Raconteurs, The - Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness) Lyrics

I'll buy you a Chevrolet
I'll buy you a Chevrolet
I'll buy you a Chevrolet
If you just give me some of your love girl
Just give me some of your love
Just give me some of your love babe
Just give me some of your love

I'll buy you a diamond ring
I'll buy you a diamond ring
I'll buy you a diamond ring
If you just give me some of your love girl
Just give me some of your love
Just give me some of your love babe
Just give me some of your love

I'll buy you a Cadillac
I'll buy you a Cadillac
I'll buy you a Cadillac
If you just give me some of your love girl
Just give me some of your love
Just give me some of your love babe
Just give me some of your love

I'll buy you a sugar cube
I'll buy you a sugar cube
I'll buy you a sugar cube
If you just give me some of your love man
Just give me some of your love
Just give me some of your love girl
Just give me some of your love

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Raconteurs, The Hey Gyp (Dig The Slowness) Comments
  1. Marc Fabian Erdl

    The How is clear. But the Why escapes me.

  2. Pietro Pes

    Nice cover - kinda like late Beatles style, Donovan would dig it I reckon

  3. Dynamite McLazerbeam

    This is a cover of a Donovan song

  4. Erin Hobbs

    Memphis minnie said, "you aint doin nuthin to me...." ah yeah!

  5. King Vidiot

    The Orphans version of this Donovan song is way better!

  6. 8chk9

    ..what a lousy version.

  7. Sophy Kapp

    My fave.

  8. Cook moore

    Such a fitting song for them. Especially since the Greenhornes played with Burdon. In Donovan style. Always got the good ear like with Terry Reid.

  9. T P

    Tracing the roots of this cover...

    1966 - Eric Burdon and The Animals “Hey Gyp”
    1965 - Donovan “Hey Gyp”
    1930 - Memphis Minnie & Kansas Joe “Can I do it for you?”

  10. Jeffrey Chase

    He wants to buy an American made car for a woman, just when I thought I couldn't love Jack White more

  11. velvet raptor

    Beyond great. I woke up this morning with this in my head.

  12. Cheetahcat Tilamba

    Go check out Eric Burdon doing this, puts them to shame

  13. Katie Manire

    Living for the harmonica

  14. velvet raptor

    I'll bet you anything Don loves WHAT THEY DID WITH THIS. Gotta play it again now. Yeah, the spirits are walking with you Jack and friends.

  15. velvet raptor

    Best one on the album. Outrageous.

  16. thejewellershands

    This song reminds me of Louis Prima's "sing, sing, sing" and makes me dance the boogie-woogie lol

  17. Judith Lustig

    Here is my evidence https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2383926278506276&id=100006667815997&set=a.2383926301839607&source=56&ref=bookmarks

  18. Benjamin Paige

    This reminds me of the Beatles a little bit

  19. Chaotic Embrace

    Most anticipated album of 2019!!!!..... only days away!!!!!!!.......see u on tour guys!!!!!!

  20. Oscar Herrera

    Get Donkey Kong vibes at the start :’)

  21. Connor K.

    Never knew I needed Raconteurs covering a Donovan deep cut

  22. Elijah Shanor

    I like every thing ive heard so far. Except i cant help but feel its a missed opportunity to not have the fully developed catchier jam with harmonica until the very end. Kind of like "help me stranger"... it's great, but honestly, stripped down sounds better, like the last 10 seconds of it is just distorted bass, drums..

  23. manu vellutini

    Je les ai vus hier soir à Paris à l olympia. C etait top.

  24. Joolz Jones Music

    I love it! What an amazing cover of my step-grandfathers tune! You guys are the best!

    Roger Smith

    My first recollection of this song was when Donovan recorded it. It's on the album "Fairytale" (1965)

  25. Sawizzard

    this makes my nipples stand

  26. Pamela Rollins

    OMG! The Raconteurs covering Donovan! I've died and gone to heaven!

  27. Meghan Griffith

    You guys are just being total assholes about it.

  28. MrWimMichels

    Please don't ruin other's people songs, do write your own songs, thanks.

    Scourge Of The Earth

    MrWimMichels poor baby

  29. bronco devil

    Check out Donovans version.

  30. Jayy pat

    Definitely need some more of this in my life

  31. Danelle Covey

    3 shows in a week in Tulsa! Got my tickets for all 3! I <3 living in Tulsa!

  32. Spe7z

    1.25x is the way

  33. David Truong

    This track is so cool and retro sounding - love it!

  34. Carlo Miguet


    Carlo Miguet

    Ramon Pipin - La porte du Jardin - 1992

  35. RacBeat girl

    how much r the tickets 2 their show in knoxville,tn? HOT DAMN!!!

  36. David Rorke


  37. Jana Krause

    Love Donovan. Love The Raconteurs. Love this.

  38. Infamous Guitarist

    Going to see them in Atlanta anyone else?

  39. leo calostros

    that killswitch on Jack's voice

  40. Marie Emanuelle

    I loooooooooooove Jack White

  41. Ron Kozlowski

    holy shit! nice work. i just might ask my youngest (22) if he,s up for a road trip to Pa.

  42. BakerImageGroup

    Prepare for a new Chevy commercial.

  43. Катя Байрашева

    This song from 20189 woah hello future

  44. Peter Bell

    Great tune nice guitar work reminds me of the early beatles songs very cool

  45. Don't Mind me

    Thought this was a Chevrolet ad at first lmao

  46. Alex Dias

    We need more rock

  47. Leo Williams

    Novo hit do samba

  48. Jean-Marie Boucherit

    This is a song from the 60s

    Wayne Thera

    Jean-Marie Boucherit yes I get some Yardbirds style out of this groove.

  49. Gillian Morris

    Brilliant song!

  50. Sebastien Walgraeve

    Quite the King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard vibe goin' on, love it

  51. New Alternative 40 Chart

    "Hey Gyp (Dig the Slowness" debuted at #16 on the New Alternative 40 Chart this week!

  52. Piloto Vela

    Sounds [email protected]$”ng great! lml.

  53. Sonya Becklehimer

    *I use to listen to the white stripes alot, but haven't explored lately, I think I found one of my favorite bands!*

    Sonya Becklehimer

    P.s I'm on my mom's account

  54. El Tom

    Please come to Italy!!!

  55. Jack Kinette

    the song is good but fuck the lyrics are terrible unless your a girl especially if you cant afford to buy anything XD

  56. Solar Sailor


  57. tristan thompson

    Still don't understand Jack's hate for Philadelphia or anything near the tristate area??

  58. Mark D

    Sunday driver is a hit already! Love jack white🇨🇦

  59. headfonic

    Maintain the awesome job !! Lovin' it!

  60. Malcolm Bond

    Who's blowin' harp? Nice work...

  61. Jeff S

    Jammin'! 3/3 dope new songs! Album should be great!

  62. Dope Scope

    How ya gonna do Detroit like this?

  63. cmz8706

    taking bets Over / Under 72 hours that the Black Keys drop their next single...

    Démian Gourdeau

    Over, they cant compete 😎

  64. Thereis Hope


  65. Thereis Hope


  66. jCon1996 Justin Connor


  67. Gilda Hobbs

    YES I'm so excited

  68. TheMetal Hammer

    Modern Beatles! Can't wait for this album!

  69. Jp Stiegel

    Now keep in mind brothers and sisters, I am after all a Ford. But despite my nonsensical prejudices, I will still show some mad love for this tune. Why? Because, regardless of what type vehicle you roll in, this mother will rock the roof right off the sucka.

  70. James Viice

    is this hip hop?

  71. James Viice

    wow so kickypunchy

  72. Rubens F. Rodrigues


  73. Hakan Dursun

    Amazing !

  74. Julio Cesar Pereira

    Cool! I got to listen to this song as "Chevrolet" interpreted by Foghat off his 1978 album "Stone Blue": https://youtu.be/6GrK2KYMcuA

  75. Seven Caravan

    По мне так, слабовато стало

  76. Show Pigs


  77. Blessings Sithole

    Now I'm happy happy happy!

  78. Adriana McGee

    Can I just keep the cars? (No strings attached..?) :P

  79. yesiah suprees

    that intro drum break tho! fire.

  80. yesiah suprees

    that intro drum break tho! fire.

  81. Maggie


  82. Reynaldo Becerra

    🎶🤘🏻 yeah!!!

  83. Clifton Hummel-Young

    Welcome back Jack.

  84. X Marks

    They should cover Run For Your Life by The Beatles. That would be da bomb.


    Hell yeah!

  85. Alex O'Connell

    Getting a De Stijl vibe

  86. TokyoBlue

    WHY does nobody come to Florida on their tour??


    Florida Man

  87. TokyoBlue

    Rockin' that harmonica

  88. Low Powered Training Round Matthews

    Sounds like a culmination of lots of Jack Whites styles; can even hear De Stijl in this

  89. Joshua Howard

    Second best Donovan Cover I've ever heard (Deep Purple Lalena #1). I love the Raconteurs so much. Can't stop listening to Brendan Benson's solo albums as well.

    andrew brookes

    Try the hoodoo gurus version...live! Its insane

    Pamela Rollins

    Karen Elson's Season Of The Witch does not suck.

  90. Mitchell Scogna

    Getting a King Gizzard vibe


    Maybe More Murlocs but there's 100% some aussie influence here

  91. Bob Zmuda

    reminds me of the mighty boosh

  92. Cross-N-Eyed

    So Great to be able to JAM to The Raconteurs again!!

  93. Jake Gripp

    I need more, I just can’t wait till summer

  94. ErichWilliam

    Sounds like the boys have been hanging in New Orleans for a bit!