Radical Face - Letters Home - Aftermath Lyrics

Well, the men arrived as the sun began to set
And they pulled a wooden crate 'bout six feet long
I could read the news in their downcast eyes
My boy had passed away
So I stepped inside
'Cause there was nothin' left to say

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Radical Face Letters Home - Aftermath Comments
  1. omyajt

    Sometimes a sad song is just what we are looking for. I could have used about 2 or 3 more minutes to soak in this story. Thanks for posting this.


    Maybe you could extend it with some piano.

    Matthew Setlak

    this is the sequel to letters home from family tree:the branches.


    I think that void is reflective of what its like to loose a child

  2. Jose Luis Chiodo

    Nice, really nice!

  3. Amal FM

    u're creative