Radical Face - Welcome Home Lyrics

Sleep don't visit, so I choke on sun, and the days blur into one
And the backs of my eyes hum with things I've never done

Sheets are swaying from an old clothesline
Like a row of captured ghosts over old dead grass
Was never much, but we've made the most
Welcome home

Ships are launching from my chest
Some have names but most do not
If you find one, please let me know what piece I've lost

Peel the scars from off my back
I don't need them anymore
You can throw them out or keep them in your mason jars
I've come home

All my nightmares escape my head
Bar the door, please don't let them in
You were never supposed to leave
Now my head's splitting at the seams
And I don't know if I can

Here, beneath my lungs
I feel your thumbs
Press into my skin again

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Radical Face Welcome Home Comments
  1. Отто! Кац

    Сцуко, скучаю по временам, когда я катал в Скайрим и качал с немногочисленных тогда музыкальных ресурсов редкую, но такую охрененную музыку на трындец какой медленной скорости, которую только и мог развить модем от мегафона в моём посёлке. Музыка никогда не выносила мне мозг так, как в те дни. Мечтаю что однажды смогу пожать Бену его ручищу, за саундтрек моих золотых деньков)

  2. Отто! Кац

    Shit, i want live like it was in school days, when i was ill with Skyrim and great music, which i downloaded with help of extremely slow internet, song after song 😄 And this song is just summer for me.

  3. SCR 2

    Já lembro do cachorro que morreu e fico com vontade de chorar

  4. gganenko Ганенко


    Отто! Кац


  5. Josh Dudley

    What if you don't know where home is anymore?

  6. aaron greenhalgh

    Reminds me of watching hollyoaks with my ex gf😂😂😂if you know you know

  7. Serge Gabin

    oh my god my tears just drops on my shirt listenin to this masterpice

  8. gross narey

    Реклама фотоаппарата Nikon
    Кто также подумал лайк👍😂🤣

    Irland Roll

    Песня лучше фотоаппарата

  9. Ramom sdcpara

    Muito bonita a melodia da música parabéns! Top de mais!!

  10. Чел Потусторонний

    I am Nikon

  11. Garth Hansen

    Celtics put an orchestral version of this over their Kobe tribute vid

  12. Kaylon Barbosa

    I love ❤️

  13. Savannah

    this song makes me cry instead

  14. G46uh7r0n

    I first heard this song when I was homeless and pregnant with my oldest. It helped inspire getting stable for her. Still makes me feel better.

  15. Fot oza Kol

    Хочется плакать,как же это было давно

  16. Haufen auf der Seele.

    Komisch den originalen Song zu hören nachdem ich Schlomos Version lieben gelernt habe.

  17. Bilguun Enkhbat

    What is this why does it so many views ?


    This is a song. ;-) It has so many views because it was used in a widely broadcast TV commercial series of Nikon camera's and many people ended up loving this song.

  18. aliencreeper HD

    where is also here from blacklist 😂

  19. SerEndiggo

    The Best song in the world

  20. MK Gamer


  21. The Devil You Know

    What type of music do you listen?

    Me: The Blacklist😂😎❤

    attrw Tv

    lmaoooo im watching it too😂😂😂


    same here :D

    The Devil You Know

    There are great videos of the Blacklist with perfect music:

    -Red Blacklist
    -Monique Martin

    Watch and subscribe their videos, the Blacklist Fandom needs us❤😎

  22. TheMagnificentZoltar

    2011: Nikon or Canon?
    2020: Sony or just go for the smartphone?

  23. suicidalbored0m

    firt time hearing. sounds like The Shins. (found through gnoosic.com)

  24. kiwi

    This song is played at the end of Before I Wake, which is coincidentally how I discovered it, and no other song would've been better to end that movie on. I recommend it to literally everyone, not only because the story is beautiful or the soundtrack is amazing, but if you want to be able to write a good story I think it's important to watch movies like Before I Wake. The movie pulls you in with it's elaborate and beautiful themes of acceptance and forgiveness, as well as understanding death and growing up. It's a horror movie, yes, but it ends on a beautiful and touching note.
    The cinematography is amazing, whoever had that camera KNEW what they were doing, the angles are beautiful. The CGI is amazing, to the point that it all looks real. They build this fantastical dream world in front of your eyes and you watch it crumble to the ground, before getting rebuilt again. It's amazing. If you want to get scared, cry genuine tears of hurt and joy at the same time, and get way too connected to fictional characters, watch Before I Wake. It's on Netflix. Couldn't be happier to have discovered this song at the time that I did, probably the biggest rut of my life when I watched that movie back in 2017, roughly a year after it came out. I still think about the movie a lot, I think it hit me harder because the main character is a foster care kid, and I myself, grew up in foster care.

    TL;DR: This song is in a really good horror movie called Before I Wake, you should go watch it on Netflix if you want to cry.

  25. Will Doss

    this guy is either going to kill my sister or marry his


    Gratidão ao comercial da Nikon por ter me apresentado essa música kkkkkkk

  27. Cyocus

    10 jahre alt krass :) mega song

  28. Yog Sharma

    It's been almost 6-7 years since I first heard this song, I was 10 or 11 and now I am 18!

  29. rAnDoM wave

    This is the song I'm gonna play when I'm about to die and remember my complete life...thinking of the adventures, my family, friends and opportunities I got in my life.

  30. Mr G

    Can’t believe I haven’t heard this yet

    Отто! Кац

    I really envy you bro)

  31. Santiago Mendez Roelofs

    I am Nikon.

    Mr G

    Hello there

  32. Harsh Mathapati

    If you're still listening to this masterpiece then you're a legend

    Swaraj Sadhukhan


  33. Shantisfaction

    Wegen diesem Lied habe ich mir damals eine Nikon gekauft und mit Youtube angefangen. Schon krass, wie sehr eine einzige Hymne manchmal das eigene Leben beeinflussen kann.

  34. Alexis Universal Fox

    I remember this song I met by the Nikon commercial 👍

  35. Andres Cea

    Gracias Nikon por hacerme conocer esta canción

  36. AcE_of_sNaKeS

    heard this song when i was 8 years old, and 8 years later... ive found it

  37. Arsen Adilbekov

    I'm nikon

  38. ItsAngel

    This song reminds me of the old Fox

  39. Ashraf Najmuddin Kamaruddin

    The composition of this song is really giving a heartwarming and time seems stop whenever you listen to it.
    Life is colorful, and everything happen is not coincidence.

    Life gives meaning and value.

    Find value in humility, then you can find peace.

  40. Scaryteddy

    2020 anyone?

  41. Сунгат Скворцов

    я никон

  42. Zsófia Éri

    Kicsi fiaim. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Minden szeretetem tietek

    Mazsi kicsi kincsem, a leggyönyörűbb kép annyira sokat jelentett nekem hogy a bar cofeeba raktam. ( hogy mindeni lássa ) annyira felbecsülhetetlen hogy nem bírtam hogy csak én lássam. Oda ahol együtt ettük. Csak nem tudtam elmondani. Annyira szeretlek MINDENNÉL JOBBAN , soha semmit nem felejtettem el amit kaptam Tőled !
    Elmondhatatlan szeretlek kicsi kincsem.
    A szívem szakad meg annyira hiányzol.


    Anya Soha sem csapott be, és soha sem árult el.

  43. Zsófia Éri

    Kicsi fiaim. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Minden szeretetem tietek

  44. camopaint0707

    he has 6 toes!!!!!

    Mr G

    camopaint0707 I can’t find em

  45. Etchu Robert

    Can't believe i finally found this song today, after listening to it for the first time on a Nikon advert in 2014 world cup match break, in my Aunt's house with her husband and my little cousin, this sound gives me lots of nostalgia and memories of how were happy throughout the summer, but now my aunt is late😭... Love you Aunt!!!

  46. Ceyli G

    ¡Esta canción me hace sentir paz!

  47. Roseli Daniel

    Musica Linda

  48. Maria Madalena

    Linda música. Combina com praia, um luau!

  49. Emilia anti-crétin

    Komme von Shlomos Outro

  50. Durin Baron

    Glad to see Shia LaBeouf's musical career doing well.

  51. All Roads Lead Here

    In a way I don't care about I'm punished for being sick. I heard this in 2013. Listening to a lot of music I wish I was able to be sick and move on without feeling like I should ask for help. But I did and I remember listening to this song the way I was. I shouldn't be making choices.

  52. Park Jihyun

    This song is sooo heartwarming, this song make reminds of my mother , she used to sing song to me , when I was small 💖

  53. Daniel Feraru

    2020 anyone?

    Malek Ben Khaled


  54. paul mulvenna

    2020 ❤️

  55. thatveganchick

    who else is listening in 2020?

    Mitrano Tigre

    @devon kurr How was it ?

    devon kurr

    Mitrano Tigre unfortunately it was underwhelming.. I’ve never left a concert so eerie and depressed. The singer was so pessimistic. Music was good no doubt, but the singer was kind of a dick, he looked like he didn’t want to be there. Axel Flóvent who was the opener was amazing, i got a picture with him and got a signature

    Robert Smith

    Mee too

    Swaraj Sadhukhan

    I'm in love with this song since many years

  56. Michaeltjuhhh

    This song reminds me of the days that my dad was patrolling in the Army at a camp.. 👌

  57. Max Musashi

    Was this shot w Nikon?

  58. Benjamin x

    Ein Freund von mir begann Suizid. Eine Freundin von mir fand ihn mit diesem wundervollen Lied auf, welches auf Dauerschleife lief

  59. Slaywa

    2020 and it still remembers me of the Gold old days

  60. Billy Kane

    I just fucking wish to go back to my childhood.

    Отто! Кац

    Aaaahaha, yep 😄

  61. Jerry

    "Fahr nachhause"
    "Auf deinem Bambusrad"

  62. Vinicius Dias

    2020 =)

  63. Bedo Harb

    I'm from 2020

  64. Sonia Reyes

    Still my favorite! 🥺

  65. Matty McCall

    Listening in 2020

  66. Evil LOON

    Native Floridian here, born in the 70"s. Thanks for great music, keep Florida life alive. Missing your stuff man. Please return. Listening in 2020.

  67. Ponk 80

    This is still awesome 11 years later :)

  68. Carlo Chambers


  69. Noah H.

    Sleep don't visit, so I choke on sun
    And the days blur into one
    And the backs of my eyes hum with things I've never done
    Sheets are swaying from an old clothesline
    Like a row of captured ghosts over old dead grass
    Was never much but we made the most
    Welcome home
    Ships are launching from my chest
    Some have names but most do not
    If you find one, please let me know what piece I've lost
    Peel the scars from off my back
    I don't need them anymore
    You can throw them out or keep them in your mason jars
    I've come home
    All my nightmares escaped my head
    Bar the door, please don't let them in
    You were never supposed to leave
    Now my head's splitting at the seams
    And I don't know if I can
    Here, beneath my lungs, I feel your thumbs press into my skin again

  70. Fawaz Ahmed

    A good way to welcome 2020 is just going home whatever,

  71. Sophie Bella

    me and my dad listened to this song in the emergency room on our way to the hospital because i was on suicide watch. he started crying, that was a year ago and i am now a day clean. but i’m still here and i thought i would most definitely be dead by now and i’m proud of myself.

    Christina Tenti

    @Jesús Adán Torres Márquez keep writing and expressing your pain. You have my condolences. It's very, very hard.

    Pine Playlist

    @Christina Tenti thanks for your support...it's just that she hurt so many people. Her friends, family everyone around her, yet the only warrior and brave soul is her, while so many people around don't get any credit for helping so much. but i know she is suffering a lot and that she doesn't want to hurt anybody, i'll keep on trying i'm not giving up

    Christina Tenti

    @Pine Playlist you're not doing anything wrong and you don't need to try anything at all you are perfect in who you are and what you are doing. I lived with someone who did exactly those things. No one was ever more angry or confused than the person doing it. It's confusing and it's hard and embarrassing. They don't realize it at the time. Later, they feel bad and want to die. It's a whole cycle. It's too much to put on yourself or others and it's ok to want her to be appreciative. She probably is and doesn't feel like she can even talk about it much less admit it. It's a hard thing. My daughter suffered with Borderline Personality Disorder. It's a terrible disease. Also, if you're really struggling to understand, maybe talk to her when she's calm and maybe get your own support. Sending you all the love. Contact me if you ever need resources.


    Sophie Bella I’m proud of you too :)

    nick gurr

    i’m proud of you!!! keep it going you got this <3

  72. Liessa Evalarosa

    Before I Wake soundtrack 😀

  73. Yøne

    oh wow 11 years of this

  74. Paleoaks

    2020.. Let's start it in the right way <3

  75. Svetern

    Happy 2020

  76. It's Metta

    2020 anyone?

  77. Michele Sauchella

    Che canzone...🔝

  78. Tess

    1:10 the nostalgia hits me hard

  79. FBI USA

    Русские тут?

  80. Omer Hijazi

    Who came. From the blacklist

  81. Wagner Conti


  82. Plewka9

    kto od Julki (Quick)?

  83. Sheldon Lombard

    Blacklist anyone? 😄

  84. Adrian Koroljov


  85. edgard messager




  87. Alex

    i am nikon

  88. Die Fisch

    Shlomo Finkelstein

    red eagle


  89. It'sMeCESAR!!!

    If i do not confuse i came here fot commercial of Mcdonald's

  90. Abdul Mtoro III

    Who's here because of the film 'Before I wake'??

  91. Just Gaming26

    The black list✌✌

  92. N1Aッ

    Che bella !

  93. Julien Ceneo

    chi qui dopo la pubblicità della Stroili?