Rafael, AJ - My Soldier Lyrics

When you're feeling sad and blue
Don't you know that I will always be here for you
When everything just makes us go out of our mind
Just know that I will always have the time for you
You say that I am your influence
You should know that you inspire me, now until the end
I'll help you get through the thick and thin
And I know you'll remember when, I say...

You are strong strong as a soldier
Even when winds are tough you'll always keep it together.
You are strong, strong as a soldier
I know you'll get through anything
'Cause you're strong, strong, strong as a soldier.

When the waves are crashing down, can't get up
Just know I'll pick you up from the ground
When it feels like everything goes wrong,
Just remember to listen to this song

You are strong strong as a soldier
Even when winds are tough you'll always keep it together.
You are strong, strong as a soldier
I know you'll get through anything
'Cause you're strong, strong, strong as a soldier.

Don't you worry about the obstacles to your happiness
If you let them get to you, you'll endure just like the rest.
I know you're better than those people who get in the way
Just remember what I always say...

You are strong strong as a soldier
Even when winds are tough you'll always keep it together.
You are strong, strong as a soldier
I know you'll get through anything
'Cause you're strong, strong, strong as a soldier.

You are strong, strong, strong as a soldier
Strong, strong, strong as a soldier

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Rafael, AJ My Soldier Comments
  1. Micaela Fogle

    I still listen to this

  2. Bernhard Bustamante

    I´m still hearing this song since i was jung <3

  3. Lone Wolf

    Haha 10 years already. 2019!!

  4. Dee Swryn

    Please remake this song!

  5. Rizqi Jimenez

    Still on here 2018 hearing your song

  6. Ray Two

    good times

  7. Cali Fob

    Lmao idk why I’m here but this used to be my favorite song back in the day 😢

  8. Darren Maristela

    reminiscing my childhood music. so lit

  9. Iana Felice

    I've known this song for years, have it on my oldddddd iPod lol but I JUST discovered your YouTube channel. So weird, where are you from?


    Iana Yoneda he lives in America, ethnicity is Filipino

  10. K Dash

    Who watched this in 2016? (o.o)/

  11. Hillman Blog TV

    I loooove this!!!!!! Still in love with this video and song :) hehe.

  12. billy constantino

    hi aj im rizelle ... i love ur song..ur music and obcourse u aj haha... keep it up proud to be pinoy..

  13. Brian Young

    But why you mad @1:28

  14. Eric Nguyen

    Listen to Angelo Cordisco on itunes

  15. Daniel Lane

    First comment of 2015. Holla.

  16. langlangni

    Lol i luh this video xD 

  17. Csyronne Galang

    Arrgh! That voice! haha You're really awesome dude

  18. Vincent Macabuhay

    Carissa. From us the duo

  19. Christ Williams

    Grabe moment ! :)

    Pinoy !!!

  20. AJ Rafael

    omggg this video. LOL. love it

    Chrno Love

    yep, I love it too as I'm watching it now, still so hot haha
    Anyway, I love the way you play the guitar for this song, it's also the way I always play first when I pick my guitar up and sing
    Good job AJ, love it :)


    Aj what's the song in [ 00:53 ] ??


    That song is I just want you by AJ,himself. (:

  21. Jayvee Valiente

    nice song.. <3

  22. paul fowler

    man this video should have half a billion views, what is wrong with people

  23. Mei

    Watching this in 2014!! Oh yup

  24. 258kpca

    What's the song called that starts at 00:53 ?


    I Just Want You ~ Aj Rafael

  25. Mymy

    ENGLISH SPRINGS PARKK! LOLOL i live right there

  26. Kuya

    Bro 2013

  27. Jamielyn Gonzales


  28. Laurence Dale Sibal

    7:11 is that Andrew Garcia?

  29. Stephanie Elaine Lao

    That's not by AJ that's by JRA bro

  30. Stephanie Elaine Lao

    This has to be the best comment ever written in history

  31. Deeyo

    Nah, I'm watching this in 2013!!

  32. Kj Acoustic

    please watch this and comment My Soldier-Aj Rafael(COVER)jaymar,kenneth

    Aj hope u like it ^_^

  33. Kathleen Manalo

    in 2013*

  34. wownofaith

    i believe its "by chance" or "you and I "

  35. HeyHyaHello

    Remake this pleaseeee! <3

  36. Kuya

    2013 bro

  37. secutina

    Carissa <3 Can't believe she's married now

  38. Mg3o31

    All time favorite song by Aj! ♡

  39. Crystal Kim

    Does anybody know the song by aj where the lyrics are like "you are the apple of my eye"? Or something like that....can somebody please tell me?? D; but nice song Aj!! <3

  40. Iz69

    Monica and Carissa's reaction still makes me smile!

  41. kbjervinn24

    Thumbs up if you're still watching this is in 2013!

  42. Jaguarpirates

    HA.... more like 4 years later and still enjoying this in 2013

  43. thewilliamjrful


  44. JoRam Chan

    an artist who always make sense and inspire other people.

  45. Ashley Franta

    I'm still a fan in 2013 & will always be :)

  46. Ronald Lai

    Did Aj go to diamond bar high school?

  47. manuboy214

    i love this because Tiffany from SNSD went to diamond bar high school

  48. Paul Pineda

    How about in 2013?!

  49. smnthxlnzg

    Happy birthday Carissa Rae <3

  50. pcess09y

    2013 actually (:

  51. Alexis Marie Roberts

    I love aj rafael <3

  52. Alex Seng

    My BESTfriend dedicated this to mee.. oh boy do I miss her..

  53. Sabrina Bel

    im still in love with this song.. sooo much.

  54. daddyland

    best moment of the video to me was 4:02 =P

  55. Mg3o31

    Been a fan of Aj's for a few years now, this song will forever be my favorite! Talented from day one.

  56. Bawsa

    NO im watching this on my iStone in 180 B.C.

  57. Becks McQueen

    Squee I missed this song.

  58. Jerry Moua

    He drives a prelude...

  59. teddy bear

    AMASIAN <3

  60. Alexus Arrington

    No that person meant, 'Asians for the win.'

  61. wolfrain1989

    amazing great video

  62. damienaeryk

    honda prelude !

  63. Christine Vu

    This is the song that got me listening to you all the time :]

  64. Duck Fast

    Thumbs up if you're still watching this in 2012!!

  65. Kieran.

    Honestly I don't like his voice here. He did way better live

  66. Michelle Liu

    Diamond Bar High School :3

  67. supertroybob

    martin x series?

  68. Anj

    watched this a million times and just now realized it's monica from school gyrls. hahaha

  69. Mario

    aj's voice is kinda different here! so young lol

  70. Meghan

    I would totally act like they did if i saw Aj next to me.(;

  71. Joyce Lee

    DBHS <3

  72. Kaiti Grace

    OMMGGG This was Carissa wayy back before Michael! :O lol <3

  73. Benjamin Wadowski

    *High Quality* It says to watch in. 480p. WHOOOAAAAA. LOL

  74. Kailynne J. Cazem

    Omg!!! I love you AJ Rafael!!! When my bf dumped me a month ago, I was so sad for 4 weeks. But thanks to you and this song, I'm all better now. :) This song always makes me happy when I'm sad.

  75. Jai G

    Girls fangirling over AJ and he drives away x)

  76. Jai G

    I remember watching this when this first came out :')

  77. Alice Kong

    holy shit its monica from school gyrls o-o;

  78. Collin Bresenio

    ur pinoy huh cuz i saw the rad iz rad shirt lol


    the song is cool.. but listen to brian mcknight end and begin with you.. it sounds the same !

  80. luvmocha14

    haha rb.

  81. rozie129

    LOL he just drives awayy

  82. Psykoxtreme

    This needs to be on spotify

  83. The19paul68

    that girl is so fucking gorgeous.

  84. Iz69

    4:42 hahahaha that girl is hillarious!

  85. kaeyunYC


  86. ErnieJay08

    I love carissa rae =)

  87. Bawsa

    i live in chino hills oh yeah

  88. Joshua Alfonso

    sorry but..... WALNUT MUSTANGS!

  89. austin aguon

    are they together?

  90. Joanne Lopez


  91. Gless Fuentebella

    the first aj rafael video i ever saw in my life, and i was amazed and stuck by his music eversince! LOVE YOU AJ!!!

  92. Elyse Lorenzo

    Where can I buy the shirt online, the shirt with the little monster with the hat? Because I really want to buy it. :D <33

  93. Alex Villoria

    @Thingz1and2 YEYEYEYEYEYE

  94. Thingz1and2

    @LOLOKAYDUDE so i was reading the comments and SAW ALEX!!!

  95. Alex Villoria

    Dang your first guitar was an iBanez EW? xD dang.

  96. Hillman Blog TV

    I remember watching this and totally fall in love with your music!!! Now you have grown so much as a musician.. Comparing this with the new Without You music video.

  97. David Mendoza

    awkward balloon 4:44