Raconteurs, The - Help Me Stranger Lyrics

If you call me I'll come running
And you can call me anytime
And these sixteen strings we're strumming
They will back up every line (every line, every line)

If you call me I'll come running
And you can call me anytime
And these sixteen strings we're strumming
They will back up every line

There's a motivation about you
That moves me when we're apart
It agitates my affection
And it wants to break my heart

Help me stranger
Help me get it off my mind
Get me back on my feet
Brother can you spare the time?

Help me stranger
Help me get it off my mind
Get me back on my feet
Brother can you spare the time?

It's not essential that I feel you
But it's a sensitive device
I'm reverential when I hear you
I genuflect to your advice

Well I wish I had the words
And I want those words to rhyme
And I wish I had the nerve
Cause I sure don't have the time

Help me stranger
Help me get it off my mind
Get me back on my feet
Brother can you spare the time?

Help me stranger
Help me get it off my mind
Get me back on my feet
Brother can you spare the time?

Brother can you spare the time?
Brother can you spare the time?
Brother can you spare the time?

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Raconteurs, The Help Me Stranger Comments
  1. LittleBird

    It sounds weird hearing this after the tour, so much slower than live. When they 1st started the tour I was used to (this) album version and I thought "Wow they're really in a hurry playing", and now, this sounds like molasses. I like it slow better. Slow down ya'll.

  2. Paul Cachia

    Not even close to sounding like The Beatles!

  3. juan pablo el gris


  4. Michelle De Angelis

    Thanks for coming to Brazil in 2019! We loved to see you and Patti Smith at Popload!!!... 🇧🇷💕🇺🇸💕

  5. Ken Wensley

    Lets be honest Jack Whites guitar is the hero here! Ok? Its all awesome! :-)

  6. Joshuenik

    Este tema lo conoci por RADIOACTIVA 💪

  7. patrick booten

    With boarding house ...... jack realy suprised me with a damn great album , and then this great album by the raconteurs . A good musician goes trough different styles which jack white does , Together with beck and few other musicians .💜💜💜💜 .

  8. That One Girl

    *dances like a maniac*

  9. jeremy stephens

    This song makes me happy

  10. R. D.

    Welcome back guys.

  11. Plush vids hd

    What instrument is Jack Lawrence playing? Anybody know?

  12. RacBeat girl

    jack, u can call me anytime,baby.

  13. MusiCinemAddict

    I saw them live, God blessed me!

  14. laurcholl

    Marry me Jack

  15. the Preacher

    Jesus Christ loves all of you his children no matter what you've done even you
    God Bless America
    Merry Christmas

  16. Lizeth Garza Navarro

    A por que tiene que ser tan perfecta y tan hermosa esta cancion la amooo

  17. Ward Mizell

    Like hanging with friends who “get it”.. and their wacky infant

  18. gixxer fixxer

    What's the opening song?

  19. Joao Paulo

    Is the beginning of the song some sample? if yes please tell me.

  20. Spidey

    This should be in the soundtrack of the next guardians of the galaxy movie

  21. Vinnie Durrant

    Raconteurs number 1 you dumb fuck

  22. Lorosa'e


  23. walter Thorne

    its 4:36 in Chicago just left undergound lougue, nd so really nice artist goth kids were quite mean bullies , nd we did well did fight scream or yell just dances, nd trances, try to walk off some mental illness but we hate bullies nd mean people . So this music right now is giving me the right groove nd mojo to survice this night alone. nd not hate myself . because we ran away instead of standing up for myself. so maybe one day the people that dismiss me might like me, nd inivite me for dinner. we dought but sometimes people care nd look out for others they don't know , to night your music. turned my evil energy in gobs of paint to make art nd play with . thank you , nd some day we hope we can work for you or at least thank you eye to eye.

  24. marmagic

    LOVE IT!

  25. Bucky Barnes

    Nice song!

  26. Matheus Eduardo Gianesini

    i like they keep in this direction

  27. Christine Parker Civello

    No, I don’t have the time, do you have the dime?

  28. Christine Parker Civello

    Jack White makes me absolutely crazy!😋

  29. RacBeat girl

    who uses payphones in 2019?

    RacBeat girl

    a geek-freak

  30. PerfectPlaylists

    😍 this song 😍 love this album 😍

  31. MusiCinemAddict

    I realised that the album is a BOMB when I tried to find my favorite song! Impossible to choose, I have like 10 favorite songs.

  32. HailOdin666

    Nazis not seas

  33. Corey Davis

    Some dawn good guitar sounds, words and cool singing.

  34. Pirateking Captjay

    Fort Myers, FL... Bonita Springs Hertz arena. Come down this way. I am Pirate Jay on 98.1 FM WBGY Marco Island, Marco Rocks!

  35. Brandan Briscoe


  36. Joseph Hoffman

    Man they're such talented musicians..This song sounds very cool ..

  37. Vanina Metsu

    Good treep tonight. Thanks.nina.

  38. mark

    google them completely

  39. Mariano Freyre

    Rock n roll for drug people xD

  40. Jbubbah671

    Love that they play this on regular station and the CBC up in Canada . CBC is picky. Lol

  41. The Fisher Kings


  42. The Fisher Kings



    THE FISHER KINGS - Get Behind Me
    Back to You
    These Old Bones
    Turns to Gold
    Fall into the Blue

    The Fisher Kings


  43. DEU

    I can't believe that there is a band playing stuff like this nowadays. This is a masterpiece.

  44. Ariel Romero


  45. Corey Davis

    This song motivated me to get out of the hospital and to over come a life threatening sickness. To get me back on my feet.

  46. dave warren

    has that screaming trees feel to it

  47. Lawson Acton

    How many are going to go to the Cains Ballroom concert?

  48. PHNX EN3RG

    That electric guitar tone is something else.

  49. Angela F

    Fell and broke my ankle walking into see you at ACL yesterday. I made it thru that show, I would do that over and over again. Hoping to see you all again on your with this album.

  50. Nt G

    Jack White looks like Greta Thunberg`s brother. Twins. No joke. Seems like they both has master skills - different directions thou.

  51. Michelle De Angelis

    Adorable new album!
    Love & Respect,
    from Brazil

  52. read

    saw them in dallas last night - i left early. im old now.....i get it. but i go to a show to see the band and see the people. this band is not good to see - a million old ugly men with boyfriends or the other bunch of dudes that looked like duck dynasty fans....and absolutely no females worth looking at - and just for the record....the music sucked....painfully so. i took my daughter to see The Wrecks not too long ago....in dallas. now that show had it going on....great music i guess....everybody seemed energized and there was such a good crowd of lively youngsters and many of the females were quite attractive. this j white band tries to play like they arent another one of J Whites bands....but the music and vibe is lame and gross and then you have this court jester - j white - running around the stage trying to invigorate the band and audience....but the music sucks...so it doesnt work. i left kind of pissed off wondering when that song about a buffalo was going to play - then i googled (yes i kept my phone in the show) and figured out it ws a dead weather song. whatever.

  53. Vladimir Kamenov

    This is the Raconteurs album that I needed in my life. This is beautiful. Thanks guys!! You could easily drop a tear from joy for this, atleast I did. Thanks again! The Milkman hat's owner is Forever ♡ and so is everyone around him ♡

  54. Walter Madison

    At 2:24 you can see Benson trying to hide a smile as he and Lawrence push the drawer at each other

  55. Jake Lamotta

    Is it jst me or does Jack White never look old??

  56. Zep Queen

    Rockin tune! 🤘

  57. Valeria Mc Cormick


  58. Valeria Mc Cormick


  59. Catherine May

    I want a raconteurs video directed by Tim Burton, please.

  60. Huelogy

    I can spare the time, brothers!

  61. Daniel Fernandez

    bad song

  62. Angel Hermida


  63. Angel Hermida


  64. tracertloopback

    I honestly think this is my favorite song that they have done.

  65. Simon Lamoureux

    Anything the man touches turns to solid gold. Thank you Jack !!!

  66. Lori B

    Why was the smoking baby necessary?

  67. Manny Leela

    Great song. Love the sound when shown in a video. Also no Tesla coil required.

  68. Lee Wood

    Love it.

  69. Matt T

    Does anybody know the pedal Jack uses for those little riffs

  70. Simon James Young

    Yeah, Why Not

  71. Corey Davis

    Super good music. Dr. Reed likes this of Criminal Minds.

  72. Karl D'Rocco Gallant

    BORING, Jack -- you can do better than this. Sheesh. . . it needs horns or something

  73. Justin Ray

    Bass sounds good in the car but on mobile and PC it sounds trash. Otherwise great song I’ll be back for more

  74. double buster


  75. deanhamilton

    Its weird this started witha Trump campaign ad. WTF made me not want to watch.

  76. Roman Korvinus

    I've just about burnt through my old conflict, my mind has settled and the hatred doesn't build like it used to. We'll see what my memoir does...

  77. osualum85

    This song absolutely rocks!

  78. Jake Lamotta

    Mann this is good!

  79. Ethiene Taylor

    I love this song is so greatttt...

  80. Ali

    I just discovered this group yesterday when they were with fallon, and damn this is really good music, deserve more views

  81. Chuck McMicheal

    Wow; was presently surprised.

  82. Brett Holtslander

    LOVE THIS ! ... Jack White was putting out some really weird stuff for a few years. like ... the OPPOSITE of this

  83. KEATS GIPSY Keats

    ⭐️ love this song ... video works 👍

  84. Edmilson Sbragi

    Great song

  85. Letícia Irineu

    Looiooive it

  86. RacBeat girl

    woo hoo, awesome show in knoxville, tn(august 11th). i hope i didn't embarrass u when i said "i love u jack white". i love your art, just wanted 2 clarify that. u are a very talented band. please continue 2 do projects together. for the most part, top 40 music is just crap and not art. rock on, racboys.

  87. angus L.

    Yes please, thank you.
    I didnt know I was hungry until you fed me this

  88. Fake Drummer

    OK, you got my attention. Where do I put the credit card number to make the videos play/pause/back up/resume as requested?

  89. Chinger Burger


  90. Hinata Patata

    They all look older but damn it, Brendan looks dead.

  91. greatbasinman

    Got the makings of mass appeal 😎😎😎

  92. hungerinamerica

    Great tune. Rock 'n' roll yet lives.

  93. filli news

    real talk..

  94. Brandon Miller

    Great song! It has a nice '90s vibe. I really thought it was from the 1990s at first.

  95. Jonathan Ewing

    Ahh now this is a raconteurs track

  96. Timothy D Merkley

    Check out The Astros, One Way Ticket they take influence from the Raconteurs. they’re on YouTube, Spotify Etc.

  97. Dasean Volk

    This has got to be the most boring attempt at a rock n roll hit I have heard in a while...