Raekwon - Good Kush Lyrics

[Chorus x2: Jagged Edge]
I said hold up, ma, I'll make you look good, get it understood
Don't get it twisted, when I ride through the hood
26 inches, blowing nothing but the good
Got the Alpine bumping

Extra saucy, fly niggas is flossy, caught 'em in the Bentley wagging
Swinging remorsely, guns I'm waving 'em
Braze a nigga facial, still in the hood, got my hands and them lazers, now
Blow them niggas labels down, rhyme, I brag
Yellow Jag', elephant black leather
The Tuskigi look, I master the swagger rhyming
Playing corners, shopping enormous, rocking black watch faces
The band is racist, I'm mourning
I feel like Malcolm in his prime, nines on me
Kill them lines, we living in them airs with wears
You heard of us, the most powerful glastrinomical
I'm used to big shit, light hitting off the big tower, boo
You know I'm puffin' that good kush, hood 'dro, slide through
Antique whip, helping the hood blow, I'm all about papers
The face makers, who chase heavy, thick cake, head of the state
Fire escape capers...

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