Raekwon - Came Up Lyrics

We pop bottles in this bitch to get our name up
I come from under the bottom nigga I came up
So many niggas surround me, wanna flame somethin'
I'm like cool out, no money here, change up
We pop bottles in this bitch to get our name up
I come from under the bottom nigga we came up
So many niggas surround me, wanna flame somethin'
I'm like cool out, no money here, change up

[Verse 1:]
Little leather niggas get it
I come from the back door with 40 lil live niggas with me
All on mollys, it's nothing
Fresh niggas they up
Some in the mailroom in the club lighting blunts up
Walk through new jury, clothes is silks only
Besides galllons of milk with big bills on me
True the jewels is fluorescent
They used to light niggas who got all they shines out stretchin'
Do you in the dark, whatever come out the light
Better be bread, or weed, or gold tonight
Get to schemin' shoot the shit up with real niggas in here
They all mine as long as they know the night
Yeah that's the shit I don't like
Shawty gave me dome hype
Grab her facemask, don't bite
I'm in my mansion in the zone writin'
I'm known for throwin' lightnin'
I stand alone yo, one titan


[Verse 2:]
Post the seven in the rain
Come through with seven chains
They call me legend out in Maine
Known for tiltin' niggas wigs
Don't kill the kids for not knowin' where real rap remains
Treacherous MC, react like Jack Dempsey
Yeah the Billboard whorin' up MC
Fly as ever, one level, one rebel
Who cool out in the Cayamans with thugs, crews, and gangs
Yeah I rap for the merrier
Dance my ass off, paper chasin' Captain, America
Fly high, live as a drive-by
Team of live wires who catch you outside we fire liars
Yeah them blow kids live on the gold kids
Never go broke, grab a tote to smoke nigs
Killas know to call me to go
For murderous rap music that get inside your head it's dope


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Raekwon Came Up Comments
  1. Great One


  2. Colonel Strickland

    "dance my ass off, paper chasing Captain America"

  3. BigTerri9128

    This still my shit! Beat goes on!!

  4. Plexpara

    not planet rock.thats kraftwerk - trans europe express

    planet rock was a mix between 2 Kraftwerk Songs......with "rapsinging"planet rock was the first mashup...not more

  5. Baller Phenom1996

    73,715 views in this muhfucka!

  6. Baller Phenom1996

    dis shit go hard!

  7. HNIC3

    Someone has the longer version on youtube, dunno if it's looped but its the closest thing. Just type this in.
    "Raekwon - Came Up Intro Long Version Instrumental"

  8. xDexter'sFinestx

    Rae doesn't get enough credit for his visuals. He is cutting edge...

  9. mon3ybagz

    GOD DARTS,... Take notes u lil weak ass radio rappers.

  10. Mr Scribbler

    yall see that 666 hummmmmmmmmmm fuck that

  11. Joey King

    knowledge for the ears

  12. Dean Morgan

    should of stuck with the first beat...


    fire point black!!!!!

  14. A Juma

    Scram Jones is taking over with his massive beats ...

  15. HNIC3

    Didn't the PRESIDENT quote Jay-Z? lol he over thirty.


    "Push the 7 in the rain / Come thru with 7 chains / They call me Young Legend out in Maine" - Track goes hard, in fact the whole tape is dope!

  17. Hunde söhne

    I'm living in germany and studying on an university right now in Heidelberg and i always listened to Rap.
    Nothing else. Just Rap....
    The music is not the reason why people do what they do.
    The environment of them is the reason, but Rapmusic always kept me on the ground, so i could run and reach my target, if you know what i mean...

  18. Kaio Smith

    im sorry...i didnt know that greats such as Quintin Tarantino and Amy Winehouse, who are NOT "in the middle" or in "low paying jobs" who are/were massive hip hop fans, were poor and throw finger signs.....your idiotic Canadian arse can continue to throw out unintelligent insults at shit you dont understand with your peanut sized mind...just face it tho.... no one will ever care about what you do in your life. fukn nugget

  19. Marc Henderson

    while you turds are busy arguing im bumpin dat wuuuuuuu tangggggggggg! suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

  20. BWCmike

    lol ur so dumb!

  21. BWCmike

    tehehehe stupid wigger, never have a real job or respect.

  22. Buzzman182

    On a level you are a wasteman whos racist and singles out an entire race based on music you dumb fuck someone should snap your neck.!

  23. Buzzman182

    elaborate? I think your find that you are the one making retarded comments that you know little about. You little racist fuck.

  24. BWCmike

    ur dumb lol!

  25. Buzzman182

    Also please refrain from usuing racial epithets. It demonstrates that your brain is inadequate and you cannot live amongst civilised human beings.

  26. Buzzman182

    You are the most retarded person in the world. Congratulations!!....
    I'd like to point out that Hip-Hop is enjoyed by a variety of people of different nationalities, Race, Religions, Gender and Social class. I myself am a fan of many types of music ranging from Rock,Jazz,Blues, Metal, Hip-Hop,Grime etc and am a Hip-Hop artist myself. I am not poor nor am i rich, yet you stated " Rap fans generally work low paying jobs" how does someones taste in music relate to their social class? Dickhead. :)

  27. Gwapo Anderson


  28. Gwapo Anderson

    Im feelin this reakwon

  29. D Za

    man chef needs to rap over that first beat!!

  30. TheTechnoMack

    What's the track playing in the intro & outro?

  31. ryulloyd

    Wu-Dope make me ears & minds ringing

  32. illness SmokeStack

    I hope you like how i flipped it..Billie was a pioneer and innovator...i got mad love and respect for her music.

  33. Mark Bushman

    and of course planet rock.. but damn.

  34. Mark Bushman

    hot sample. damn. totally on my sample list. aint that a b...
    Kraftwerk - Trans europe express

  35. Sick Bird Music

    that beat at the beginning is hella dope. Whole track is ill too

  36. Kev West


  37. don222able

    Follow the Leader

  38. Bernard crane

    God bless Rae thats all i gotta say.

  39. Lawrence Saunders

    Its like cab =calloway get ya New wu suit, Pomagranate energy drinks prohabition soda stream da new loot. Soul controller live sober ask Jack Daniels. To be a grower push a Ac in Covalli sandles. Remo Jessica and Zuri all in the family, insanity ,when Rosario spider game Alpha Romeo ya vanity

  40. Z S13

    That intro would make a dope song

  41. Tony Chase

    Trans Europe Express sample in there....WHOOO!!! This that HEAT!!!

  42. mjshoefanatic

    that piff!

  43. ClectaSkiMusic

    0:30 WTF!

  44. WU RARO

    salve chef Rae !!


  45. dardastar100

    I like this jawn Rae and I rocks with the mixtape Lost Jewlry

  46. Frank Swift

    Raekwon the Gay-Mong the reader of Gay Porn

  47. HNIC3

    Yo bruh that Intro went hard as fuck but the main beat goes hard too.

  48. Emir Beatz

    what's the name of the sample in intro

  49. Benjamin Farias

    film a music video for New Day next.

  50. BoChosen


  51. BWCmike

    Yes but the difference is that there are also people in the middle who listen to country and rock. Not rap though. Rap fans generally work low paying jobs until they're thirty, and then they realize that they're fifteen years into their career and they're still wearing gay clothes and struggling to get by. They wonder if it's to late to stop throwing up finger signs and earn any level of respect in society, and it is to late by then. You can find them in prisons and shelters by 40.

  52. tizosh7

    Thank goodness Rae keeping puttin sumthin out!! The radio is a no fly zone!! PHILLY REPRESENT

  53. jrs5

    There are millions of people who are "down at the bottom" working at mcdonalds who listen to rock, country etc, that aren't "wiggers"
    So your point is? And that is far from the world of rap, that is the world of lower income families. So you clearly don't know anything about it, why speak on it?
    That is the reason for your rant on rap? You really are ignorant.
    Seems to me like you have a personal problem.

  54. Laquant Caldwell

    That's my uncle I remember I seen him at our condo in Philly years ago

  55. jrs5

    Yes you are right, good job pointing that out! The difference is i'm not on here insulting other peoples grammar, I was pointing out how stupid you were to be talking about others grammar while misspelling losers. It's not like that is a difficult word to spell, and you want to insult other people for that?
    So you think an entire group of people are retarded. You obviously know nothing about rap. And since you are making such a moronic assumption, you clearly aren't to bright yourself.

  56. Brendan M

    ah man, this first beat is way iller than the one in the song! wtf This shit is wack after 30 seconds!!

  57. BWCmike

    But shouldn't have a capital B.
    Losers shouldn't have a capital L, and it should be followed by a period. Wearing clothes while making money is not the same as making money by wearing clothes. All of my sentences are perfectly correct, both in grammatical form and, more importantly, in content. Also, spelling and grammar are not the same thing. I'm pretty sure your comment supports my argument that rap fans are indeed mentally retarded.

  58. jrs5

    I think you mean Losers*
    And you're insulting their grammar? Lol good going. Idiot.
    Secondly you can "get money" by wearing many different types of clothes. Clothes have nothing to do with the money someone can get. Also, perverting your use of grammar? Holy shit, you can't even come up with a correct sentence yourself. So no, rap is not for "retards" But it sure looks like you are one.

  59. qaz122

    this beat is still too dope doe

  60. qaz122

    yo Rae listen to this nigga

  61. BWCmike

    Rap is for retards. Read a book you dropout loosers. You can't "get money" by wearing ridiculous clothes and purposely perverting your use of grammer.

  62. TigerSttyle

    u just read my thoughts u my fuckin bro man

  63. Monsieur7295

    Hate that when the intro beat is way better than the actual one, just like in suit and tie of justin timberlake, anyway if anyone finds the nae of the first beat, please...

  64. Mandy Chou

    definitely!!! it got me amped , but then when i heard the actuall beat just turned me down

  65. سراييڤو ٤١٦

    The Chef

  66. WTCF

    intro beat sample: Billy Holiday - Good Morning

  67. pmc220

    yall are crazy, intro is ok, main beat is on some other shit... making krafftwerk sound fresh in 2013 = next level shit

  68. Ryan Pierson


  69. Ellen Gee


  70. caesarsteels


  71. caesarsteels

    I hope the whole EP sounds like this. When Shallah Raekwon puts energy behind his flow, that when he's at his best.

  72. DaBw0i

    I swear the Intro is so fuckin' dope :O!

  73. uaXaK iK eTzNab kAn XiiB kiBRaY

    das wat i'm talkin bout

  74. imhh11

    when the intro is better than the main song.....

  75. Piotr

    That intro is sick !!!!! goosebumbs

  76. Render Media

    Thats that ish that I like

  77. E.S. Emcee Suspense

    Niced billie holiday sample in the beggining... Word!

  78. Bella Elizabeth

    That fuckin' intro is sick..Reallyyyyyyyyyyyy wish he would've spit over that

  79. jye bryan

    actually so shattered the beat changed at :28 i was leaning back arms crossed thinking " the chef is back "

    its still Kwon till the sky turns red though. love



  81. Кинолаборатория dp production

    Back to the studio for recording new album Wu-Tang Clan!!!

  82. Игорь Яшин

    great music !)

  83. Th3Gr3mlinz

    I feel like Rae and Chuck Inglish would make a ill ass collab album together.

  84. xmuscularghandix

    Paper chasing Captain America

  85. leunitus007

    Classic shyt Chef... Keep Em Comin'

  86. Robert Hummel


  87. baliuz

    The EP has some bangers on it.

  88. StickyChr0nicBuds

    Where can I buy his new mixtape?

  89. William Thomas

    YAY!!!!!! Chef!

  90. WobbleOnIt

    Someone message me if u find out wat the intro beat is called

  91. willcorporation

    fuck yes

  92. P-SouL87


  93. Ginga

    Rae is back!

  94. zo grizzly

    word...thats the same shit i was thinking...that intro is tough!!!!!