Radical Face - Along The Road Lyrics

There, along the road, was a tiny home
The yard held dead machines behind its fences
Like they were its kids
Broken down, but still worth a lot to someone
It made me stop and grin

Light from a dying moon
It blurs our eyes
And we wear a cape of fireflies
And after the world's in bed
All the ghosts come sing along
But we'll forget them
When the morning comes

And I slept on the ocean last night
I could see you all, and you all were dancing sideways
Your feet stuck to the skies
And I could see the airplanes dance behind your eyes
And I was glad I found the time

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Radical Face Along The Road Comments
  1. Deborah Soule

    So beautiful. And I know it's bad but I sorta love listening to it at 1.25 playback speed also.

  2. Chris Evans

    Fuck, and I thought the original was good! See you on the 26th in Union Chapel


    I really just want a similar version like this for Nightclothes, old gemini, kin and Bad blood

  4. Eliška Linhartová

    Your songs always make me feel such intense emotions. Thank you for doing such a great job.

  5. Nic Zman

    Unreal, im literally utterly blown away dumbfounded by this version. My heart is full

  6. Henry Bodle

    When I was going through troubles as a child, I would sleep at night by listening to Radical Face. When things got bad he was always there. I still listen now write and play my own music, hoping to maybe one day write something half as good as this. His music gives me comfort - like it always has.

  7. Isabated Cases

    Ben, you were touched by God to make music. Never stop creating.

  8. Nocturnal

    These remakes of the old songs are beautiful but I will always prefer the original ones due to the nostalgic feel I get when listening to them. Been listening to Radical Face tunes since 2012.

  9. Jake Colvin

    love the room sound and depth

  10. ashiiu


  11. Winches Grimmberg

    Beautiful song!

  12. Dodo Nn

    Woah, goosebumps!

  13. Jennifer Fleming

    I just want to say. I’ve sang this song to my boys almost every night for the past 6 years. It is the theme song to my motherhood. It holds so many sweet memories for my family and this version brought me straight to tears. Thank you for making such beautiful music.

  14. Coda Shoshone

    Thanks for posting! I would love to come to a live show but they’re too far away, so this is extra appreciated : )

  15. Vitória Karoline

    love you, ben

  16. Cayden

    My all time favorite from Radical Face!

  17. lunibri

    One of my favorite songs from the Ghost album. Can't wait to hear the rest of them soon.

  18. Vanessza Kovács

    So many people needs this. Thank you.

  19. Kelsey Thomson

    I feel so grounded, yet uplifted after that. One of my all time favorite songs reimagined in the most beautiful way 💕

  20. Affenrotze

    When is the new Album out? Can't wait!

    Radical Face

    The Ghost Anniversary Edition is out this Friday Oct.18th, and new music soon.


    @Radical Face Yeah, awesome.
    See you in Munich! <3

  21. Subparanon

    Winter is Coming is still my jam on the first cold day of autumn.

  22. PeaceEmpathyLoveHappiness RainbowFlowerPower

    All I can actually verbalize to say to you is simply: Thank You! 💚🌈

  23. Мелисса Петросян

    so awesome <3

  24. blackghostcat

    Oh fuck yes.

  25. reniejhun espiritu

    its so calm. i think its time to take my bag and go by the flow of this life.

  26. Max Hopper

    Как всегда Потрясающе,Бэн! Очень ждем твоего выступления в России =)

  27. jeff lima

    Oh ben your songs makes me feel so better about my depression, thank you so much!

  28. Nabil Sweden

    Greetings from Algeria🥂

  29. Gunkers

    thanks! i love it very much

  30. Andrew McIntyre

    What a way to wake up.

    Sophie Filo

    What a way, indeed...

  31. Malvika Thapa

    Loved it!

  32. George Kuehme

    I. Love. This!!!!!

  33. Matthew Ream

    Perfect song to lull me to sleep. Beautiful as always Ben

    Lasse Hansen

    Did you hear it till the end? :D

  34. Raine Ashyr

    It's beautiful! I can't find the words to describe how much I love this. Thank you!

  35. Rachitha Y

    One of the most beautiful music I've heard ever 💜

  36. txzier

    once again blown away by everything you do, thank you so much

  37. Jasmin Andrade-Lenz

    thank you, thank you, thank you

  38. Roberto Jr

    Sempre na hora certa😍

    Vitória Karoline

    meu Deus
    um brasileiro que gosta de radical face❤

  39. Lupe DVRA


  40. Ordoñez

    Ufff 💕💕💕

  41. Nata Lozano

    Thank you , I need this song , just at time 🌟

  42. Edwin Vallecillo

    Nice, en la hora adecuada para escuchar esta melodia......