Raekwon - Silk Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Hibachi pots, Lemonade scotch in the Glock
Toast whoever [?] a nigga's watch
Riched up feeding her French duck
Up in Prime One, one son on me, he shoot like he fuck
A Welly Fargo yo Gallardo jet red
Listening to Marvin and Keith in them [?]
Gambling spots, I own the lease
Quarter millions only, on top of the grass we got suites
Man, bottles of Rose, the OJs is here with cold play
I sit back, perform in the grown way
My paper is proper, my bitch hella copped
I bought, copped me to Alans? courts
So many reasons to eat
Don't wanna kill no more, ayo, I'm two steps away from the [?]
Lee and Dirty ain't cleaned it in years
I'm hustling a new way, my bookkeeper is standing right here
Ice water is the logo, y'all niggas know so
Flavor like a adobo bring the mayor to [?]
It's promo rap nigga, I grow though
Catch me south France lumberjack mink bunch of snow cones

I've been watching, I've been learning
It seems like I've been hustling for years
Now that I've got my earnings
I wanna get away from here
Cause as the world keeps turning
I'm a get mine I swear

[Verse 2:]
Pull them off the lot, let's race 'em
I'm here to break the set to the break who can take 'em
The ambiance, giving no response he gets what he wants
The scratch that he flaunts, nightmares he haunts
I'm just a smooth killa, nothing to prove nigga
Your shit is hard but I'm like, ten times iller
I'm Merlot Sipper you can see my habit
I'm just a businessman besides your chick magnet
A grown woman lover, a shorty's father figure
You keep it all hood, I'm thinking much bigger
Cause life is sweet you spread your wings
The land, the kings, we get right and handle things, you hear?
Like pieces on the board
And my quest for peace is what made me a warlord, dig it?
Spit bars exquisite
No lies, I live it
No telling which island I plan to inhibit
Laid up with a bad bitch, choking on a cigar real far
Feeling stout pussy by the seashore
Smoking jacket and more broads
I'm here to get all yours
The prettiest one you pick, down on all fours


[Verse 3:]
Hide the body, I got that hammers that hate you
Extended clips that's ungrateful
Only thing I could promise is your exit won't be graceful
I'm just hoping your necklace is tasteful
Put you to sleep, that's how I wake you
No alarm clock could ever wake you
I stay out late at night grinding for my payout
I shot my way in, I shoot my way out
That's if I have to, see how it play out
You have a better understanding for the day out
Politic [?] fine tools out there to lay out
AK out
Taking over blocks, making over spots
As the uncut raw and baking soda locks
Last stop inside this coke boy tour
Searching for paradise over this dope boy war


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