Radio Dept., The - Occupied Lyrics

If a sky has ever been golden
This was the morning
Untied shoes and a lot to lose
As you went downtown
High on meaning
And the illusion of shared goals and values
Armed with cigarettes and innocence
You went down, down, down
Down, down, down
Down, down, down

It's a shame
How some people claim
To be one thing or another
When in fact, it's nothing but an act
And you're on your own
Disguised as kind
Faking true intent
He would declare his love for Sarah
"No need to spend time on the documents, boys
Come down, down, down
Down, down, down
Down, down, down"

You were taken hostage with no war in sight
Robbed of youth and freedom
But when you signed on the dotted line
You had no idea
He poked some holes in the lid so you could breathe
Always so unselfish
And to this day he still feels that way
No sign of remorse
You get the hose
If you oppose

We all wish there was a hell for some people
Some kind of retribution
You want him freed from his arms and legs, cash
And crown and frown
But as you know that's not the way it goes
When was it ever? No
'Cause wicked people thrive
While the likes of you go down
Down, down, down
Down, down, down

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Radio Dept., The Occupied Comments
  1. 1 Life

    Sad Real Powerful mind bending

  2. Jim trox

    4min and after so... ..special

    1 Life

    Lyrics are extraordinary

  3. Romina Salgado

    suddenly i'm an emo teen again

  4. XIXI Xxo

    Omg ¡¡ <3

  5. Adam Michałowski

    I sense a strong Pet Shop Boys influence in here :)

  6. Before Lobotomy

    Which album is it?

    moluuk freq13_28

    running out of love

  7. iñigo Cobeaga

    New Order + Badalamenti = Occupied

  8. Carter Rice

    Oh lord a light bless these ears with the sounds and make new again

  9. jun ker

    Good morning Kojima.


    Hideo Kojima brought me here.

    kyle patrick maducdoc

    whhhaattt??!! HOWWW??? WHHHHYYYYY???!!!

    Philip Møller

    He listens to these guys?

  11. A-Dan31

    Background synth line straight outta Twin Peaks <3

    Alexandra Jones

    oh my god it is


    I was asking myself for two years where I heard the synths before 😂

  12. Arne Nilsen

    Sweden is occupied with immigrants !


    Shut the fuck up

    Arne Nilsen

    @essdearr You don't know anything Mr Naive ! 


    Arne Nilsen You dont know anything. So stfu

    Arne Nilsen

    @essdearr Ha HA 

    1 Life

    Go workout your hate at home cause thats where you learned it

  13. wherearemybones2

    what are the lyrics?

  14. Tom Musgrove

    chords remind me of goldeneye on the 64 :-)

    Tom Musgrove

    +Thomas Musgrove would love to visit russia one day with my friend Phil

    Arne Nilsen

    Putin must die !

    nah ross

    Arne Nilsen Putin <3

  15. macho tony

    acid house!
    not sure if I like this track though. it's missing their trademark melodic singing.

    David Stefanowicz

    macho tony seems like their more political songs have that in common