear briliance

  6. Neil Mcfadzean

    Quite simply the best......😪

  7. Paul Cole

    Classy. Love this song.

  8. Martin Eamon Nugent

    Thank god for Gerry Rafferty

  9. George Washington

    Was it so long ago?

    Brilliant album - incredible intros - incredible lyrics.

    Thank you all for loving him so much.

  10. Barbie Dahlquist

    Wee..need ..us......BUGS.
    NEED. us.

  11. Barbie Dahlquist

    Please take care..people..

  12. Barbie Dahlquist

    Look. UP

  13. Barbie Dahlquist


  14. randell gribben

    Sitting alone on a somewhat remote beach at night here in California,alone with this song. Perfect

  15. awfelia

    ☆♥☆ Breathtaking!!

  16. pablo mazzeo

    one of my first time i heard gerry rafferty it was in the soundtrack of knopfler local hero song the way it all starts then i became to know this artists great talent i like his music

  17. Sean Casey

    Class on a different level god rest this man he was a true musical genius

  18. Ralf Weber

    For sure one of the greatest songs of all time...

  19. Second Chance

    Playing this while my neighbour is playing some mindless crap they call music but I haven't a clue what they're saying. Thud thud thud...

  20. Linda Licata

    Love the late Gerry Rafferty. Gone too soon. His lyrics and melodies were awesome. His best work was North and South. RIP Gerry.

  21. J MS


  22. Gert Hess

    Gerry Rafferty- We miss you- R.I.P.

  23. J MS

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1000 x ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Top ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  24. Neil Mcfadzean

    Such an under rated individual, Genius, Gentlemen and legend..... Rip Mr Rafferty......😪

  25. Jason Carpp

    As awesome as his songs were (are), if only Gerry Rafferty took better care of himself. That drinking so much alcohol can do a number on one's body. It's a wonder he lived as long as he did.

  26. MrWalbudri

    Just beautiful from the beautiful gerry

  27. 09kittykatz09

    1. Baker Street, 2. Stuck In The Middle w/You, 3. Moonlight and Gold, 4. Get It Right Next Time, 5. Right Down The Line, 6. Days Gone Down ...My Top Favorites! But I never heard a Gerry Rafferty I didn't love!

  28. Adam Zbyszewski

    I just love Jerry Donahue's guitar here

  29. al bresso

    Makes me yearn for times long gone

  30. George Gunn

    Magic...enough said!

  31. Bill Rayfield

    Always one of my all time favourites

  32. Denise Hedden

    Love his music they make so much sense

  33. pete smyth

    Some commenting here state Mark Knopfler played guitar on this album - wrong,Mark only played on Gerrys final album Another World.

    David Wilson

    Spot on.

  34. James Mccabe

    gerry was second to none

  35. AnnHattieAnn

    Genius.  Pure Heart. Pure Genius.

  36. Matt Barr

    Can anyone tell me the name of the album this song was released on?


    North and South, one of Gerry´s best solo albums

    Neil Mcfadzean

    Is it not midnight and gold....🤔

    Neil Mcfadzean

    Sorry... It was north and south.....

    Linda Licata

    Matt Barr North and South.

  37. Rick Brooks

    This is the sort of Music that is made, & played in Heaven!! Miss You Gerry.

  38. Andy Gill

    fkin awesome x

  39. les collins

    miss you gerry you had so much more to give rip x

  40. Craig Beale

    Reminds me of being young when my dad would get his gerry rafferty tapes out, and now im old and reminiscing. Just beautiful and music really does take you to a time and place more than anything else can do. Rip gerry your music is the backdrop to my childhood.


    Craig Beale “Now I’m old” - ? If your dad listened to Gerry Rafferty in your childhood, how old can you possibly be?

    Glynis Mcgourlick

    I know what you mean Craig, I can listen to an old song and remember exactly what I was doing lol. How did we get old 😨

  41. ClubViking63

    North and south was a great album. As all Gerry´s albums. I love "Shipyard town"!

    Dave Lennon

    then you got style dude

    Dave Lennon

    +Dave Lennon
    & check my video of shipyard town mate

  42. tricks4tricks




  44. Ivailo Stankov

    GERRY RAFFERTY - № 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. John Conway

    Gerry Rafferty never failed to deliver truly beautiful and meaningful songs - the lyrics, melodies, the vocal harmonies , EVERYTHING was perfect . He was unique and though he is no longer with us, his music will live on and be enjoyed for ever and ever .


    You are so right! I have everything he ever wrote and performed. Even his earlier, obscure pieces. You can just hear him get better and better! No one could do a saxophone riff like Gerry, either, unless it was Raphael Ravenscroft....lol.

    Sweet Melissa

    Well said 😊

  46. Gary Creasey

    I dedicate this song to my gorgeous wife Christine,i was into this song when I first set eyes on her and she was with another man but he was only a bully.!! love gary the Viking.

  47. Cherie Wright

    Lovely voice, great lyrics and guitar! Great song.

    Dave Lennon

    95% of his music is magic
    my advice to anyone is to listen to as .many GR albums as possible

    Donald Green

    Absolutely, my all life favorite sing dude.


    The best for aver....

    David Wilson

    Absolutely brilliant song from a truly great songwriter.

  48. les collins

    what a song from the greatest singer ever x

  49. Sam Wilko

    I've only just realised that that's Mark Knofler on the National guitar. Doh!

    pete smyth

    Really? references please..

  50. Innit

    absolute💎 beauty-FULL🔝🏆🌈

  51. David Currie

    top draw

  52. David Currie

    top draw

  53. Harald Pieper

    Wenn man sich heute einige Grölmusiker anhört, die sich dann auch noch
    Künstler nennen, vermisse ich G.R. immer mehr!!!!!!

  54. Tara Greene

    very pretty song, never heard it before

  55. Daniel Lucena

    Obra Maestra de Gerry Rafferty!!!Que maravilla x Diosssss!!!!!Temazo hiper copado!!

  56. cosmicdrifter287

    do i see a red light?oh,the quality control is still on.

  57. tsisili

    Seine Musik bleibt zeitlos schön...
    Danke Gerry!!!

  58. John Sneddon

    sad loss to music

  59. John Sneddon

    gerry was from paisley near glasgow n he is a god of mine .......all hail gerry lol............. wot an amazining voice 

  60. M Ö N C H

    Awesome, I just love this song.

  61. Christopher Mahoney

    BRILLIANT I do not have another voice that can move me to tears so easily  ,I have been listening since 1968,Gerry is MY best in all departments RIP Gerry you will never be forgotten

    Christopher Mahoney

    I am still trying to find out why there are no more songs Martha was suppose to be working on material he was working on before he died any ideas ,christopher

    brian stewart

    I HAVE listened to jerry for about the same as your self,, great singer and writer of songs thanks jerry .

    Sir John Anthony Miller, EACA

    He’s the best. For me a fan since 1976.

    Tammy Leeder Whitaker

    Born in 1968..Love his music!

  62. its Declan

    Wow! Knofler's incredible guitar playing and Raferty's beautiful soulful voice.

    pete smyth

    Actually Jerry Donahue,but don't let the facts mess with your cool story..

  63. peter darby

    brilliant brilliant rip Gerry we love you

  64. Raymond Cross

    Gerry came from Paisly Scotland that is why us Scots are so proud of him and his music. He is so sadly missed,


    I am English but still feel the hugh loss for a wonderful artist that will produce no more great material.

    Panida Perry

    Beautyful song. ...from. ...Gerry , I am learning more his songs tonight. ...beside my number one song ftom Gerry was. ...RIGHT DOWN THE LINE. ...AND ... LOVE ALL HIS MUSIC

    Sweet Melissa

    He will touch generations to come with his music..awesomeness

  65. Neville Watson

    Brilliant very moving 

  66. sallymaggiespotty

    Our hearts keep on yearning to be where they know they belong.So true Gerry.RIP

  67. sallymaggiespotty

    Such a beautiful melancholy soulful masterpiece.Absolutely beautiful and touching song.Makes me think back to the first time I heard Gerry Rafferty in 1978 and have been a fan ever since.

  68. mickwalsh12

    You left your mark on this world gerry.....well done r i p

  69. Sir John Anthony Miller, EACA

    Yes, I have been a fan since the 70's. A totally unique voice and a real musical genius. He did it his way...I wish he were with us still physically...his music is immortal...John Anthony Miller.

  70. Dean Greener

    He was a tormented genius. I hear something new every time I listen to his music.

    Sean Casey


  71. mark bing

    Nice video ....I like ...thx ..

  72. Susan Keane

    What a very ANGRY person with a big chip on your shoulder. Actually the name RAFFERTY IS IRISH. Gerrys father was Irish his mother IRISH SCOTS. The family always refer to themselves as IRISH and the present day SCOTs originally came over from IRELAND so learn a bit of your OWN HISTORY. Yes be proud of what you are but stop being so NEGATIVE. This music is laid back seventies when we just enjoyed being chilled and Gerry was the same enough of those NEGATIVE VIBES.BABY.

  73. Ben Moses

    So beautiful. I hear this song in my dreams.

  74. MultiMrPhill

    Great Job Mr hodgepig007 !!

  75. Queen Rose


  76. Bill Butler

    Brilliant song, Billiant video. Loved it:-)

  77. Spence Tom

    Gerry is, was, and always will be a legend. Gone but never forgotten. RIP. Gerry dig down baby. . .

  78. Stuart Robertson

    @borisVspider66 - firstly, the person that wrote the original comment has apologised so I am 'over it' and if you think Gerry didn't care about that stuff then you are seriously retarded. Only the english can be so arrogant that they think something like that is not offensive, call americans candadians or aussies kiwis & see how they react. I am not anally retentive & it's nothing to do with persecution through the years - get over yourself mate, you are the 1 making a mountain out of a molehill

    Boris V Spider

    Stuart Robertson that's why I was on the official Right down the line documentary & you wasn't you blob of turbulotic sputum. (just running through comments & rediscovered you Mr pilchard)

    Boris V Spider

    Stuart Robertson psych

  79. Forque YU Gugle

    Yikes.. looks like I set off a shit-storm..sooo
    sorry, there,Stuzroz... I stand corrected. No offense intended.
    I Do, in fact, know the diff..
    Visited Scotland back in the early 90's.. lovely country.. Edinburgh
    is one of the GREATest cities I have ever seen.Have also been
    to Ireland & spent some time in rural England & London waay back
    when. Enjoyed that as well.

  80. Boris V Spider

    @StuzRoz yes mate ., important to YOU apparently cos I don't see anyone else berating a bloke for a mistake that no one else (including Gerry) gives a toss about! if the guy likes Gerry & his music then that's good enough - but there is always some anally retentive turd who wants to pick a feckin argument, OK the English persecuted Scots for century's, unfortunately I can't fix that... so get over it

  81. Boris V Spider

    @StuzRoz Kiss my arse.. Gerry wouldn't give a shit and u are correcting a triviality u dumb SNP dork.. you sir are a feckin Rab C Nesbit. Gerry was a true Scot & if u have nothing better to do than berate a Rafferty fan for a minor mistake over an irrelevance then I suggest u sod off, because this channel is about Gerry's music and not his feckin heritage you idiot!

  82. Stuart Robertson

    borisVspider66 - kiss my ass, Gerry was SCOTTISH which is a big difference from English so I was just correcting someone on something quite important.

  83. Boris V Spider

    @StuzRoz (cont) having a go at the dick pretending to be GRs son in these comments! Gerry was a true scot & a true brit.

  84. Stuart Robertson

    I am sure you didn't know any better but you just insulted Gerry and a lot of his fans by saying one of the best singers to ever come out of England. He (and myself and a HUGE amount of his fans) is from SCOTLAND, please know the difference. A lot of his songs are about living in England but being from Scotland (Garden of England & City to City for example) England is NOT Britain and CERTAINLY not Scotland. Great to see people appreciate the genius that was GR though :)

  85. Forque YU Gugle

    You must be so proud! ! Gerry was one of the best
    singers to ever come out of England, or anywhere, for that
    matter.So much deep feeling in that wonderful,unique voice-
    in a way, he lives on through his music.

  86. Stan yo bro

    Gone but not forgotten. Gerry's music will live on forever.

  87. Karel Spanjer

    Ohhh.....wat ..mooi...geweldig...super..dank je wel Gerry....thanks..!!!

  88. Clarityandharmony

    I have faith that he has ...

    "(awoken) to a love that runs deeper than the need in (him)".

    And i am grateul to him.
    Thank you for the lovely music, and the wonderful Spiritual lyrics, Mister Rafferty!

  89. Heikki Jokela

    -en tiennyt,ei kai ..

  90. Heikki Jokela

    -luulin ,että ei tulisi mitään,nyt ...
    kaunista miten, mies on pitänyt ääntä kiitos. hj

  91. 22smilodon

    My absolute favorite album from Gerry Rafferty!
    Bought it in 1988 and heard only this music for month's in my walkman ;-)
    Great to hear it again !

  92. Wagon Engineners

    hey guys its gerrys son i miss him just as much as you all (

  93. CJ2020888

    2 years ago I fell in love with an Irish lass. Fell hard, completely. This song is one that I listened to with her, thought of her as it played. It still brings back the depth of that love and how wonderful she is. An amazing lass, heartbreaking beauty, and charms that would bring the dead alive. Ahhhh. Summer loving. :D
    And no, we are not together. I'm not a good enough man to be with her; I realize that and have kept myself out of her life so as to not sadden her. Life est merde at times.

  94. Cherilyn Harris

    It is so sad only his passing seems to have made available a few of his most magical pieces - but I am headed out to get them to compliment the old cassette tapes I started with.

  95. peopleofthecircle

    I did not know the range of his musical talents

  96. Di Abbott

    a true star a lot more than just baker street

  97. Andy McGuinness

    @JustErTyJax ...and we must show sympathy to the deaf.