Radin, Joshua - When We're Together Lyrics

It's the whisky and the water
Fire and ice
No pleasure without sacrifice
Shore and the ocean
The moon and the sun
One without the other and both are done

Now I believe what's supposed to be
Supposed to be you and me
I'm with you forever
Cause we're the best when we're together
I'm with you forever
You are the only one and we've just begun

Let the wave and your ocean fall on my shore
Your glass is empty, I'll pour some more
I left the table with lack of a muse
Give me some time to search for you


There are mountains that reach to the sky
That I would climb to find you
If you forget I will do my best to try to remind you


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Radin, Joshua When We're Together Comments
  1. Aquaplum •

    tucked in

  2. Arjan Steenbergen

    just great man

  3. Macushla XOXO

    It is most definitely how it's suppose to be...

  4. Aline Gaino'

    adoroo =)

    Arjan Steenbergen

    Aline Gaino' love

  5. Angela Gale Roldan

    beau taplin made me do it

  6. aefa40

    Love all of Joshua Radin's "Wax Wings" album, but think this song from it is my fav.  Thanks for posting it.  :)

  7. Enrique Oquendo

    831003 I may not be in the best position to express my love to you but still I want you to know, I love you. how I ms your voice, your smile and everything about you. true enuf love is the most wonderful thing could ever happen to one's life and the same to bring someone to their most painful days in a lifetime. Nowhere to look for the love like you gave, you'll be my last love... I love and hope to see u soon my baby.

  8. Enrique Oquendo

    831003 I miss you a lot :(

  9. Binay Limbu

    Pls buy his album or atleast 1song, this guy deserve more. Joshua radin

  10. RareBear

    This guy is awesome!

  11. MsOALB

    z qeszs

  12. Meillon henri

    the best one!

  13. Cyril Humphreys

    Smooth and Wholesome : )

  14. safarigurke

    Joshua Radin's music changed my life!

  15. Paul Stockton

    Can't wait for the rest

  16. Sarah Blum

    Amazing *-*

  17. D G

    Heavenly..can't wait for the rest of the album

  18. Amiee Kabel

    love love this

  19. Sandra Pizano

    love, love, love

  20. DarkWhisper07

    This song is so gooooood... put it on Spotify!!

  21. lifeasapessimist

    Shame he doesnt have his own youtube channel, can t wait for the new album; but this isnt out in the uk yet :(

  22. neuronpattysinger

    Great lyrics! Joshua is the best. His voice is melodic. I can listen to his songs ALL day! :D

  23. Stephen Gordon

    I don't think it's possible for this man to write a bad song! Cant wait for the new album.

  24. Gert Top

    Thank you so much for putting it up on youtube!!!