Raekwon - That Good Good Lyrics

[Hook: Altrina Renee]
You don't wanna leave
Cause I been putting that good good on you
So much so you don't know what to do
That good good, that good good
Make you say "Oooh"
You don't wanna, you don't wanna
You don't wanna leave

[Verse 1: Raekwon]
Gun up on my right hand, blast when I wanna blast
Coke on the table, pass it when I wanna pass
Ski mask, dressed in a clear gazelle sway 8 1/2s
We gon' run the building like we in jail, crack ashes
Polo fireman Timbs waterproof, all of this was made from a splash
Terrible at losing, gangsta when I'm winning
Let 'em choose, then you know what the deal in the music nigga
Jewelry'd up cousin, I'm a husband, back up
Million dollar ice, bought the bag out in Dublin, bro
Perpetual [?] the Royce and the jets
Keep it sounding like all white tuna make it sexy
Land with my feet up on the dash
Show up in the club with no weed, nigga with a whole fleet of cash
Everything the black car could spazz
Buy you a life, you getting right, it's either us or them crafts

[Hook: Altrina Renee]

[Verse 2: Raekwon]
Chocolate Scaglietti heavy
Roaming in funeral homes, coughing niggas up when I'm ready
First base villain
Yeah, the herb is the birthplace residing in the hill where we bill 'em
Still chilling we lamp right under the light gambling
Make something happen we address you we might stamp you plug-ins
So many slugs flying, thugs come in hundreds
All of them my niggas where the [?] at
Female persuasion Malaysian
Most of them gulp Tabasco down, shoe game amazing
Cooling up in P.F. Changs wool
Let me see your rings, I got them on, I know the rules, cool bang
Hitting it, fingers smell like pussy, take a smell, start licking it
That'll be the day I got some liquor in me
Fly and a poet, anything other I can't cover
Just ask a real working mother

[Hook: Altrina Renee]

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Raekwon That Good Good Comments
  1. Baq Alfaham

    Tha Flyest Gangsta Raekwon Da Chef!!!


  2. HEWITSON259

    jazzy flashy gangsta buddah fly shit wu forever

  3. HangOutLate

    Tough sOng¡¡¡¡¡¡