Rafael, AJ - Tagpuan Lyrics

Di, di ko inakalang
Darating din sa akin
Nung ako'y nanalangin kay bathala
Naubusan ng bakit

Bakit umalis ng walang sabi?
Bakit 'di siya lumaban kahit konti?
Bakit 'di maitama ang tadhana?

At nakita kita sa tagpuan ni Bathala
May kinang sa mata na di maintindihan
Tumingin kung saan sinubukan kong lumisan
At tumigil ang mundo
Nung ako'y ituro mo
Siya ang panalangin ko

At hindi di mapaliwanag
Ang nangyari sa akin
Saksi ang lahat ng tala
Sa iyong panalangin

Pano nasagot lahat ng bakit?
Di makapaniwala sa nangyari
Pano mo naitama ang tadhana?

Nung nakita kita sa tagpuan ni Bathala
May kinang sa mata na di maintindihan
Tumingin kung saan sinubukan kong lumisan
At tumigil ang mundo
Nung ako'y ituro mo
At hindi ka lumayo
Nung ako yung sumusuko
At nagbago ang mundo
Nung ako'y pinaglaban mo

At tumigil ang mundo
Nung ako'y pinili mo
Siya ang panalangin ko

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Rafael, AJ Tagpuan Comments
  1. Lee E.

    Best cover that I heard so far. Well done!

  2. Loren Abegayle Guerta


  3. Noreem TV

    You guys are my favorite...ever since... I hope both of you make more videos.... like the old times. :')

  4. Marianne Caranto

    Galing naman ni cathy magtagalog!

  5. Eric Marc Martin

    I'm confused. Cathy can sing fluent tagalog before or his husband thought her?

  6. Hector Jay Lopez

    Need to practice those aaaaa eeeee iiiii ooooo uuuuu

  7. joan's doodles

    This left me with tears in my eyes... ❤

  8. Coleen Jay Micosa

    I love your cover of this song💓, I also do covers and i did one of your songs Aj☺ she was mine but in female version

  9. Ana Liza Vasquez

    You guys sounds great i cant believe that youre speaking tagalog

  10. Blue Fox

    I hope everyone who makes all the ads needs to die

  11. Mc Vlogs

    dude ur so good.. subscribed.

  12. Crisla Bautista

    im born and raised in the philippines but Cathy sounds more Filiipino than i do lmao

  13. Kenzo Toledo

    Wow it’s been decade since I saw Cathy and she got married

  14. Franc Marmolejo

    I am really a fan of them since college.

  15. Dayne Cesario

    Idol :) I've always been a big fan of you AJ Raphael and Cathu Nguyen! Hopefully you'll do a show in Hong Kong.

  16. galaxy Power

    Wow cathy your tagalog is so good😍

  17. paupauu

    Wow. Cathy's Tagalog is so on point! What a champ ❤❤❤ More cover from you both plzzzz

  18. Living in the Moment

    Impressive, indeed! Galing!

  19. Renzo C

    To sing like them, pronounce t as ts

  20. saturn D'great

    Hi! First time in this channel. Amazing cover and beautiful voice. If I haven’t read the comment section I would have thought that girl is a filipina or that she could actually speak tagalog.. just WOW! cheers!

  21. Angelika M

    This is so good!!!! Cathy was amazing 💛

  22. bea ;

    Isn’t Cathy married to a Filipino?

  23. Anton Guessy

    nakoooo ingat kayo baka kasuhan kyo ng December Venue like ng Agsunta.😂

  24. Bernny Lagunzad

    Wtf! D ba xa pinay? Bat ang galing nya mag pronounce ng tagalog? Dapat d nalang ako nagbasa ng comments, na confused tuloy ako

  25. Beryl Emerald

    do an english version!!! <3

  26. Jhet Alcantara

    Your new follower!! Thanks for that duet and Cathy made it well. Keep it up

  27. CisZar

    Good job Cathy! Seems natural! You singing a Filipino song. 😊👍

  28. John Quito

    I thought I was watching Strangers Again.

  29. Jazz THEGIRL

    Oh my cathyyyy ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  30. The Chuas

    wow!!!!amazing cover!

  31. Cj 福傑 Ang

    Cathy, you're amazing, your tagalog is even better sounding than Aj's.

  32. Navi Musics

    My ears is blessed

  33. rolitzki bentizki

    Agsunta binabash nyo, eto di nyo mabash

  34. Abukenyo

    Ang galing ni Cathy mag Tagalog ahhh!! 😍

  35. D` Pry Shun

    For those of you who are wondering why Cathy's Tagalog is so good? It's probably because of her husband. Her husband is a Filipino (or half I guess?). Anyway, it's nice to hear her sing again after so many years. Damn, time flies so fast. :)

  36. G-Ann Negrillo

    Cathy singing a tagalog song PLUS without the lyrics in front of her?! My inner fangirl just screamed a little lol

  37. tintin D

    wooot! get it Cathy! Tagalog enunciation on point :)

  38. Dane Cee

    Ikaw at Ako also please 😭

  39. korogaru213

    Please do a cover of “Kung Di Rin Lang Ikaw” by December Avenue!!

  40. Blue Fox

    I love this version better than the original!!!! Nasa iTunes ba to guys? Please release this on iTunes pleeease!!!! This cover is soooo much better than Moira’s version! 100,000,000X

  41. aktf_Weiting

    This song is really beautiful! The melody is just wow. Can we have this in English version? Would love so much if have one!

  42. Theng Madriaga

    ANG GALING!!!! ANG SAKIT!!!! I love how u still put OPM content on ur channel ❤️

  43. Arly Rose Guzman


  44. Vivian Nguyen

    i don’t understand, but this is sooooo beautiful i wish i could understand what this songs means and the words to it

  45. Vly Sato

    wow cathy's tagalog is amazing~ thank you for this cover!

  46. Lionell Dalguntas

    wow.. together again..

  47. Jasmine Pang

    Small world! Listened to Moira live in Malaysia before. She’s awesome!

  48. Ira Tinge

    Omg! I'm in love! I love you Cathy even more💓💓💓

  49. Dn Well

    What kind of mic did Aj used?? hohoho

  50. Marinette Solas

    You guys are my og youtubers and just hearing you guys sing in tagalog just melts my heart ❤

  51. nessa22

    Cathy is so good at tagalog!! 😳😍 great cover AJ ❤

  52. Mica Mendoza

    Omg! Cathy singing tagalog ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  53. Enoch Chan

    10 year challenge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tntx2SkEDI

  54. pandascoops

    Ang pogi ng boses mo Aj lalo na pag sa Filipino ang kinakanta mo😭❤️

  55. Tristan Joe

    at tumigil ang mundo ng akoy ituro mo ...

  56. Angelina Solis

    So beautiful 😭💜🥰 love you both!

  57. Nickol Cuyco

    I love Moira and i love you guys Mabuhay

  58. Erik Husby

    The raw, live music you make with other beautiful artists keeps me coming back year after year <3
    Thank you, AJ and Cathy, and happy #Jamuary!

  59. hannibd

    Daamn i started watching them 10years ago being kids and singing in the park or in the bathroom and now cathy has a beautiful baby and everyone is doing some adulting right there🙆🏻‍♀️ it’s so crazy how time flies..

  60. Kylie Dosal

    Aj make a cover with joseph vincent :)

  61. Anna Mateo

    yay i love this!

  62. Grace Cuarto

    Cathy gets props for speaking tagalog better than AJ lol!

  63. Jason Dela Cruz

    She's married to a Filipino.

  64. jai bay

    clean af

  65. Zach Ignacio

    I also made a cover of Tagpuan!
    Pleaseee check it out 💜


  66. Tyrone Paulo Villanueva

    Youtube legends singing. I hope you could find David Choi and probably have a duet? Btw, it’s my birth month and it’ll be an awesome gift!

  67. Joyce Ann Babael

    You make the most beautiful covers! And songs of course! Red Roses album is still a part of my playlist today. 😍

  68. Jan Obag

    That piano intro!!


    Goosebumps .... Bravo 👏🏻 AJ !!!

  70. T'lan Imass

    Cathy's voice and tone totally fits with Moira's songs! Wow! This is fantastic!

  71. PogiKo 09


  72. Trina Bunana


  73. arick asuncion

    Cathy Nguyen gave justice to the song...evehthou its a Filipino....:D thats why im a fan for a very long time :D ...hey AJ Galing mo :D

  74. Jim Bjon

    wow. you can totally see that Cathy has aged.. In a good matured type way. I've been a follower of her when she started and when i lost my first YT account i totally forgot about her.

  75. Bert Gasp

    Nice to see the two of you again singing in 2019. :)

  76. Mark Lynius Payabyab

    Wow! I still remember Cathy Nguyen from the Strangers Again video. Is she part Filipino? She did very well in singing this song!

  77. RazerX

    Yow AJ i think you are Filipino until i do my research XSS

    T'lan Imass

    lol, no need. He is.

  78. LeeAnne Lakwatsera

    What a beautiful song..great singers!

  79. Roel Cruz

    Beautiful just beautiful! Can any y’all especially Cathy speak any Tagalog at all? Thanks for this cover guys!

  80. Fai S.

    Just got back from watching your guy’s cover in 2008! So glad you guys are still singing together.

  81. Kat A

    More tagalog songs please

  82. Kat A

    Omggggg I love this song 💗💗💗💗

  83. Jurry Duller

    kudos to both of you! galing galing cathy's diction is on point so happy to hear non filipino sings our song.. i miss all your video's together been following you aj since you guys making video with randolph and andrew :D much love brother

  84. Chloie Pongase

    One of the best covers! ❤️❤️❤️

  85. Emily Jane Peralta

    Okay so I just got chills all over my body lol

  86. Samsung Apple

    oh i remember you guys from wong fu productions like 7 or 8 years ago. does cathy understand tagalog? ;O

  87. Marc De Guzman

    You got to appreciate real talent 👍

  88. jay Ro

    Wow... remember “lucky” by Jason mraz cover.... I have to go back to that one after this!! Lol

  89. Faith Marianne Lawas

    Please upload this on spotify!!

  90. Faith Marianne Lawas

    Please cover Leaves - Ben&Ben, Sa Ngalan ng Pag-ibig - December Avenue, or Kung Ako Na Lang Sana by Khalil Ramos!!! #JAMUARY

  91. Lincoln Eyar

    Her Filipino is on point. <3

  92. josen mirador

    Hindi ko alam kung bakit merong mga taong papanoorin yung isang cover music video tapos i-a-unlike. What’s wrong with this video? Ang galing nilang 2 at ang lamig lamig nang mga boses nila. Learn to appreciate at kung ayaw ninyo pakinggan just leave. ( just an oppinion)

  93. NoAimSteww

    I knew Cathy could sing tagalog from a long time ago, but not as clean as this one. I guess getting married to a Filipino just gave her the time to practice it more! Good job 😊😊

  94. Von Snow

    Dang! Got goose bumps here! Ang husay!

  95. Mikee Aguilar

    Cathy ❤❤❤❤❤

  96. AJ Diaz

    Lyrics in english (I trieeeddd)

    I never expected
    For it to come to me
    When I prayed to God
    I ran out of Why's

    Why did he leave without notice?
    Why didn't he even fight a little?
    Why can't I fix destiny?

    And then I saw you at God's meeting place
    With a spark in your eyes that I can't understand
    Looking at the place where I tried to leave
    And then the world stopped
    When you pointed at me
    "You are what I prayed for"

    Verse 2
    And I can't explain
    What happened to me
    All the stars witnessed
    Your prayer

    How did you answer all the Whys?
    I can't believe this happened
    How did you fix destiny?

    Chorus 2
    And then I saw you at God's meeting place
    With a spark in your eyes that I can't understand
    Looking at the place where I tried to leave
    And then the world stopped
    When you pointed at me
    You didn't leave
    When I was the one giving up
    And the world changed
    When you fought for me
    And the world stopped
    When you chose me
    "You are what I prayed for"

    T Jasmine

    AJ Diaz I love this omg


    All the stars are witnesses to your prayer

    anonymous beach

    I absolutely cried huhuhu

    Blue Fox

    Not bad.


    How i wish my relationship is the same with this song. She never fought for me. 💔