Rachelle Ann Go - I Will Always Love You Anyway Lyrics

Why do we keep hurting each other
Why can't we find the right words to say
We should know better loves not a game
It's hard enough finding an easy way
Tell me where did we go wrong

Are we giving up and say that it's over
Is there anyway to make it okay
It won't be the same if you walk out the door
True love is always worth fighting for
Do you think we have a second chance

Why can't we fall in love again
I can't live without you back in each other's arms again
Like the way we used to but if after all is said and done
You still walk away I will always love you anyway

Everything now has come for a reason
Why does it seems like life is a game
If we can save all the good we had
Remember the moments and keep the past
We can hold onto our time and place

If love could only stay with us forever
If you could only feel how my heart breaks you would stay

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Rachelle Ann Go I Will Always Love You Anyway Comments
  1. The Unbreakable

    All the songs of Rachelle are damn good!!!

  2. jonah tejano

    I love this song❤❤

  3. applemasato

    There's one person you'll ALWAYS love no matter how much pain they put you through...(~_~;)