Raekwon - A Pinebox Story Lyrics

A metal rock hit his face with a rush
They pistol-whipped him, shot him with his Dutch
He lost all his trust
Smoking Dutch, choking in his lust
Living out his lies, so one day he stole a pair of nuts
Tried to go hard, that's the wrong song
He should've just jetted, Moet in his mind up was wrong
He could've made it but he waited, hesitated
Laying on a bitch, they caught him right in front of his Moms
They did him extra dirty, stripped him, tied his hands to his Vans
Them old school niggas left a victim
His blooded waist, broken arm, cut him in his face
I heard the chants, he don't deserve life, let him lamp
Choking him, poking him, hitting him with all kinds of knobs
Left him soaking, [?] all in his mouth
He was out, they broke him up, knocked him out
Three times then threw him in a slouch
They took his sneakers and his beeper
Where's Theresa? Snatched the reefer
That bitch is next, catch you on the sequel
Swollen eyes, his face was pulverized
Trying to be a hustler, two ounces he want to mobilize
Dumb dummy, no team, he barely had money
Flying around, old ass Jag, buying blow from me
Ski mask robbing, jean wearing ho sweetass

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Raekwon A Pinebox Story Comments

    Crazy how they created the boondocks scene from this song.

  2. Chelsea Jones


  3. Craig Davis


  4. Craig Davis

    Freda Payne-Suddenly It's Yesterday!!!!

  5. Craig Davis

    Wu Tang Forever!!!!

  6. goeneon


  7. Hans Hvaffornoget

    i like that shit - fuck ´em

  8. FelicityGemini

    I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Kidd

    Ghost face killa ain't even dead

  10. Doc Rhino

    What song did this sample?


    "Suddenly, It's Yesterday"- Freda Payne from her 1971 album, "Contact"

  11. ItzVladi

    Herr Newstime? Tanzverbot? Montanablack?

  12. Progamer_schwag

    I looked everywhere for this song for like 3 years and now I finally found it!

  13. durrell3421

    Man been looking for this 2 years since i heard the sample on boondocks... Finally

    Al-lea James

    durrell3421 yooo they played this on Boondocks?

    KrobTheGreat 1

    Al-lea James when huey talks to ghost face killah by the tree

    Al-lea James

    KrobTheGreat 1 man I Neisse that one that's fuckin classic

    Al-lea James

    I mean never saw that one


    Sampled from "Suddenly, It's Yesterday"- Freda Payne from her 1971 album, "Contact"

  14. Micha Browne

    dope AF bruh

  15. Blue Bandit

    Lookin every where for did finally found it lol

    Micha Browne

    forreal bruh

    Blue Bandit

    ye ye ye ma dude

  16. lil nurb

    I remember when my nigga huey wuz talkin to this nigga ghost face killer damn that episode was the bomb

  17. Joe Andral

    Anyone knows where to find the intrumental for this?  thx

    Joe Andral

    @***** yes, just like in boondocks

  18. GameWhiz13

    Remember hearing this on the boondocks when Ghostface Killah was talking to Huey about Stinkmeaner.

    Vanta Black

    I searched for it for years until I found out it was rae

  19. Brian Brooks

    Took his sneakers and his beeper
    That's like 1992 New York grimy rap feeling it

  20. Dylan LaRue

    he got a flow like the game low key

  21. James Lee

    Fuck wish this was longer

  22. 850iStyle

    9th wonder is not a very good producer. Actually he is one of the most overrated producers in hip-hop...His beats are always lackluster

  23. Tom Achtermaan

    Exactly!.. But it's nowhere to be found.. No instrumental, nothing..

  24. Brandon Jordan


  25. Haunted Man Sun

    Freda Payne - Suddenly It's Yesterday

    found this off whosampledDotCom

  26. NahYoChill

    wish there was an instrumental for this - the one used in The Boondocks when Huey was chillen on his hill by the tree

  27. saoyingyai

    i think 9th wonder beats are 2 relaxed compared to how hard i want rae to go if u know what i mean

  28. I hear Voices



    "Suddenly, It's Yesterday"- Freda Payne from her 1971 album, "Contact". Original song is happier, but still has a melancholy theme and an awesome chorus/hook

  29. Tom Achtermaan


  30. thecrackedatom


  31. Stokkejan Raggio

    anyone know the sample's original track ??


    "Suddenly, It's Yesterday"- Freda Payne from her 1971 album, "Contact"

  32. Stokkejan Raggio

    anyone know the sample's original track ??

  33. Brandon Jordan

    Two ounces he wanna mobilize ... The G.O.D is timeless Mann !!!!

  34. chevese johnson

    yo not for nothing this is the beat from the boondocks season 2 when stink meaner returns thru tom the beat is amazing should've been longer still classic shit that only the GOD'S can bring

  35. Julian Spaltenstain

    saw jay tweet about this. i remember this song lol

  36. VaunDoomTV

    man i swear this is the sickest joint, got the god with the raw OG story tellin, and 9th wonder with the blessing...so raw, i was listenin to some new flocka and i was like hmm he's growin on me, but then i this official video, and man cats now are missin the soul the OG's put in their music..wu is for the children

  37. JunetynF MonsterShamanMusic

    "His face was pulverized"

  38. Rocky Chicoma


  39. chrys smyth

    beat it then dude you do mean to hate by saying that

  40. Kazee Kah Me

    @rcam20 same here lol

  41. Speedi novelli

    @ChuckmasterFlex I dunno bro i heard alot of 9th instrumentals this is definitly top 10....but your right kazoul33t is an asshole

  42. Speedi novelli

    just found this....and now im drinking to this....dope

  43. rcam20

    the instrumental plays in the background of The Return of Stinkmeaner ep of boondocks!! been looking for dis for years!!

  44. 5K34M420

    whole mixtape is tight

  45. ChuckmasterFlex

    @kazoul33t Dude this is a mixtape beat, Raekwon isn't spending crazy dough on an epic 9th beat for a FREE album. That's how the industry works. It's not 9th's best by a longshot but it's still enjoyable. Don't be an asshole.

  46. damocless100

    too short!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. thehexagonportal

    So dope

  48. Ducksexbody

    I saw both 9th and Rae on Twitter asking people do they want them to make a full album. Now that would be dope. Ghost would slay 9th beats aswell.

  49. jamikala

    @kazoul33t You're in the minority with that thought.

  50. ruffryder135

    Just got this mix tape shit goes ham od

  51. Bruno Coen

    9th was dope on the listening and 3:16, thats pretty much it, this shit is boring

  52. Brotha Uwais

    This is how you start the New Yr off. Salute to the Wu Vet!!!

  53. Elodie Heitz

    Does anyone know what the sample is ? (title / artist )

  54. brandonbanks32278

    yooooooo 9th an Rae killed this!