Raekwon - Cocaine World Lyrics

[Intro: Raekwon]
Yo, son, see the police over there
Hey Kendrick! (Hey Fred)
Would you mind, and telling them meet me by the car
Call another station and tell them to send a couple more of cars
I got Jerry, I got you...
One of them got a dick in they mouth
Hood is fucking crazy
I see about forty dollars on the floor...
I know somebody know something man
Fucking pricks be standing around and don't be acting
Like you don't know, tell us what's going on
Get the fuck outta here...

Yo, aiyo, couldn't believe what happened to Steve
They found him in the grass, butt ass naked, tied up, it's freezing
The D's knew, flew him to the south, had 'em in the barn
Arm all shredded out, vex, forget about it
His lady, Baby Blue Eye, she kept a mack in the refrigerator
Yelling how she hate me with eyes, when they bumped her
Found a Louis bag in the dumpster
New blue uzi that ripped her fronts up
She leaning, I start dreaming, damn
Niggas shot shorty in the mouth, then slid in the Lamborghini
Eight days later, they weight her, found heroin
All in the bitch arm, trick from decarter
Her girl durell nails, nigga, that's who you could say tell
Anything and everything, the nigga's in the jail, yo
For Filas, she need, need, come to, to cry
This a live bitch from the east, fronting since junior high
But let's continue to peep it, Steve, the nigga been through
Mad situations, since he crashed his Benz station
All the FBI and 'em, hide 'em
Waiting for the right time to blow a nine, right through a spine
The grind was getting serious, the coke scarce
Only niggas who live can get it, if they gun game fierce
I was in the cut lamping, yeah, watching how it went down
I'm fronting, knowing this is not my town, that's wild

[Outro: Raekwon]
Aiyo, Chef, when that Cuban 2 coming out
Yo, man... it's coming out when I want it come out, man
Ya'll niggas just sit back and get ready for it, man
Cause it's some real motion picture shit, knowhatimsaying?
Straight up, the date is the date
It's coming when I tell it to come
So all ya'll niggas that want to know
Yeah, we going into a very serious Chamber right now
It's the Cocaine World, I'm a do my numbers
It's all real nigga, this is not slavery
Not over here, aight? So you just walk down the block, man
And go to church or something, man, knowhatimsaying?
Cause when I come with this flame, nigga
All lights is out, for everything, man
Trust me, I know ya'll niggas need me
Hahaha... ya'll niggas gon' need me
When I come through, I spit in niggas hands
Youknowhatimsaying? Straight up, stepping on ya sneakers
Fucking puppets... ya'll niggas is slave workers, man
Watch what we do, you know?
If you need to get some of this, you know
You can shoot over to 225 Hudson
Or you can meet me in Africa
I just bought a crib out there, you heard?
Nice little hut, luxury hut, nigga
Muthafucking bed made of hay, nigga
Tied up with gold yarn... ya'll niggas is soft, man
For real, man, New York
I'm throwing ya'll niggas on my back
Remember what I said...

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