Ra - Skorn Lyrics

Dear John,
I'm sorry. I can't do this anymore.
You're not the man I fell in love with
And I have to move on with my life. Goodbye.

You were the one who'd never leave
Beautiful eyes you seemed so free
Touching your face I felt complete
Holding your hand my heart would weep

So everything that came out of your mouth was full of lies
You looked me right dead in the eyes
You'd call your girlfriends and tell them that I abused your trust
You did your best to demonize

You were the one who raped my soul
Beautiful lies you stole my hope
Touching your ass I scratch the skin
Holding your neck I tie the rope
Pulling it - tight

You were the one, the one for me
Now that you're gone it's hard to see
So much of me has gone away
There's no need to stay another day

But someone's got to pay

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