Raekwon - The Scroll Lyrics

Yeah, word, I heard about it, man
Yeah, word, similar story, you know?

Regardless, we all ninjas, and got money,
But the theme of the story
Is yo, checking how they came for me

(This is it, B)

Kinda brief from the gold teeth era,
Bro dreaming on C.R.E.A.M.
Complimentaries and beef
I'm from the wild side, a militant was made by the foremost elite
It sound good, brung my rifle shit, clean
Met the others, lit a blunt, begin
I'm like Nicole Kidman in the wind, niggas is wild, niggas is eat
Then I chanced it, blood can always beat mud
Mud is part of being thug, I guess it's advance, we from the street
This is me, I'm ready to beat, whatever, we gon' off' it
One time alone, yo, they pricked up Unique
Meth standing there, rare hustler hair, right in front of the building
Them niggas do them killings out there
This is deep, me, Rebel, U-G, he walked in the room
Scarf rap, pair of Timberlands, beat
This the potion, roll the scroll out, speaked and another walked in
Knowing now this is a thief
We from the same voc's, this is like a pot roast
Hottest niggas who rhyme, I know them from the time,
This is not 'posed to happen
Peace Black, we wasn't cool
Threw the piece back, everything good, I lit the leaf, captain
Got a mission, to make sure the world recognize our position
I'm standing near the kitchen
Shit just might work, I lit the stink, this could be the realest shit
This could be the realest flip quick
Everybody stand up in militant, army jackets down
I said to myself, this the realest clique
True champ, we gon' rep it through, keep it cool
No boot camp, no hard work, just some loot, family
All in, ball til you fall, loyal as ever
I grab my leather, I'm a lay til you call

[Chorus x3: Raekwon]
Generals, demons, nighttime, vultures
Caught up on the ropes, let's team it
Everybody seen it, Zenith, what you mean?
Everybody C.R.E.A.M.'in', the all American dream

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Raekwon The Scroll Comments
  1. Kabukichō

    lol Rae running from two soft looking white guys in some city you’ve never heard of in the Netherlands

  2. joose

    Dope song!!! Describing how the wu came together

  3. Jonathan Rodriguez

    Video cameras & videography ...could have been a lit bit better... a little more movie quality...but ..still looked like a great movie..music video...

  4. Two Cents

    The Chef cooking up that marvelous shit 👨🏾‍🍳🎧

  5. Great One


  6. Arthur 82

    Evidence on the beat

  7. Gregory Brown

    good video

  8. Marlon Clarke

    That drum loop ALONE had me repeating this mixtape! Love this beat!

  9. Dart Mouth

    "roll the scroll out, speaked and another walked in,
    knowing now this is a thief"

  10. Olove Israel

    smh #cold  

  11. Tony Smith

    raw shit

  12. Yocat

    Straight fire

  13. MCAlkaMC

    its aaait....

  14. MetalFaceVic

    Chef killed it! Great song.


  15. IICE H20

    RAE is a fucking LENGEND... Story tellin that mob shit RAE started it all

  16. ytwizzle

    Classic Rae, and this the type of shit you ride listening in your 7 series and when you pull up on the youngins they like whats that? I say this that Lex diamonds shit and pull off lol. True stories

    Andeez N

    Lolz word

    Mladen Vasilev

    same here, with the only difference I play it in AUDI :)

    outlaw 216

    Yes sir

    Ronald Smith

    The Chef 😂

  17. IICE H20


  18. jyshk

    why he's reading a dutch newspaper?

    NIMMHATV Rap Beats

    Because he is in....................?

  19. TheCee82

    Good shit rea
    Give me some mo like

  20. DNYL


  21. MetalFaceVic


    Another Banger.

  22. Mvr ROxx

    this video is dropped at my fucking birthday and in my hometown! It's crazy! Tilly City !

  23. Ste Wrigley

    Over advanced! I don't think most man realise how dope he actually is!

  24. Ste Wrigley

    Every bar from Chef is over,<

  25. Loyd Creton

    Yo, doggy outta here... This is mad nice! Keep in touch! Reakwon we love you. Top up!!

  26. Completely Sideways

    I love that the video is so visually captivating without resorting to a hundred stupid flashing lights in every scene

  27. Rob Morek

    RAE! and EV!

  28. John Gotti

    haha, Ik keek te snel. t is te rustig om amsterdam te zijn


    Yo. I want to make a video for Ice Water TV!

  30. CondorCalabasas

    I normally don't support verbal abuse, but you crapped on that dude haha.

  31. prezacworld

    this is a sick azz video, we need more music like this now dayz

  32. prezacworld

    checkout prezac.net

  33. Deniz Kilic

    Dit was genomen tijdens de concert in de 013 denk ik.

  34. Deniz Kilic

    Dit is op de heuvel van Tilburg enzo. Ik woon zelf in Tilburg.
    This is on the heuvel in Tilburg. I live in Tilburg.

  35. vaguraw

    europe loves the wu

  36. James Tjr.

    looking for badass workout songs any1 message me ideas much appreciated

  37. canis pugnax

    tilburg is not amsterdam eheh check the map homie...

  38. John Gotti

    This was shot in Amsterdam!

  39. Eric Newman

    the white boys shouldve been dressed like the feds tho...overall i like it.

  40. missiemovic

    This dude can rap about getting groceries and still make it dope as fuck..

  41. Johnny Hile

    this is how you know the Chef is official he dropped this mixtape last year around this time, and just made a video for this and it still knocks!

  42. nwhat31

    i'm from Europe and "dubstep" is not the "norm" here, it's just like everywhere else in the world, real recognize real, and the fake keeps being controlled by mass media...

  43. Moscow Vodka

    Cool song, but I don't really get the point of the video.

  44. renzenbrinkk

    tilly enzo

  45. Deniz Kilic


  46. TheMostHigh

    can I get a WUUUU TANG....

  47. TheDjazzmetazz

    komt hij eens in nederland....moetie een wietpas hebben!!!!!

  48. Dmaccabees


  49. TheBassie21

    masterzzz raekwon in holland

  50. MrLongduckdoong

    Yeah Chef is always tight but this video was LOOOOSE!!! Bad directing bad editing bad story line...Come on where are the dudes that did the early WU videos...Those were fire!!!

  51. Jzonqellis Washington



    Yes real hip hop finally. Toronto is feeling u Rae next thing you gotta do is sign Chop-z from Toronto hes a hot kid nice track btw

  53. tubster105

    Chef always being followed lol

  54. myhomeboy

    geez, at least get a damn director who will film your music video with a steady cam. i'm tired of this watered down DSLR low budget bad lighting nonsense. smh.. lol

  55. Coen Willemse

    We dutch people are Too high for y'alllll Wahahahaha Fuck you bitches keep your comments out of europe

  56. SirMickSwagger

    Tilly 013 Represented! 0:18
    Leest the Chef ff de volkskrant haha

  57. LAMindState

    what a clueless, mad european...maybe when reading something you dont understand, you should refrain from commenting instead of exalting your emotions

  58. LAMindState

    well im not talking about the musical elements within hip hop, im just talking about environments and the musical sub-cultures within those environments...a person born in europe, raised in some suburban mid-class town on varieties of rock, and got into hip hop at age 16-17, wont understand certain things, that is all...

  59. triXXareN

    Many are raised on jazz and soul, the roots of hiphop that is. And, if you knew your homework, you would have known that prog-rock is a genre which is used by many producers..

  60. Julez Rulez

    This song was so ill. Video is alright too. Looked real espionage.

  61. LAMindState

    cant speak with 100% accuracy since ive never been to europe but i would say most people there that are into hip hop now, werent raised on it, werent immersed within it from birth

  62. LAMindState

    i know europe is better via marketing and touring, that wasnt any diss to europe i realize in general the hip hop community there understands, respects, and preserves the culture better, however that doesnt mean europe has the amount of people immersed within the culture as in america, mostly all the so-called "street culture" "gang culture" etc in america is really just hip hop culture with a more violent outlook, thats why i said hes not from the environment in which hip hop spawned..

  63. triXXareN

    "The norm in Europe"? Really? The artists from the states who can't have concerts in USA because nobody would show up, can come to Europe and fill a venue ...

  64. ph2072

    4 people are idiots.

  65. OllyNL

    Nee in tilburg

  66. mr420ing

    Don;t swag on a raekwon vid, what the fck is wrong with u hyped up swag bitch

  67. bigggesmalz

    Rae holdn shit down! Methvschefff!! LOL opo

  68. diese nasty

    Wu Tang kila beeeeez, Raekwon = Real Hip Hop

  69. trudon

    minor typo keep your wig on

  70. Solice82

    well in THAT case, it's LANGUAGE as well, not langauge. ;D Now I'm being an arse. See the difference?

  71. Noah Amin

    Long Live Chef!!!!

  72. Dennis van Dalen

    Fuck sake this go hard!!

  73. Gravedigga4Life

    Daaamn...after all this time,still the MC with the coolest slang,and smoothest mafioso stories

  74. pletzerrrr

    hahah te cool dit

  75. miro krnac

    WU 4EWER!!!!!!!!!

  76. breezethu7

    Official Chef shit

  77. JPK69

    013 Chefke

  78. LAMindState

    what are you expecting...this isnt some rock or electro shit, this is hip hop...obviously your not from the environment in which hip hop spawned, maybe you should stay within the "norm" in euope and go bounce to some dubstep at a rave club or some shit

  79. Mojo313


  80. Toon Kuijsters

    Tilburg. 013

  81. 013 Base

    Tilburg till i die

  82. blackzilla

    this video sucks ! looks cheap ! bad editing

  83. trudon

    i didn't see that typo. don't need to be an arse.

  84. Solice82

    In that case you should've reminded him about "happyer".

  85. trudon

    i know english is not your first langauge i'm just letting you know it's shot not shooted.


    Dude who customise my suits from peru asked em como se dice' make sure to leave room for the ruger yellow envelopes wit photos and old doe the lesson is owe doe converse weopons rome and back sponsored then russia spontaneous combustion twist off silence and kaiser soze thru customs no cash the phantom get bagged make bail wit glass and skip

  87. TommyCruizey


  88. IrvNJ77

    @Michael Cusack The vid didnt go with the song, I was expecting to see the whole Wu in the vid or at least the ones he mentioned in the song.

  89. Bella Elizabeth


  90. Peter Hahn

    and another one, love it how my favorite artists from those days are still puttin it down, darts!!! Peace


    #Salute ... on behalf of the #DungeonFamily


    Check out my [email protected] RED BRONX FREESTYLE..thanks

  93. Cnotez

    Kwon back doe i got beatz!!! Follow me @cnotez

  94. lautjeftw

    de Volkskrant lol

  95. rigch83

    Chef I got a perfect track for you. How can I get in touch with you.