RaeLynn - God Made Girls Lyrics

Somebody's gotta wear a pretty skirt
Somebody's gotta be the one to flirt
Somebody's gotta wanna hold his hand
So God made girls

Somebody's gotta make him get dressed up
Give him a reason to wash that truck
Somebody's gotta teach him how to dance
So God made girls

He needed something soft and loud
And sweet and proud
But tough enough to break a heart
Something beautiful, unbreakable
That lights up in the dark

So God made girls, God made girls
He stood back and told the boys, "I'm 'bout to rock your world."
And God made girls for singing in your front seat
God made girls for dancin' to their own beat
He stood back and told the boys, "I'm 'bout to rock your world."
Then God made girls

Somebody's gotta be the one to cry
Somebody's gotta let him drive
Give him a reason to hold that door
So God made girls

Somebody's gotta put up a fight
Make him wait on a Saturday night
To walk downstairs and blow his mind
So God made girls

Something that can wake him up
And call his bluff
And drag his butt to church
Something that is hard to handle
Somethin' fragile
To hold him when he hurts

So God made girls, God made girls
He stood back and told the boys, "I'm 'bout to rock your world."
And God made girls for singin' in your front seat
God made girls for dancin' to their own beat
He stood back and told the boys, "I'm 'bout to rock your world."
And God made girls

Somebody's gotta wear a pretty skirt
Somebody's gotta be the one to flirt
Somebody's gotta wanna hold his hand

So God made girls, God made girls
He stood back and told the boys, "I'm 'bout to rock your world."
And God made girls for singin' in your front seat
God made girls for dancin' to their own beat
He stood back and told the boys, "I'm 'bout to rock your world."
Then God made girls

Somebody's gotta wear a pretty skirt
Somebody's gotta be the one to flirt
And God made girls, yeah
Somebody's gotta wanna hold his hand

So God made girls

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RaeLynn God Made Girls Comments
  1. Ma M

    Is she the “yOu dOn’T dO tHe dOuGiE? 🙃” chick from Blake Shelton’s “Boys Round Here”?

  2. Kaydie Demster

    Somebody’s gotta make sure he and his friends don't kill each other on a dare.😂

  3. LJ's world

    I really don’t know why so many of the comments are throwing hate at this song, but I think it’s beautiful and amazing. This is one of my favorite songs at the moment! My friend Ava requested it to me and I’m glad she did!

  4. Iván Carrasco

    Give me a bucket I have to vomit

  5. Sunni Dropp

    Any other dudes sitting here single like 🤛

  6. Maggie Friesz

    I hate the message but love the aesthetic... I’m so confused.

  7. Paty Barbosa

    Why he got to wait on a Saturday night tho? He's my man!!! If I dont give it to him, somebody else will.

  8. Kathy Myers

    QUEEN FOREVER 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

  9. Hannah Stock

    I do not think this is why God made Girls. We aren't here for romance & stuff. We are here because we each have our own purpose. Life is a puzzle, & we are the pieces... without one of us, Life isn't complete. I love your voice, you are VERY talented RaeLynn but I don't necessarily agree with the lyrics. Have a great day y'all!!

  10. crazy hooman

    Wow this is a good song

  11. Cheryl Roberts

    So love this song

  12. Paris Breining

    This song was played at my cousins wedding because her dad only had 4 daughters and never had a boy

  13. Vinisha Bhagdev

    This is the ugliest song I’ve ever heard.

  14. Howler Wolf

    I love your songs

  15. Heb Heb

    Hi. I love your song..❤💕💕💕💕

  16. Ben D.

    Girls are made to torture guys lol

  17. Dr Iownyou

    But Odin made girls

  18. Kat Thomas

    There's nothing wrong with a song celebrating girls but this just implies that girls were made for guys. To motivate them to act right and for them to look at.. it's just creepy especially with the young girls in the video who are being taught that

  19. PouonoHB

    #GirlDad #RIPKobe

  20. Naomi Simms

    pretty sure god made us for more than this but go off

  21. Mary Yeet

    You know the funny thing about this song is that girls actually think this, this isn't how men think, so in a sense, is this sexist if women think this about themselves (talking about the 4 women who wrote this song)? Idk but I don't have it in me to be offended even though it's stupid af.

    polaroid_ people

    Mary Yeet not all women think this and yes men think this way

  22. Leah Giabbai

    Oh mAh gawsh I finally have an account on yt to subscribe 😂

  23. Claire Mullins

    I wanna see you again

  24. Leah O'Meara

    ima girl and i hate dresses,skirts anything thats not a jersey really.

    polaroid_ people

    Leah O'Meara cool lol

    Leah O'Meara

    @polaroid_ people lolz

  25. meow skers

    Love it . Keep God #1

  26. Tyler Artibey

    She is very pretty thank God he made girls thank you God

  27. Jon Adams

    Rae Lynn god made girls song music video.

  28. Lauren Hagensee

    everyone says crap about the boy parts of this song. this is a beautiful song. sure it defines us, but something boys don’t know is that girls are fragile. this songs brings me up so much. people should appreciate this song and when they can right a better song then they can hate 💗💗

    Just1n Unknown.

    Lauren Hagensee what about feminine boys and masculine girls? this song pisses me off

    Just1n Unknown.

    not to mention everyone who is part of the LGBTQ community

  29. eric Woodward

    I like this song. 😀

  30. Maiguelairou

    what about non binary

    Just1n Unknown.

    Maiguelairou exactly.. this song is also saying EVERY girl is feminine and EVERY boy is masculine... like wtf. also it's just saying gay women don't exist? like waaah


    @Just1n Unknown. yeah this song is pretty stupid honestly

  31. Isabel Gastelum

    Why are so many people hating on this song I love this song and If you don't like it just don't listen to it


    People hate this song because its sexist to both men and women, is not inclusive to those who are part of the LGBTQ+ community, and sends a poor message to young listeners.

  32. vicky romolor

    Yes god made girls for boys equal. Not above. Not below. Their equal. This song shows that.

  33. Kendall Taylor

    God made girls fact ❤️

  34. Ella-Mae Whitton

    We have to sit here and look at here on stairs for like a min but we can only see the horse for like a second??? Great song btw

  35. lxvleycuxddle

    I really don’t care what the meaning of the song is I just love how FREAKING GOOD IT IS :D

  36. Aveya Cantrell

    I love this song

  37. Abbey Ross

    I live for her cute little singing voice ❤

  38. Sterrin Parrish

    OMG you are awesome

  39. endless Gloomzy

    It's a good song

  40. Robert Cavalier

    I'd like to build a house in that meadow! There's 'gotta be plenty of water, however! Plus -- that woman needs to be my wife! * Cav *


    In the mirror it is not the same person NOT A MIRROR get caught I STILL LIKE

  42. ヤーングprxnce

    This is wat the white christian councillor plays while teaching kids from age 9-13

  43. Kimberly Hetrick

    Love this song 😍

  44. Trayson Mumbower

    I have been trying to get a gerl

    Pantego Hummus


  45. Berry Blue

    A "girl's" existence does not revolve around taking care of man-child and looking pretty.

    Pantego Hummus

    Says who


    @Pantego Hummus Says anyone who doesn't want to live their life that way.

    Pantego Hummus

    @TombWraith thats fine. But there's also plenty of others that do. And thats fine too

  46. Rat Boi

    I am more valuable than men's opinions of me.

  47. Sara Freeman

    Horse 🐴❤️

  48. John Jurkewicz

    💖💖 gorgeous 💖💖

  49. Grace Douglas

    And we girls are just amazing right just don't make us mad

  50. Bronson

    This is pretty rough

  51. It’s Alli Bug

    Why y’all hating so much I mean geeeeeez chill it’s actually a pretty bomb song! Is women have to make a name for ourself in this world and hate is helping so just keep you big loud opinion to yourself cuz NO ONE CARES


    Its not a "bomb song". The melody is completely plagiarized from The Climb and the lyrics are sexist.

  52. TheMrsJudd

    Love it

  53. TheMrsJudd

    I love it the song

  54. Ashley Crowther

    Girls rule

  55. Sarah G

    I thought the song and video was adorable. I don't know what people's problem is. 😒


    The blantent sexism? The inclusivity of only straight cis people? Thats the problem.

  56. Colours _fantastic

    Excuse me, but i wasnt made to please men. Actually liked queens dont, but that changed my sight of things...


    Colours _fantastic you kinda were

  57. Alaina Eikom

    i love this

  58. Annabelle Kornmeyer

    I just wish women were treated right and not underestimated

  59. Tufan Özdemir

    Don't let others choose your purpose in life, walk your own path -- That is true freedom.

  60. la flame

    This is the most misoginistic song i ever heard, and it was made by a woman

  61. la flame

    This is the most male chauvinist song i ever heard and its from a woman

  62. ItsIsaacYaGuy

    This is basically an insecure woman curious why god made girls:



    ItsIsaacYaGuy how is she insecure, she is embracing her role as an attractive effeminate woman


    @Jasford she is insecure because she feels like she has no purpose in a relationship. And yeah no for the last bit.

  63. Diana Rodriguez

    Light up in the dark???🤔🙄🧟

  64. Angelica Jones

    Hi friendly reminder that if you're here to bash her song, please don't hesitate to leave. Thanks, honey :)

  65. Samantha McKee

    some people don't know good song is .

  66. Samantha McKee

    love this song

  67. Ashley Crowther

    Can you stop being mean.GOD😡😡😡

  68. allie linarez

    I like this song so much when im going through a hard time i go to this song

    By the way dont be mean to this song some people ( such as me ) soo dont go and say mean things about this song

    Peppe The fog

    allie linarez this songs so chauvinist tho

  69. Krystle

    I think some of you are over reading the lyrics. I think it’s saying it’s okay to embrace our femininity. It’s okay to get dressed up and look cute to make an impression on someone we like. We have the ability to turn someone into puddy if we want to. It’s just a reminder it’s okay to embrace our femininity.


    The song literally says "someone's gotta be the one to cry" "sombody's gotta let him drive"

    That literally paints the picture that ALL girls must be feminine and are designed to be with men. And thats sexist as fuck. It also perpetuates the belief that men can't show emotion.

    Quit trying to justify sexism to a plagiarized song.

  70. Kyparn

    That guy she's singing about sounds like a real Mr Struggle

    marybeth monts

    That's the truth .

  71. Alexis Cleckler

    i'm happy to have woke up this morning aren't u

  72. Goollou Gaming

    Somehow this song made me feel so bad about myself and I just don’t know how to feel

  73. Emma Barber

    Yo stop hating

  74. Silvia Hyla Cuscus

    This song was supposed to be feministic but instead turned out sexist and homophobic. The lyrics imply that God made girls for men, but not all girls like men and girls can be independent.

    Silvia Hyla Cuscus

    RaeLynn is implying that god created girls only for boys, but girls don't have to like boys


    @Silvia Hyla Cuscus I still don't see the homophobic part. She says nothing that implies she has a problem with homosexuality. Just because she doesn't mention that girls can like girls doesn't make it homophobic.

    Silvia Hyla Cuscus

    @Kerstcactus This is what my english class came up with in a debate, if you don't agree that's fine


    @Silvia Hyla Cuscus Let's agree to disagree :)

    Silvia Hyla Cuscus

    @Kerstcactus yes >:)

  75. Viola DeWynter

    Musically this isn’t that bad I guess but oh my god the lyrics are so awful. I hate this so much. So misogynistic and stupid. All the comments mentioning girl defined are so accurate. It reminds me of them. Like “How to Wear Makeup in a God Honoring Way.” 😂 So fucking dumb lmao.

  76. Nate VanHoorelbeke

    God made girls

  77. Mr BoJangles78

    For all the tolerance preaching alot of folks have issues with this song. Just because they don't understand and think they are right.... There could be an equal song about God making men and it would be just as true. Us southern men know God made Women to make us better, to complete us in a way nothing else could. THAT is what this song is about. If you don't understand, then God bless your heart.

  78. Davey Reynolds

    Feminist national anthem

  79. Brook VanVuren

    I listen to this song 24/7

  80. Dem0nic Fire

    It has redeemable qualities but the message and the voice and some aspects of the beat have to be changed

  81. Tanja Joska

    The wrong person won

  82. Lynsi Nicholson

    How are ppl saying this is a bad song like😒

    Bet you couldn't do better🙄👌

  83. nooneknows

    This is a parody right?

    Ali Mohammad

    Conservative moms says no

  84. Sweet Candy


  85. Kearstin Scharet

    Best song in the whole world like and comment if you agree. Do not do anything if you do not agree cause you should not listen to it if you do not like it. I love this song because when my mom died 5 years ago this song lifted me up and helped me even today it still helps me through my mom passing and everyone says you´r 16 get over it but you cant especially when you were only 10 when your mom died it is a hard road to be on that is why i listen to this song when i feel down.

  86. Creaturefiendyo

    Shouts to fantwaun for making this comment section gold

  87. Creaturefiendyo

    Bro this shit is fucking fire

  88. Raina Taylor

    me: a lesbian

    song: no


    But god made girls tho

    Raina Taylor

    @Creaturefiendyo supposedly for guys though


    Raina Taylor I joke I joke

  89. Xx_Dorthea_ xX

    I had an aunt who was extremely close to me who got hooked on drugs and she showed me this and I cry every time I hear it

    Xx_Dorthea_ xX

    Creaturefiendyo 😅

    Xx_Dorthea_ xX

    Creaturefiendyo I cannot stop thinking about this comment. Is this sarcasm?


    Xx_Dorthea_ xX no it’s just mean and I’m sorry

    Xx_Dorthea_ xX

    Creaturefiendyo It’s ok. I don’t mind..

    Pantego Hummus

    I'm sorry.

  90. Steelstriker

    God made eve from the rib bone of adam. His reasoning, he gave adam a companion. Not a possesion, a partner to live and be with. And that is what a woman should strive to be. A partner on the long road called life. If you have issue with that.... Than dont even respond, cause your rebuttal is not worth anything.

  91. cheese whiz

    christian housewives bump this song on the regular


    cheese whiz and?

  92. Marlena Rinkevich

    Someone's gata annoy girls someone's gotta make girls nerves someone's gata ask there shy crush out so god made boys. Someone's gata make new kires and Jordan's so god made boys

  93. Marlena Rinkevich

    This song is messed up

  94. Absolutely Vestigial

    Melon Man, the raving feminist, brought me here. Yaye! 😃

  95. Niniko Hado

    Um.......I’m not made for boys I’m a lesbian so

  96. Jaden Tippeconnie

    This song is beautiful💜💜💜

  97. Brooks Kryshak

    You all are so sensitive🤧