Radical Face - Midnight Lyrics

Your gut says "turn away and walk back the way you came"
That these words are not for those awake
I watch your feet step through the fallen leaves
And I hear your heart by its broken beat
Then I smell the sickness you've got in you
And I understand the reason why you came to me
And I understand why you're not afraid

You called my name out so I showed my face
And the birds in the nest of my hair started fluttering
And I held your wrists, bound your hands filled with fine sand
And told you to trust me as though I were your enemy
And I sank my teeth in to your ribs
And drew out the blood that had turned on you
And left you to find your way back home
And I told you to guard our little secret well
And to never try and find me again
Because the next time you step beyond your walls
I'll be gone, I'll be gone, I'll be gone, I'll be gone

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Radical Face Midnight Comments
  1. violet

    is this about child rape/sexual abuse?

  2. Просто Канальчег

    Looks like Over the Garden Wall, thanks

  3. Nika Grishkova


  4. gilliebean

    these lyric videos help me understand your songs so well

  5. Skylern

    the song and artwork is truly breath-taking. they compliment one another so well, but I expect nothing less from radical face

  6. Tangent Whisper

    I adore the dark and lovely melody you guys made for this song!

  7. Katie Oliver

    I just watched this, 5 times. If I had words to express how much I enjoyed this, I would be not poor.

  8. LostSouls

    "There's a monster in our wood- she'll get you If you're not good. A nest of hair and gnawed bone: you are never ever coming...

    Valentina Chagas

    What's that???

    Püré Csótány

    I'm curious!! What is this? Did you make it?

  9. Ambient Pedals

    Love the song and visuals, has this sound that reminds me of 3 Mile Pilot.

  10. Elihu Flores

    I'd like to know what's this song about. I just don't get it.... I like it though

    Isabated Cases

    its one song in a trilogy (technically a tetralogy) of albums about a family tree with exceedingly paranormal traits and sensitivities the further down the lineage you travel.

  11. Mel 131

    I miss you Ben ,I wish you never left💔💔💔

  12. Ray Kuykendall

    is the sickness he's got a bad haircut

  13. michal dor

    Keep Making music ! hope to watch you live

  14. HumnaB

    Anyone get major Hannibal vibes?
    Anyway, I LOVE this song. Ben, you're honestly one of my favourite artists.

    Henry The Hobbit

    Because of the artwork that resembles a Wendigo creature? It did remind me of Hannibal too!

  15. lunibri

    I think Annabel might be my favorite character in the series. She's kinda awesome. :)

  16. Ara Ara Sayonara

    Svi mi koje nas je yasserstain doveo ovde.

  17. Festive Muffins

    Hello, Mr. Cooper I just wanted to ask if you are working on any new songs.

  18. Анастасия Брусницина

    It is very beautiful and mysterious!
    Is it true that Ben Cooper reads the comments?)

  19. Insomnia Doodles

    I love this so much! Thank you for another awesome video, Ben!
    It inspired me to do a painting, which I am going to try to mail to you.

    I hope you like it! http://hoboist.deviantart.com/art/Midnight-Radical-Face-fan-art-641668275

  20. R Lopez

    incredible artwork and music.

  21. cairiza

    me siento como escuchando a los Beatles

  22. JakeLikesJoking

    The artwork is amazing! The forest dweller was beautifully creepy and well-animated. Haha I loved her design. The song was, of course great as well. I always admire your music as its so pleasantly different from everything else and full of meaning. I just can't praise your work enough. 👌🏼😊

  23. Rachel Ruck

    I love it I love it I'm going to make more fanart! thanks for being an inspiration :)

    Laura M.L. Bearl

    Link to the fan art?

    Püré Csótány

    We wanna see sum :3

  24. j t


  25. Conner Japikse

    Reminds me a lot of Over the Garden Wall!!

  26. Mrs. NoMi Murray

    Absolutely gorgeous!
    Reminds me of Princess Mononoke :) the forest spirit💙💜...

  27. Liz C.

    Getting over the garden wall vibes, but this is flipping great

  28. Allie B

    wow this is such a beautiful video!! i love it so much omg

  29. Nasr Bahlaoui

    i love the animation super cooool

  30. MHNA

    This is extremely good, wow.

  31. Anon

    Really climatic. Nice animation too.

  32. cosmicwaffle 69

    God damn I love this shit. Surprisingly great for tripping.

  33. Marcus Linden

    I'm gonna see you guys when you come to Oslo in November, can't wait!

  34. Júlia R. Borges

    I'm really scared right now

  35. BB Q

    I wish I knew more about this singer's past, some of his lyrics are just so beatiful and so deep or even a little messed up and I just love them so much

    Matthew Ream

    Elliott War just look him up he's had a really interesting life

  36. Eros Velez


  37. Jiří Kadlec

    Can´t really say why, yet for me the atmosphere resembles Storm Corrosion.

  38. M. S.

    This feels like a radical face x over the garden wall mix and just, my two favorite things together, it's so, so great

  39. Lenore

    this gives me Over the Garden Wall vibes.

    Matthew Ream


    Tyson King

    Read my mind!!!

    Tor Parsons

    And Neil Gaiman "Sandman" vibes too. Just in the drawing style and the surreal and haunting narrative.

    Püré Csótány

    @Tor Parsons I did not notice it but now I see. I love both Neil Gaiman and Over the Garden Wall.

  40. Ignacio Burgos

    I got big Hunger Games Anthem vibes, the rythm and the uuu

  41. acutelatios

    Yoooo, this is probably my most favorite song. Thank you and this is such great work! I adore everything about it! You and your family and friends keep doing the awesome things you do. I wish the best for everything coming your way and such!

  42. Sacred Nutty

    the video is awesome

  43. MJ Music

    Seems perfect for Halloween

  44. Bryanna Phillips

    I love this so much