Rachel Platten - Work Of Art Lyrics

My heart beats like it's on fire
And everything is all right
As long as I am inspired

I stitch together my life
From hand-me-downs
And good advice that finally fit me
(good advice that finally fit me)

Put my heart where my head should be
And light up the rest of me
'cause the dreams
They won't fall apart through the stars through the stars
When your life is a work of art

I found there's a door to my insight
I flung it open so dreams
Could rush in like a heart attack

I learned a lot
And I lived in a fairy tale
'cause in the end I'm not pretending

Put my heart where my head should be
And light up the rest of me
'cause the dreams
They won't fall apart through the stars through the stars
When your life is a work of

Heart where my head should be
And light up the rest of me
'cause the dreams
They won't fall apart through the stars through the stars
When your life is a work of art

When your life is a work of art

Because my heart keeps tumblin'
And I keep fumblin'
My life keep going
Then I jump in the ocean

My heart keeps tumblin'
The parts start coming
And I
Think I am finally ready ready ready

I put my heart where my head should be
And light up the rest of me
'cause my dreams
They won't fall apart through the stars through the stars
When your life is a work of

Put my heart where my head should be
And light up the rest of me
'cause the dreams
They won't fall apart through the stars through the stars
When your life is a work of

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Rachel Platten Work Of Art Comments
  1. kris natividad

    i still wonder what would happen after that final episode

  2. kris natividad

    it has been years but i still watch jane by design over and over again

  3. Hillary Weixler

    Why isn’t this song on Spotify!??

  4. Arvin Ryan Feliciano

    Everytime I listened to this song, I imagined there's going to be a season 2 of Jane By Design at some point. 😅

  5. stan gfriend


  6. Jay Ram

    My heart was set apart for a charter to depart her. I outsmart them to outlast and come apart, i will laugh last!!!
    My heart was set apart to take part in the "WORK OF ART" from the START!!!
    My heart was set apart cos it is the "WORK OF ART" that fell apart in my Body part from the START, They all laughed at ME!!!

  7. Krystal Ortiz

    Legit just rewatched all of Jane by design. Still disappointed with the cliffhanger and it getting canceled.

  8. Sarah_____

    Wow. I had no idea she sung this song. Jane By Design was my fave show.

  9. kiya maggie 卌

    Jane By Design 💕💕 so sad it was canceled💔

  10. Pamela Rodriguez

    I loved this song so much when this show came out and I had no idea she'd be pretty big now.. went back to this after rewatching Jane by design

  11. plattenfan 4606

    This song is my ring tone and alarm song

  12. Dustin Darland

    What a nice song.

  13. Vishal Chaudhary

    Amazing <3

  14. Olivia O'Neill

    I love this song

  15. Halley Bond

    miss jane by design soo much it was the best teen show on TV about Fashion and High school, it needs either come back or get picked up by other channel... please someone make that happen!


    Halley Bond you could always start a petition. I'd sign it. Lots will too

    Halley Bond

    https://www.change.org/p/change-org-bring-jane-by-design-back..... i made a petition

  16. Amara

    Rip Jane by design

  17. Sakura Haruno

    Thumbs up if Jane by Design got you here.

  18. N H.

    Why I couldn't find this on spotify?

    Alexis Rene

    N H. It used to be on it but they took it down for copyright reasons...they do that with a lot of songs unfortunately 😕

  19. DiamondCookie 05

    This should be a Christmas song!

  20. Megyn Michelle

    Every song of her relates to me in one way or another. Rachel is just an incredible songwriter and person. 😍

  21. prida pajarit

    best song ever

  22. Moonfishdreams

    Who would want this song in there dreams? ME!😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀❤️❤️❤️love it

  23. MzBra66

    <3 such an amazing artist with such beautiful work

  24. Koko Yuli

    wow Rachel Platten is the best artis in my heart i like all song Rachel Patten i hope can see her consert in INDONESIA

  25. Skeptical Lemon

    ya'll need to stfu about Jane By Design this isn't about Jane its about Rachel

  26. Quỳnh Phạm

    I was looking up at my song list and i saw this song with her name. and i thought "hey is rachel platten the girl who sings fight song?" and i googled it. and it surprised me a little bit haha

  27. Alana kiernan

    Love this song :) :)

  28. Ariel Williams

    I miss watching Jane by design😄

    angelina ratsasack

    #jilly SHOULD'VE BEEN A THING!!!!!


    me too 😢

  29. Caro Marin

    I remember when I listened to this song on repeat and i loved her voice and now I listen to her on the radio almost everyday. I am super proud of Rachel <3 <3

  30. Neil Staniforth

    love it x

  31. Jos Ant

    Amazing song.

  32. Sparkles And Nargles

    these days, I just miss Jane By Design so so so much. Hope they bring it back or whatever.

  33. Paul Fisher

    love it

  34. Simply Simon

    OMFG When I was constantly replaying Fight Song I never realized I had another one her songs on replay years ago... lol go Rachel

  35. Christoph Franek

    This is my Song ! I love this music ! Yeah !

  36. Andrea Kuo

    Miss Jane By Design so much !!!!!!!!!!!! Everytime listening to this song, reminds me of what life should be. Wish that this song is on Spotify :)))))))))

    Clo Creates

    Andrea Kuo who's that

    Clo Creates

    Maurice Evans whoa, you just used my last name!

    Studio 28平和と破壊

    Clayne crawford's BIGGEST FAN did I 😂

    Clo Creates

    Maurice Evans Lol yep Chloe Tew 😂

  37. Lauren Scully

    jane by design was the best show ever

  38. Julia Lis

    ОБОЖАЮ ЭТУ ПЕСНЮ )0)00))))00)

  39. Cynthia Roley

    I wish this  song was on her album..

  40. Angel Upreti

    I love this song #Aimyloves

  41. Elashia Thomas

    Jane by Design introduced me to this song

    Cynthia Roley

    Jane By Design introduced me to the amazing Rachel Platten!

  42. The Adults

    i miss Jane by Design so much! ugh why did they cancel it? it was so good! Plus they left us with a cliffhanger :(

    Nusaibah Shaik

    Farrah Chen i feel uuu :(((

    plattenfan 4606

    The Adults that must really stink . Who does that

    Syasya Irdina

    The Adults IKR THE CLIFFHANGER OMG IM SO MADDD im honestly still waiting for season 2 😂😂

    Dean Absol

    They said story was confusing and twist. To me the story was good, untik I dont see any mistake.

    Dont know where the mistake, but it was really bad because of critique and rate they have to stop the show. They have to make comeback though

  43. Ireth Elannessë

    AimyLoves :D

  44. Nana Chen

    miss jane by design so much

    Minh Tuấn Nguyễn

    me too :(

  45. angel cloe

    I miss jane by design why why why did the cancelled it I don't know

  46. littlegoldfoxx



    littlegoldfoxx agreed 😭

  47. Marta Gómez

    rt si estas por sowick

  48. Brennda Menezes

    Jane by design *------*

  49. Avamander /

    Wrong cover art !

  50. Denise Carolyn

    this is her best song <3

  51. TheHollywoodKen

    I so miss this show.

  52. Emma Istvanffy

    jane by design was the best show ever on abc family:(

  53. Aimee Page

    OH MY GOSH ITS THE JANE BY DESIGN SONG! What a happy coincidence :)

  54. shanchai025

    really..?? im gonna watch it! thanks! :D

  55. m0nitta96

    they added a couple of new episodes. 11-18...maybe im just behind but i barely found them on netflix

  56. jlhabitan50

    Soundtrack ng buhay ko ang Jane by Design, under different circumstances of course. :))

  57. shanchai025

    Why did they cancel the 2nd season of JBD?? damn! I fell in love with this series and the cancelled it..? :(

  58. regina

    I know right? That show is... ugh, and Jane by Design was really different and creative... :/ Wish they hadn't cancelled it!

  59. Liseli T

    i think u mean them*

  60. Maria Guerrero

    Still can't believe the show was cancelled

  61. Nickey Siegerman

    Fuck the producers who decided to cancel this show. Secret Life should have been cancelled after the first episode.

    Halley Bond

    Nickey Siegerman lol soo true

  62. i'm not nika

    I'm here because of Ingrid from Missglamorazzi

  63. HeyHeyItzGabbie

    The show is cancelled :/

  64. Marisa.OvO

    I want then to make more episodes of Jane by design

  65. Marisa.OvO

    I love the show Jane by design

  66. Halgal24

    omg this is from Jane by design

  67. gzone

    I want Jane by design

  68. jeremie diaz

    i feel sad the show got cancelled but after watching a few episodes, now i know why. some plot sequences are so predictable. the music score changes so often more than the dialogues. characters are underdeveloped, complicated and so stereotypical. nevertheless, it shows how fashion really is behind the runway: pasty and shallow. but dont get me wrong. i love sex and the city, the devil wears prada, and project runway.

  69. Anna Robb

    I apparently she always starts with the same tune on this one, thousand ships and nothing ever happens :/

  70. Chrissi Noble

    I can't believe they can else Jane by deidg n

  71. Winie Clairjeune

    Im love this it inspire me to work hard so I can achieve my dream and ilove to ddesign

  72. OmniVox MultiMedia

    This song kicks so much ass

  73. EternalShockk

    I know right, even tho I'm a guy (I'm saying this because this show is more preferred by women) I love this show. :D It's like a drug. :p

  74. Abby Amy

    I can't believe they canceled Jane by design. that was the only season of shows I ever really watched all the way through on ABC.

  75. Abby Amy

    why? why? why ABC? thic song makes me want to cry.

  76. Krish

    The top comments really make me sad...

  77. musicallytalented321

    I'm here because I like Rachel Platten. WHOO HOO!

  78. Elizabeth a.k.a Ibeth

    i'm here because Jane by Design..

  79. Megan Doyle

    Wikipedia has the ending of the show

  80. Megan Doyle

    I miss Jane by Design...... Why abcfamily why?

  81. heyyitsmarmar

    I watch jane by design on hulu

  82. Cecilia

    I want jane and billy together ! I kinda miss them ! I'm italian and the season started here... Something like one three weeks ago and i saw it all on the internet because i couldnt wait :(((((( i loved it!

  83. whitney starz

    ughhh u jinxed it! its cancelled !!

  84. imnotprocrastinating

    I want Jane to be with Billy :( not jeremy neither did eli

  85. Jasil Olabode

    Wat they cancelled Jane by design, nooooooooo

  86. JGP Channel

    too bad, Jane by Design is Cancelled... Hit like if that show brought you here :)

  87. ella bear

    i loved this show and they just left me hanging and now i will never know what happens

  88. ineednuts


  89. Nunt Kamolnun Ruddit

    Why it is canceled? I thought the rating was pretty good and it is a great show!!!

  90. Ennowess


  91. Ennowess

    Too late :(

  92. Joana X

    It's gone?!?! It's on on my tv

  93. Angie Rosario

    i want my second and so on to so on seasons i want Jilly Bane however we put jane & billy together

  94. Angie Rosario

    we all need our show back so inspiring

  95. Lyn683

    It was cancelled :(

  96. mskitty4261

    So they don't cancel The Secret Life of an American Teenager but the cancel Make it or Break it and Jane by desgin.
    hey, im 13 . im sorry for what our generation has done to everything.

  97. lilysuebug

    love itway mmore than those ridiculous reality tv,plz everyone leave those shitty shows out of tv. i need thing to make me esape and dream not some people acting like savage, bitchin, doing ridiculous things to get more rating

  98. Latoya Brathwaite

    ooopsss. it did. i liked it too :)