Radical Face - Haunted Lyrics

I can hear the car
As it rumbles up the driveway
But I'm too scared to look,
So I curl up beneath the window
And I pray they won't find me
And I pray that I'll keep still

I see your face in the glass
With branches growing from your mouth
You wear the moon like a halo
You wear the night like it's your coat
And you're always laughing
But you always look afraid
I think we're haunted

Hands against my eyes
I hear you crying in your sleep

I think we're haunted
(Clouds are coming down the chimney)
That we're never alone
(And trees are growing through the living room)
I think we're haunted
(The moon is stuck in the ceiling)
That we're swimming through ghosts
(The rain is pouring on the dining room table)
Yeah I think we're haunted
(The vines are growing up and down the walls)
That we're never alone
(The water's flooding on the kitchen floor)
I think we're haunted
(The woods are all taking it back
We've overstayed our welcome
It's time we were gone)

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