Rafferty, Gerry - Don't Give Up On Me Lyrics

Ev'ry night's a lonely night since you went away
But you come back to haunt my memory
I lie awake and think of you and how it used to be
Oh my love don't give up on me.

The symbol of the moon above and living without you
I can't stand this cold reality
You alone can make me whole, our love was meant to be
Oh my love don't give up on me.

In the dying embers of the midnight hour
All these things brought me misery
In the dying embers of the midnight hour
Oh my love don't give up on me.

When you left I know I lost the better part of me
But I can't blame my troubled history
You and I were innocent, our love was meant to be
Oh my love don't give up on me.

In the dying embers of the midnight hour
All these things brought me misery
In the dying embers of the midnight hour
Oh my love don't give up on me.

Jesus came into this world so all men may be found
In the soul of all humanity
Ev'ry time I stumble on the road to Calvary
Oh my love don't give up on me.

In the dying embers of the midnight hour
All these things brought me misery
In the dying embers of the midnight hour
Oh my love don't give up on me
Oh my love don't give up on me
My sweet Lord don't give up on me.

Oh my love don't give up on me

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Rafferty, Gerry Don't Give Up On Me Comments
  1. Jim Fraser

    A perfect diamond. A musical genius in our time. So obscure and unknown. A lost treasure for eternity. I love you Gerry.

  2. John White

    What if?

  3. m vl

    Sync music, lip syncing. No wonder he hated “performing”

  4. Dolf Vrijhoeven

    een van de beste hij word nooit vergeten.

  5. R. Charles Allsopp

    Put simply, everyone loves Gerry Rafferty. True or not?

  6. Sharree Taylor

    Obviously lip syncing.

  7. Matchless48

    Who has the video/dvd? I would die for making a copy!

  8. 09kittykatz09

    Gerry, Elvis and Roy O.....the absolute best of the last century!

  9. Patrick Verelst

    My number one from Gerry rafferty

  10. michael hampton

    Gerry was and is greatness personified. R.I.P.GERRY.We miss you

  11. D RolyPolyMan

    What a Voice! Amazing talent! His voice is like a soothing calming balm for the Soul! Thanks for the Music!
    RIP Gerry Rafferty

  12. R. Charles Allsopp

    To get a great smile out of this legend. What a beautiful piece of "folksong" as an antidote to the also truly magnificent "Baker Street". Cheers Gerry.

  13. John Penny

    That voice!!! Sublime!!

  14. John Penny

    'The important thing for any young singer or musician is to keep focused on becoming a better musician as opposed to becoming a bigger celebrity' - Gerry Rafferty

    Brilliant quote by a genius musician.

  15. Mel B

    That's not Gerry it's Roy Orbison 😁

  16. Marlies en Hans Van Loon

    Great singer/songwriter
    Great voice 👍👍

  17. Sandra Rios

    Yes, genius! Love this, he is one of the all time greats.

  18. Salvatore Pistone

    La sua musica, colonna sonora della mia vita.

  19. Alan Jackson

    Thank you, Alan

  20. Rhena Vollnhofer

    Such great words such a great song....takes you away

  21. Patrick Verelst

    Wonderful SONG 😀👍❤

  22. Pkia 1050

    Gerry's music will last forever!
    God bless! R.I.P.

  23. Sweet Melissa

    Gerry Rafferty is a true artist...absolutly love his music! Forever will be missed 😚

  24. Salvatore Pistone

    La sua voce, il suo stile, la sua musica, per sempre nella mia vita.

  25. Bobby Burns

    You were the Man Gerry.


    Fantastic tune, the mandolin fits so well, all round it is first class. I love this tune.

  27. John White

    What if?

  28. Hans Koster

    One of the greatest! R.I.P

  29. Ron Wylie

    Wow this is really rare

  30. Jos Vermoesen

    Never give up on love :)

  31. Lance Hurley

    I actually saw a smile...epic!

  32. guitarrowhead mv

    This is insanely played to perfection- amazing vocals and top notch band!

  33. jeffy Meighan

    Brilliant song, thanks for all the great memories Gerry.

  34. Michele Beers

    hi mike I'll be outside under our tree bench sit with mimi ok at elevan thirty tonight kisses you meet mimi outside under our tree eat supper anytime to night four o clock this tonight kisses defiantly we go kisses hugs too tootsie roll pops mimimike

  35. Julie Dove

    Such a unique sound. Gerry is one of a kind. brilliant.

  36. Donna Waldron

    Sweet smile.

  37. paul herrlich

    Für mich der beste Song von ihm!Toll,man kann endlich 'mal abschalten,denn diese Welt hat nichts schönes mehr!!Danke.

  38. Benoit Vanhees

    Wow, I always thought Rafferty more or less gave up performing in public in the 1970's, a bit like Kate Bush. This is really excellent, and the stern or shy Rafferty even smiling now and then to the public or fellow musicians, this is really unique stuff. (Elsewhere on Youtube he's even showing his home and Mercedes coupe as promo for this single) Maybe he felt this record could make it to the charts, as did Bakerstreet, but the record buying public's indifference after that early success was as big as that of Asia after The heat of the moment or Al Stewart's Year of the cat and On the border. You'd think people would remember quality after one hit song, but the general public's memory is as short as that of my dwarf hamsters.....

  39. NothingMaster

    A legendary, brilliant musician with an exceptional voice; sadly he didn’t make it easy for people not to give up on him. RIP

  40. 1114kristin

    Thank you for sharing this video. I have loved Gerry since 1978 and I first heard "Right Down the Line". I was 13. He was amazing. Wish I could have known him.

  41. Luis Massironi

    Cuanto talento !! Por favor !!
    desde Argentina!

  42. 09kittykatz09

    Gerry could have made a dent in any music genre! He was pure genius

  43. lorna martin

    Omg Scotland lost a bloody great man and writer/singer such a sad loss Gerry Rafferty singing Baker Street brings back so many memories of my first engagement 😥😥

  44. bo bo

    Albano country

  45. Jean Goor

    Great Gerry.

  46. Edward Teach

    If one day you're be asking to describe a Genius you will know easely the answer.

  47. Tarn Sand

    wow...does his only daughter Martha ever look like him now in this video from 1992.

  48. Kevin Cook


    Great songs, great voice

    Lost to us too early

    Saw him perform at what was then the Hammersmith Odeon I think

    Gerry's loved in our household, including by our 6 year old daughter

  49. Titan52berg

    Gerry lip-synchs to his own edited recording here.... where's the back-up chorus?

  50. Sally Webb

    Thanks so much for posting, wonderful to have these great memories.

  51. Brett Koeshall

    R.I.P. Gerry Rafferty for being such a great man.

  52. john gordon

    Just shows how the british media were not going to show such a brilliant musician was gerry

  53. stahlplast

    Such capable and talenteted musicians,they made it sound so easy......Gerry Rafferty and his mates....Magic!!!

  54. uncle0eric

    I love Gerry. and I love this song, but unfortunately this is not really a live performance. It was lip-synced.

    Alan Rafferty

    uncle0eric never said it was a live performance, but I can assure you that it is Gerry on the stage.


    The "unfortunately" in my comment is really directed at the music industry of the 90's which often pushed artists to lip-sync performances. I know a lot of artists really hated it, but were tied by contracts. I don't know whether this was the case with Gerry, but I would bet a few beers he would rather have played live.

  55. Brendus29

    I still remember exactly what I was doing the first time I heard Baker St. Driving my old ford escort through Dublin with blaupunkt radio and turning it up to get all the sounds. Man those were the days! When you listen to the dumbed down x-factor brigade now, you don't wonder that the world is gone completely mad!


    29brendus my first memory of being alive was Baker Street coming on the radio at 4

    Paul Jennings

    @Zed I think I first heard it on Capital radio driving a Commer van with an elephantine Luton body which caught the cross winds like a sail. From introduction to the end I was transfixed. "What have I just heard?" I gasped...

  56. butterflygal D

    I love so many songs of his . and love his voice .

  57. Marcel Versteeg

    look @ the Gibson Everly

  58. Kristin Bianchino

    great artist but he had his demons  he is only 45!!! in this video he looks like in late 50s  that's what alcohol does. that being said he should be in hall of fame

    Alan Rafferty

    kristin bianchio Lol! That's a bit harsh. He's 46 there. I'm 46 now, and he doesn't look any worse than I do. And I don't have the fondness for alcohol that Gerry had.

    Maybe just the Rafferty genes, or we both had tough paper rounds as young teenagers.

    Paisley was a rough town!

  59. Simple Living

    Nice easy music, sound more country to me.

  60. brummi818

    Im Radio läuft - leider nur immer sein "Baker Street"

  61. JF S

    I wonder why RTL4 asked for this song. They are more a broadcaster of sensation not subtlety.

  62. PJ Hyland

    Still sadly missed

  63. Green Time

    such a big sound! Very cool.

  64. john gordon

    tell me, who can sing like this now adays.......... I can not think of anyone

  65. les collins

    margaret keep playing his music you wont get any better trust me

  66. Margaret Thompson

    Lovely song. I loved all his songs.

  67. Pycargue

    What's a Voice ! What's a Great Singer ! RIP Gerry

  68. Aled

    A class act. I don't think I ever heard him make a bad recording.

  69. john gordon

    infomanic you are so true Gerry never cared, to him it was all the music he created , that mattered to him , if he brought pleasure to other people then that was a huge bonus

  70. Bob Frakes

    With brother Jim and Hugh there for support Gerry looks relaxed.

    Alan Rafferty

    Jim isn't there......

    thomas grimes

    I remember my uncle Jimmy Grimes ..who was with the original Sensational Alex Harvey band booked Gerry(or talked him into it) to play at the HLI club in Glasgow (an army club .. Highland Light Infantry).. my uncle started a folk club there on thursdays and saturdays.. anyway .. gerry had just formed the super group stealers wheel and they played at the HLI .. the sound system was archaic and broke down . so the band just played accoustic .. some of their own songs and some Everly brothers .. i wont forget that night in a hurry .. beautiful

  71. john gordon

    gerry still lives prove me wrong

  72. les collins

    chissy he haas been hero for so many years i have been playing his music a long long time i am 67 years young tou will never hear a better singer songwriter rip gerry x

    michael hampton

    Quite right Les. Gerry of the velvet voice and great song writing skill.Could not be bettered

  73. Christy Gimble

    This man is my idol!!  Love Gerry Rafferty like no other and he makes the most beautiful music ever!!  He is so special to me and so gorgeous too

  74. andy scott

    he looks like Joe egan

    Dick Vermaas

    +andy scott that's why the sang in great harmony!

  75. PaullyBB

    Great vocals here & the harmonizing is the best!

  76. Markthashark

    Don't everrr, give up! Thx for sharing mate!!!

  77. Trevor Mylan

    if only id  sneaked my  video recorder in to frankfurt that  night , mmmm i could be a rich man  lol

    Trevor Mylan

    @Trevor Mylan camera i meant

  78. baliscotsurf

    I just realized how Roy Orbison he is.


    Omigosh....thank you for pointing that out. I wonder how many people have identified that??? I wonder if Roy was really an influence? That would be amazing since Gerry, Roy and Elvis are my all-time, top three favorite talents.

    Donna Waldron

    OMG I can see that.

    guitarrowhead mv

    baliscotsurf And maybe a scoop of James Spader here. Guy can’t write a bad song. I wish I got to see him live. There is barely ANY live video of him here on YT

  79. Wulfgar

    Gerry Rafferty never cared about fame or the celebrity life style, all he ever wanted was respect for his talent and songs. He also never trusted the music industry and look what they're doing now. Most of the artists today are completely manufactured, they might as well just stepped off a fucking conveyor belt. In 40 years time people won't even remember Justin Bieber, One Direction or Miley Cyrus, their music is bland and forgettable. All the proper bands played in bars and clubs for years trying to clinch a record deal, they don't go on some crappy talent show get it handed to them on a silver platter! 

    thomas grimes

    He wrote a song for a guy called Iann Campbell who was briefly with the band .. it was about the fickle music industry called Sign on the dotted line..

    JF S

    Isn't Sign On The Dotted Line on one of his early albums?

    michael hampton

    Couldn't agree more .They will be talking about Gerry and his music for years to come. The other idiots you mentioned don't even come a close 10 th when compared to the greatly talented and much missed Gerry.

  80. Miguela Sabanal

    Ilike this song i always listen this music Gerry Rafferty

  81. Erv Dahl

    Gerry is one of the all time Greats!!

    paul chambers

    Unique,love the guy along with John Martin ,underrated by a long way !

  82. Robert Blanchard

    With as many problems as Gerry suffered through, You, Allan, are just WRONG to criticize Rafferty for any good that he tried to bring to this world. He was a gifted, compassionate man, who was a blessing with his honesty, clarity and his music. Shame on you Allan...

  83. Pavel Kasor

    Yes it s the great Bryn Haworth on the mandolin with Gerry s producer late Hugh Murphy on bass Pavel Rosak on keyboards and the last minute "replacement" dutch drummer who stepped in for Arran Ahmun who had missed the flight to Amsterdam Enjoy!


    Pavel Kasor is this you playing with Gerry as well? this is why i love YouTube, vid documentary of performances lost in the archives stay in the collective conscious.

  84. MaRy BaZz

    Playback  .. !!! Lovely song / singing -

  85. Larry Perkins

    I can't begin to describe how much my Soul has been Blessed and enriched by Gerry Rafferty or how much I Love and enjoy his music - he's a real giant in my eyes..Thanks SO MUCH for sharing this video!! Of course he and the band are 'lip synching' to the track from the album, but it's SO GOOD to see him looking so well and having a good time - great video

    Lou S.

    No they AREN'T lip synching. You can see his vocal chords moving.

  86. wacka dack

    Looks rather like Bryn Haworth also performing on the album

  87. MaRy BaZz

    Alan are you a brother or a son ? :0)

  88. MaRy BaZz

    He looks SO good here!!!

  89. Alan Whylde

    I don't think that artists of Raffertys calibre need to lip sync

    Tarn Sand

    Audience would be disappointed if live performance didn't live up to recorded version. It usually sounds hollow with band either too loud or not loud enough. Several sound checks required beforehand. Which is why 99% of performances are lip sync on tv. Even concert performances have recorded music backup where multiple instruments were used in studio. After all you want to please your audience buy your music.

  90. davcnslt

    Just another point of view mate, and that is that Gerry's discomfort with touring performance and the whole panoply of what must have felt like incessant demand on him, was a reflection of his own personal demons, as it has been for many artists of his calibre. Some are well suited to those demands, understand the trade-offs, and my even have a special knack for that part of the life. I suspect that Gerry found his muse deep inside himself and distraction everywhere else.

  91. Alan Rafferty

    Gerry and the band are miming to the track.

  92. joevs21001

    One of the last "live" performances on T.V. by the late great Gerry Rafferty. Thanks for posting this rare view of one of the greatest voices, musical composers, and arrangers of the modern age. There were very few musicians that had the complex talent and ability of Gerry Rafferty. A shy man by nature that never enjoyed the "lime light" so to speak. He just liked music, period and we were all blessed to have been a part of Gerry's music and life. His music will live on for eternity.

  93. tove jeansen

    nice video <3 ,thanks for posting,Al:))

  94. william mcnay

    Brilliant !!! Many Many Thanks for posting, this Great Brilliant songwriter should be listened to much more,a truly great Scot we are so very proud of and so sadly missed.


  95. Billybopper1

    Never seen this. Thanks for posting! :)

  96. onemexican1

    many thanks for this, the world is a sadder place with his passing....

  97. Al B

    Great. I just wish some of the younger generation would spend a little time listening to this great man! Just great.
    Thanks for a wonderful upload.


  98. Clive Pritchard

    Thank you alan for posting its great such a talent rip gerry