Raconteurs, The - Steady, As She Goes Lyrics

Find yourself a girl, and settle down
Live a simple life in a quiet town

Steady as she goes (steady as she goes)
Steady as she goes (steady as she goes)
So steady as she goes

Your friends have shown a kink in the single life
You've had too much to think, now you need a wife

Steady as she goes (steady as she goes)
So steady as she goes (steady as she goes)
Well here we go again, you've found yourself a friend, that knows you well
But no matter what you do, you'll always feel as though you tripped and fell

So steady as she goes

When you have completed what you thought you had to do
And your blood's depleted to the point of stable glue

Then you'll get along
Then you'll get along

Steady as she goes (steady as she goes)
So steady as she goes (steady as she goes)
Well here we go again, you've found yourself a friend that knows you well
But no matter what you do, it always feels as though you tripped and fell
So steady as she goes
Steady as she goes

Settle for a world neither up or down
Sell it to the crowd that's gathered round
Settle for a girl neither up or down
Sell it to the crowd that's gathered round

So steady as she goes (steady as she goes)
Steady as she goes (steady as she goes)
Steady as she goes (steady as she goes)
So steady as she goes (steady as she goes)

Steady as she goes
Are you steady now?
Steady as she goes
Are you steady now?
Steady as she goes
Are you steady now?
Steady as she goes
Are you steady now?
Steady as she goes

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Raconteurs, The Steady, As She Goes Comments
  1. SleightlyHandy

    With some good headphones, this song tickles your ears

  2. TikTok

    Here bc of TikTok :)))

  3. sojourn

    The cows look more excited than the drummer!!!!!

  4. Kyle Pasta

    MAGA 2020

  5. afromaniacle

    Am I the only one reminded of lavender towns theme from pokemon Og gameboy?

  6. Luis Fernando Coutinho

    26de Dezembro de 2019

  7. John Jacob

    Is she really going out with him..........

  8. fortune demon

    Is she really going out with him - joe Jackson

    John Jacob

    I heard it......

  9. Oliver Gabriel

    bro i was playing the beginning riff on guitar and i could not figure out what song it was. i never even learned the song i just started playing it

  10. Alejandro Angeles

    Great song. Exact same chord progression of Nirvana's Rape Me. Still a great song.

  11. LabeledNotOrIouS

    Thought this was a white stripes song, could be vice versa though

  12. TheMaeq1der

    Primo. This sing is timeless and by far underrated.

  13. james macallister

    December 2019. Jus because... this tune jus rolled into my head last night an been there since lol

  14. \\Cheech Unlimited\\

    Jack White is God

  15. Gunzee

    Can someone help me find a song with the same title.
    I can't remember it well, the vocals are of a guy singing /talking without pause.
    The video is weird, it shows a girl going through her day. She in a routine until she finds a sewing machine and makes a magical dress, multi colored. A guy notices her and begins following her through a park. In the end she kneels at a pyramid, a door opens and she becomes like yarn & steps into the door. Which falls into the ground after her, the girl is cute with short hair no make up. The guy is generally good looking, wearing denim and had a mustache.
    The video is low quality, like they used a normal home video camera but it's shot well.


    Gunzee not sure but reminds me of cage the elephant- shake me down

  16. sarcastian

    Imagine if the lyrics were "steady gettin' hoes" 😎

  17. LNP RIP


  18. Aj's World Ruled by cats

    Am I the only one who thinks the singer looks like kart cobain?

  19. Anarcho-Marxist

    H E T E R O T E M P O R A L I T Y

  20. Appalachian American

    Who came here because they listened to this song a fucking decade or so ago and want a refresher. Yeah, that's me you dumb shit kids. Stick to your gucci gang shit, you don't deserve real music.


    Dude. The fact that you got all your music from mainstream radio and TV shows, just like kids today makes you just as bad. If something has rhythm, it is REAL music. Music does not care if you do not like it. Electric guitars are electronically manipulated and the tone that comes out of the speaker is not the real instrument. Old people used to think Electric guitars was not "real music" either for the same reason you think beat makers and EDM producers have no talent. Yet if you try going on FL Studio or Reason to make a trance song or an Aphex Twin song by yourself, you will not be able to do shit. You will suck at it. It takes longer to make entire songs by yourself, coordinating every instrument, designing your own sounds and instrument to the most minute of details using scientific theories and wave forms. How is it real music if you rely on one sound, one instrument and cant play anything else? How is it real music if you can only express yourself one way as a guitarist? Or a drummer? How can you convey your emotions and make a song that truly comes from you if all you have is a drum set? People do not need bands anymore. There are way better rock bands than this coming out nowadays anyway, "real music" as the uneducated like you would call it. But you would never find it because you are just as stupid as Lil Pump fans and do not have the musical aptitude to find today's good metal and rock bands.

    Logan G

    Ok boomer

  21. Dana Lorton

    Steady as she goes is my life's motto and track.

  22. Tomas T

    Beyond Meat yo

  23. J. Meara

    Tiny fucked a stump.

  24. Pilot

    im from wargaming fm

  25. Dark Swim

    Jack White = Midas Touch

  26. Alex Vendetta

    Jack White's music always has some of the most pronounced bass lines. Like straight up guiter is just the bass' backup

  27. Christine Parker Civello

    I’ve heard this song and have seen the video a billion times. It looks and sounds fresh every time.

  28. Tiffany Kinsel

    I'm waiting on leather face to run out of that creepy house.....

  29. Lexie Larsen

    Lead singer reminds me of revenge era Gerard way

  30. Taylor Gal

    good song

  31. #нэг Боорчи


  32. Severus Snape

    This happened to video of Why Do We Build The Wall as well ... PhilosophyTube fans hijack everything 😊

  33. Emma Byrne

    I love how many people are here because of philosophy tube, and that Olly has single(?)- handedly turned this into a queer anthem.

  34. Slimeee •

    This song was on some game i had on Nintendo DS till this day i can’t figure what game 😂

    KnightOfHanoi829 Productions

    Slimeee • guitar hero?

  35. YukiTatsuki

    Philosophy Tube brought me here.

  36. ZanicFn

    Her from psych

  37. D00m-Mantia

    Fuck Philosophy Tube and his garbage cover of this song

  38. tremisanthrope

    As I get older, I appreciate this song more and more

  39. Gelatinous Cube

    Sorry this is now a bi anthem. I don't make the rules.

    Tasnim Rashid

    OK but the emo bi anthem will still be girls/girls/boys

    Emma Byrne

    Personally I think it fits as an anthem for queer people in general


    Well it's an anthem for people who generally can't seem to settle down, you don't have to exclude anybody

    Richard Perry

    So Bucks Fizz 'Makin your mind up' probably isn't.


    @iLikeNoodles yall Straights aren't being excluded, thats not how it works

  40. Lewis Smith

    Why is nobody talking about the mouthfeel

    Nick Snrub

    We are! It's all we ever talk about anymore.

  41. Angelina Walters

    Dammit Olly you got this stuck in my head again after years of not hearing it.

    James Robertson

    Go listen to Billie Eilish sing Ocean Eyes. You'll think there's an implant in your brain for the next two weeks.

  42. donutmaster437

    Here from The Discourse(tm)

  43. kevin willems

    Who here from Philosophy Tube?


    here cuz i covered the song with my school band and philosophy tube remindet me of it


    @stipser1 what's thats?

  44. Jean-Luc

    Oliver Thorn brought me here

  45. Jean-Luc

    Oliver Thorn brought me here

  46. TheDubstepAddict

    Thanks olly thorne

  47. Blackforest98

    M O U T H F E E L

    Novia Toria

    *Wittgensteinian Theory of Dick* ✨

    Tony Campbell

    H E T E R O T E M P O R A L I T Y

  48. fritzehn

    Here because of Philosophy Tube


    I never really paid attention to the lyrics until that.

    PMTV Channel

    @hali1989 he was indeed


    He sure was better


    Aw yeah ✨

  49. Kin Laison

    Here from philosophytube

  50. Julia Tetzlaff

    This music is genious I listen since I was 13 and it reminds me of my first stolen-from-dad drinks and messing around breaking things in empty places

  51. Bernard5972

    lol no risk of clipping here, well at least in the final. it would be nice to have a small cheap line-amp huh. but the way it's set up, i couldn't probably break these speakers if i tried. i did ask for that. if i was in linux i could go to 125%. but you know, it's rocket science. maybe if we each contributed a minute, we could get to the 500 minutes required to implement 125% perfectly in windows.

  52. Bernard5972

    i think they like interlacing artifacts

  53. Juan Diego Garzon Martinez

    Didn't know that Skrillex was the bass player of this band

  54. michael walter

    Steady as she goes. Michaelwm

  55. David J. Teachout

    The lead vocalist looks evil, sorta. I think the song is chill, though 🤨

  56. spaz 81

    That cow is the star of this video

  57. masterkiler666

    esta banda esta ala altura de nirvana

  58. fartheraway2004

    Who remembers this from fuse

  59. Adam

    Song of the Day
    10-16-19: Steady as She Goes | The Raconteurs
    also on: www.onecuriousworld.com

  60. martyfriedman666

    Why does the volume drop at 0:44 lol

  61. Pedro Gomez


  62. Curtisunit

    Whoever mixed this must hate drums. All I hear is guitar first vocal second bass third and then finally drums. Great band good song.

  63. iris Stemler

    Jack black is such an amazing artist

  64. James Pearce

    Is he really going out with her?

  65. Scheidia Lemos

    Adoro esse som😍

  66. rebin uncle

    Naive wife

  67. Michael Miller

    That gets you nowhere bro

  68. Fire of Caron

    I wonder who this thinks it is...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TzKSFbsh2Y

  69. Bad Alice

    Yep. that's right.

  70. Mark Francis1977

    like it.

  71. Mitchell Smith

    How did Joe Jackson not sue Jack White for this. He obviously showed the Look Smart shoes so it's a tribute?

  72. Miguel Piedrola

    Really good. I didn't know them and they have pleasantly surpised me.

  73. Geri A

    What guitars are they playing

  74. Wolfthorn pubg

    Snape an Willy Wonka started a band

  75. Ryan Beers

    Hmm.. wish I could remember what movie/show/commercial the instumental to this was used in 😤🤬SMFH..!!

  76. Brian Earner

    Marriage 😎

  77. Ryan Beers


  78. juliagulia

    Love this song. My boyfriend showed me the documentary of him, The Edge, and Jimmy Page. Amazballs!!

  79. loveTheBlues

    I got the wheel alignment on my car done today, after years, and this song came to my mind, 'Steady as she goes'. So here I am.

  80. Kubota

    I'm drunk. Music is great, video sucks.

  81. Fappablo Gfx

    Dear Rosemary-Foo Fighters anyone??

  82. josh osborne

    Snape Willy Wonka and a wild Karen started a band, nice

  83. Simon Garcia

    How is this not more popular than 7n army.

  84. lovin every minute of it

    Have you ever heard such an amazing style of raw pure talent that can blend with any other musicians and make it to be magic..... Well meet jack white .....

  85. Anderson Miranda

    Muito Bom.

  86. Zayuri Ordaz

    i just finished buying the ticket for their concert in México! my first concert ever! fuck i wannna cryyyyyy!!!

  87. Chad Scott

    Great tune respect jack white

  88. Odin 8856


  89. Ryan Kelly

    That bass line is almost the exact same as Joe Jacksons "is she really going out with him". Listen to it and tell me different!

    Mitchell Smith

    It's a tribute to JJ. See the white look sharp shoes? He paid Joe royalties

  90. Fali Dadachanji

    The best song ever

  91. Martha Merino

    July 2019!

  92. Hadley Scott McIntyre

    I dig that house!

  93. eddie martinez

    just found this....wow