Rafael, AJ - I Just Want You Lyrics

There's something I gotta say to you
But I'm so afraid of what you'll do

I'll just admit this to you now
That I'm stuck on you like glue somehow

Don't wanna feel so cold inside
I wanna feel the warmth that I feel with you all the time

Surrounding me just like the wind
'Cause you're the one who makes me sing

Help me find myself like how I found you oh
I need you so we can live happily too ohh
I just want you

I wanna go out with you tonight
A picnic with candlelight
I might just hold you tight

Tell me you wanna be my queen
If not it's okay a princess seems just my type I promise I'll be there tonight
I'll keep you warm in winter's white
And in the summer walks on beach sound nice
I want you now to talk with on the phone for hours at a time
Baby I just want you to be mine all mine

I wanna be your valentine your Christmas wish your pickup line
I wanna be the one who knows about your friends and foes and the tv shows you love
Look above the stars spell out your name with an exclamation point at the end of the day you're the one who makes me say

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Rafael, AJ I Just Want You Comments
  1. Melanie

    Yes im still listening to it in 2019😍😍😍😍

  2. Kent Troy Flores Balindres


  3. Katie Williams

    I love this ❤

  4. Irish Imbong

    you are so amazing :))))

  5. Josef Hernandez

    I love u

  6. Daniel Castro

    This describes me

  7. Razel Mae Sercado

    I really love AJ RAFAEL songs!

  8. Lil baby Brooke

    S shut
    W the
    A fuck
    G up

  9. Tristan Robinson

    I like this song

  10. Ana Liezl B.Arcangel

    I just Want u SDC!

  11. jesse santos

    I just want youuuuu Mary McGinley

  12. Dara Chhem

    this sounds a little like bottom dollar by d-pryde. a lil xD

  13. TehLawBoy

    swag is gay. so, stop.

  14. evelyn quintero

    This song just makes me wanna fall in love

  15. Mark Naval

    10 likes and i'll make a stop motion music video for my crush <3

  16. Laporsha Wallace

    *Americans :)

  17. AlphaShadow9118

    Swang She wants a nice guy

  18. NomNomNom Nom

    Actually, SWAG was a term used my homosexuals in the 60's. S.W.A.G. Secretly We Are Gay

  19. lolhappygirl porras

    S.W.A.G the real meaniing og swag is
    GAY (happy gay) :) and love the swag comment :)

  20. Mary Margarette Sarga

    i just want you :) wooohhh!

  21. Julie Danielle

    This Video reminds me of someone very important in my life. =''>

  22. Robert Michael Tayag

    S. W. A. G. - Saved With Amazing Grace
    ^^ thats swag

  23. The Adrian

    S - Craving
    W - for
    A - Attention
    G - So stop saying it cause it doesn't make you cool

  24. XxNoodles27xX

    SWOG |

  25. GiiorgiiPorgy

    S- Something
    W- We
    A- Asians
    G- Got

  26. Dashing

    That's pretty funny haha. Made my day

  27. Kaye Cabanlit

    It has the same tune with Bottom Dollar of D-pryde =)

  28. vicky gonzales

    Anyways... This is a good song(:

  29. vicky gonzales

    @CJsinger Wow that's dumb.I don't think they meant that it was a crime... Don't take this the wrong way but yall shouldn't be proud of what yall are only who you are. Ofcourse yall don't look like shit! But it's like their saying other races are(for those who said that asians have more talents or anything related to that) Well everyones equal and every race has their own special talents... So I aready made my point.don't be hating on me people just for saying this! Now evryone shut up bout this.

  30. Evonne Le

    booo! you didn't post the video

  31. Ashley T

    It's not our fault we are proud. I bet Mexicans do that too, and all the other races. The Filipino race is not gonna look like shit for being proud. Ok?

  32. Mr. Meeseeks

    Obviously you don't actually like your crush if your having to do this instead of just manning up and just doing it.

  33. Brenda Ailyn Cuadra

    10 Likes and ill Eat My Nutella ?
    0 Likes and ill do it Anyways ..


    shut the fuck upp ! damn no body wanna hear ur shit !

  35. yangster101

    comments like this makes whatever race you are look like shit.... :P so don't misrepresent you fool.

  36. Jose Hernandez-C

    WHERE IS IT!!! lol

  37. txpchronic

    10 likes - liar
    15 likes - pussy
    20 likes - LIAR FAIL

  38. carmelcj

    Fuck you stop hatin on us ! Im a filipino , stfu ok coz we got too much pride other people maybe jealous ,, nuff said

  39. DenebAltairVegao3o

    So? Does it bother you that much? Then don't scroll. What do you expect to find in the comments? How many Filipinos are really famous abroad? Let them have their pride. And yes, I do know that trolls like you are found in the comments, but these types where people try to make people from other races feel as if they're not equal is terrible. Get off your computer, and go talk to Filipinos to see that deep down everyone is the same. Well maybe not you. You're worthless.

  40. Juliana Balce

    GOD whenever a filipino gets famous abroad, ALL the filipinos get so proud with their "pinoy pride" it's so FUCKING RIDICULOUS! Then they start saying stuff like "omg we're so talented" and "pinoys are the best". JUST SHUT UP. cuz some people actually get annoyed and the filipino race is gonna look like shit. But maybe they already do!

  41. Erin Villegas

    Something we Asians got!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Erin Villegas

    same here :D

  43. Nathan Chang

    @minimusicfreak hey wheres the vid

  44. mushroomshuffler

    @minimusicfreak where is the video?

  45. datshawty_arriane

    This made me cry, it brings back the memories with my ex :'(

  46. Pjay Passi

    S.W.A.G=Singing With A Guitar xD!

  47. xin vil

    Americans may got the biggest dick but we got the talents....ASIANS <3

  48. Exquisite POV

    S.W.A.G She Wants A Gentleman

  49. meowselina

    .__________. really need this song in instrumental

  50. Jessie Viscara

    @ravageninja619 Something We Are Getting tired of.

  51. Mykel Antonee

    s.w.a.g = something we ALL got. xD haha. btw im asian.

  52. Jilez Olivarez Tan

    yes and Something We Asians Got! hehe^^

  53. Rhiz Antiporda

    at first i thought its I'm yours of Jason Mraz XD..

  54. christian merza

    S.W.A.G.= Someone Who Admires God
    YEAH! :D

  55. Arthur Chen

    @ravageninja619 something we all got

  56. Wendy Tran

    Ravageninja619: hahahaha! Lol! Funny :) but true btw, love this song!

  57. theVajDude

    So his comment told me to thumb up to it cause i'm listening it in 2011. I guess i can't say No.

  58. Joline Aquino

    Thumbs up if your still listening to this in 2011 :)

  59. Denby Perez


  60. Joy Marie


  61. Xai Vang

    @minimusicfreak How bout if u get 20 likes u sing to ur crush during cafeteria time while in front of 200 kids :D Then post on October 30

  62. Penguano13

    Pinoy PRIDE!!!(:

  63. RocknLauncher017


  64. Gshortstuff

    Lol I love all these Pinoy pride comments

  65. Maireinz Martinez

    philipino pride(:, yea boi!.

  66. TehBuddaChris

    Omg he was at the great america kabayan festive and i missed it i feel screwed for my filipino pride

  67. pokemoncollector2011

    his sister is awesome

  68. cathybrownie

    please want my cover ^_^
    thank you

  69. luvmocha14

    I love the acoustic version (this version) better. (:

  70. kenzoz26


  71. SuperLoyd17

    go filipinos!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. 101calipk

    Ohh wow this song is verry interesting :) -3

  73. Dy Ran

    He's AJ Rafael, not Jason Mraz or anyone else.

  74. Sasami8

    @1t2um Jason Mraz' is Filipino too LOLOL.

  75. Stephanie Nevarez

    And that is why you're probably single

  76. 1ShotBlue

    @RVpinoyStyle ur face is fucking gay, :D

  77. rafa3lico

    my name is rafael and my best friend's is aj

  78. KingKylle

    S.W.A.G.= Something We Asians Got :)

  79. Rondreas Truesdale

    this guy is great im using this song to show a girl how i feel lol keep it up dude your going to make it big time in no time

  80. waychillrachel

    HEY YOU!~ you're the one who makes me sing <3

  81. Annie Han

    this is just the ukulele version, guys .

  82. Victoria Vang

    @thurmanwhitegirl just download this as a mp3 file...

  83. Pia Gonzalvo

    @haisoj11 yes he is....

  84. Angela Maminta


  85. Nathon Chung

    @haisoj11 haha why are filipinos always really good at singing or dancing?? wtf

  86. Hollie Hawse

    This song was sang TO me <3 i love it!

  87. Alina Bland

    @Jenny9161000 awhh, thats adorable haha(:

  88. Vanessa L.

    i freaking love this song...i can't get enough of it. :)

  89. ewwitsmee

    i want the download link to this onee ):
    i searched sooo many videoss ; & nothingg ):

  90. Bee Lee

    Awhh Maipa! I, LOVE!!! ;)

  91. lesh21

    @xoseleanaFanxo you better let him know asap before someone else comes along in his life. goodluck though :)

  92. Yna Tejol

    your voice is so cool!

  93. islandmamma

    Love this

  94. Ben Cali


  95. Jann Ner

    This song makes me sad ... *tear*

  96. jgabbuat

    Gonna sing this song to my girlfriend !