R Kelly - You Are My World Lyrics

Why you insecure
When you know how love is pure
And why is it so hard to trust
When we vowed that we'd be forever in love girl
And when the morning comes you'll see I'll still be right by your side
And you don't have to worry cause baby girl you're all mine

You are my world
My heaven
My whole girl
Got to believe me
You are my world
My heaven
My whole girl

Tell me why
Should you ever have to wonder who's gon' love you right here for you
Girl tell me why
Should you ever have to question who's not gon' be loving you
Oh girl
Oh I
And when the morning comes you'll see I'll still be right by your side
And you don't have to worry cause baby girl you're all mine

You are my world
My heaven
My whole girl
Got to believe me
You are my world
My heaven
My whole girl

Here and now
Cast all your fears away, girl
Take my hand and we will fly away
Baby don't you know that you are my world

You are my world
My heaven
My whole girl
You are my world
My heaven
My whole girl

You are my world
My heaven
My whole girl
You are my world
My heaven
My whole girl

You are my world
My heaven
My whole girl
You are my world
My heaven
My whole girl

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R Kelly You Are My World Comments
  1. Marek funky Mára

    👌👌👌 super song

  2. beluska79

    The Best!!!!

  3. Jorge Ademuz

    The Unic person can't imitate Michael Jackson 😂 😂 😂 😂

  4. Morris

    Song that Michael Jackson never got to record. Hear it from the beat to the "Ooh hoo". Ha

  5. Samantha ndlovu

    You would swear its Michael Jackson. Madly love this man R.Kelly people may hate him and say nasty things but i love Mr ROBERT KELLY

  6. EpicCZ Epickys

    Best song on world

  7. Tameka Washburn

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️🙌🏾🙌🏾 👑 amazing

  8. Jorge Garcia

    I thinks it is michael , but is the king of music.

  9. Monika Mackova


  10. DarkCaleb 54

    wow this does sound like michael jackson

  11. Jorge Garcia

    this song was written by r.kelly, and many more songs.

  12. piijay14

    Wow...He does a fine immitation of Michael!

  13. david lakatoszs

    the best song woww

  14. Anaszti Feher


  15. Lateshia Childs

    One of my favorite songs on the album, R. Kelly is amazing I love the whole MJ vibe to this song.

  16. Bob boyd

    The shit I met Kells years back cool dude don’t believe the rumors he’s a classy guy to take time for strangers and laugh and talk to he’s a mad scientist with his words and very humble

    DrTroy Turner

    malik boyd I met him too. Cool. Kinda shy like many celebs. We didn't speak but he was peeping me as one of the only males in the mall in the am and about as tall as him so a Lion scooping his jungle type of thing.

  17. ERGSEG

    This was originally a demo for MJ. That's Why Kellz sings it like him. Which is something MJ told him he enjoyed. He like when Kellz imitated him.

  18. Alan Martinez

    Sounds Like Of Michael


    I miss MJ

  20. Anna Ricci

    Is this song on the Write Me Back cd. I do not remember hearing it.

  21. big gee.

    class x

  22. Emi Ve Katrin

    sounds like you rock my world and remember the time from MJ 👌👌😍😍👌👌

  23. bface1873

    This must have been written for MJ without a doubt. MJ hooks all over it and adlibs. I can feel Michael Jackson all over this song. Kells must have written it for him before MJ's death but since he is no more, he decided to release it. wow

    Da Man DL

    that's exactly it

    Lateshia Childs

    Me too, he did a great job singing it but I can just picture Michael singing the whole thing.

  24. Tonya Pennington

    This song totally takes me back to the first time I heard Michael. Absolutely amazing job. It took quite a bit of convincing by my friend to get me to believe that that wasn't michael himself. WOW

  25. qrene' !

    kels gettin his #mike on

  26. 【♥】 Chipz

    You know, when I first saw the title of the song...first thing I thought of was Michael Jackson''s "You Are My Life" that he dedicated to his kids. Pleasantly surprised that Kelz actually channeled his inner MJ in what felt like a nice little tribute to Mike. Great song.

    Arron Webb

    its coz it was originally A Demo For Michael Thats Why He Singing It As Close To How Mj Sings As He Could At The End His Sings Lyrics From Remember The Time.

  27. Akeema Khaira

    Oh my goodness....I absolutely love this song. The incredibly distinct essence of Michael is amazing. I'm just hearing this song & I'm so glad I have. People can choose to say many things about this man (R. Kelly) but most certainly cannot deny his God given talent. He is a phenomenal vocalist, songwriter, instrumentalist, & producer.

  28. Dylan Nowak

    Michael spirit

  29. wayne calame

    kelly its time you do a album that would arrive mj. your way, cos i think you can do this. i challenge you.....

  30. Dávid Horváth

    Instrumentál ?
    Please ...

  31. Paola de Oliveira

    Wow, It feels like Michael, great song.

  32. Truth Hitman

    This was probably one of the songs R. Kelly wrote for MJ but Michael died before he could finally get around to recording it.  So  R.Kelly' may have sung it as a tribute to the King of Pop.

  33. Carl Boyd

    My girl likes it though.

  34. Carl Boyd

    This song would have been good 4 the king M.J. but hes gone..... give it to neyo . Nice song but this not 4 kells.

  35. Universal035

    Wow a little bit of mj tribute in this song.

  36. puccipalace

    Dammm do I hear Micheal Jackson?

  37. Taylormarie Anthony


  38. Serena Giddens

    R kelly is a pure musical genius and their will never be another like him.. U go kels!!

  39. Jo Dancer

    Check out "Shades of Black" line dance to this music....fantastic.

  40. marek kora

    Really good

  41. Ome mcCalla

    the most talented man on record

  42. Juanjo Espinoza

    you rok my world ?????? mj

  43. Rosita Alexandrova

    Jediněě ..♥ R.Kelly

  44. djmaneone

    @LolaBen210 He wrote it for MJ, idiot.  

  45. DerKavia Odom

    That is a good song and it sounds like remember the time

  46. San Dra

    My song!!!!! Sounds a little bit like, do you remember the time from MJ....

  47. Tr4ges

    beautiful song

  48. nomibe2911

    Am I crazy or does Kelly sound like MJ on this song.

  49. Abuse JaZz

    fuck r.kelly for odd future

  50. NewBKeithyG

    this is mad different then the version i have

  51. Kristin Lewis


  52. Lashundra Gilmore


  53. DaManDL

    other way around, my friend

  54. I am Anderson

    Jason Malachi

  55. TheMainVoiceOfficial

    he wrote this for mj lol

  56. Eduardo Jayme

    DOPE TRACK; s/o to THA KING OF POP! #Moonwalker

  57. Kenyatta Brown

    god I love this man

  58. Ray K

    Shame we didn't hear the finished product from 2 of the best in the business. MJ would have sounded amazing on this track!! We love you MJ.
    R Kelly you are one hell of a producer!! 2:26 onward.. so MJ!!!! I love it

  59. Myra Moody

    go boy!!love me some Rkelly!!thanks for this!!

  60. kai13man

    you go boy!!

  61. treacrowder

    The best ..

  62. Ovi Charest

    THE KING OF R&B YA'LL!!!!!!!

  63. MrSoulshock44

    Is it me or does Kelly's voice sound better than ever these days?

  64. Shep Trop

    TBH, I don't think R Kelly can be compared to any of those artists. IMO, he sounds nothing at all like Teddy Marvin or Sam. He may have hints of their sound in his music but R Kelly has a color of his own.

  65. Sasha Taylor

    I'm thinking he wrote this song for MJ!!! Too bad he died so soon!!!

  66. qarahiyo

    Thanks Jamal. I just bought RK's album without paying a cent lol! you're an angel.

  67. GT32syfl

    i feel ya i like that mike flava he put on this cut
    party song for the brothas and sistas in the world

  68. mick swagga


  69. mick swagga


  70. Cipriano Pastor

    damn by 2:55 EPIC

  71. kouabenan martinez N'VOUO

    Kell's you're the best the king RIP BAMBI!

  72. regjwaerhouse

    Well, tell me : who else can emulate MJ so perfectly? Both voice and style?


    this song reminds of MJ rock my world in my mind :)

  74. Gabrio Amadhila

    Now this is my friday track! step step and slide! step step and slide! step step and slide! step step and slide! step step and slide! step step and slide!

  75. Emelio Corona

    Love dis song. The king of rnb right here

  76. doris pitts

    yes I agree with you!!!!!

  77. hollabklyn7

    Greatest R&B artist of all time. I love this man's music. Everything he does is gold.

  78. o0Chewey0o

    grave j'ai kiffé !!!! il chante trop bien

  79. AlliN

    haleluja 3 times man, i feel it in my bones my every hair is dancing dont have words for this

  80. MrSoulshock44

    Kells is the only one who can do justice to MJ as a singer

  81. Giuliano Grassi

    This song is in the 'De luxe edition' with 16 tracks instead 12.

  82. Giuliano Grassi

    “Love is”
    “Feelin' single”
    “Lady Sunday”
    “When a man lies”
    “Believe that it's so”
    “Fool for you”
    “All rounds on me”
    “Believe in me”
    “Green light”
    “Party jumpin'”
    “Share my love”

  83. Giuliano Grassi

    but this song is not in the album....

  84. Tajrah Curry

    I agree sounds like a MJ song.....WOW

  85. M WMS

    thumbs up :}

  86. Giuliano Grassi

    The real genius!!!!!!!!!

  87. TheNigerianScammer

    awesome. I like the updated version. and this one


    This was definitely wrote for MJ
    U did ur Damn thing Kells real talk

  89. vese williams

    so in love with this

  90. Essence D

    I know lol. That's why I said MJ is all over this song. I heard the demo months ago

  91. Musicfan1020

    Would you mind sending me the demo?

  92. kym worsnop

    well i liked it i dont know if that helps but yeah i liked it mate y r u worried its good gudonya mate!!!!!


    If they do a Video 4 this song the Theme should be in Honour of M.J!

  94. cliff lipscomb

    Ill take him replacing MJ this shit hot

  95. weedman6926

    1000% right. This man is the best

  96. Gillian Ashton

    just heard the MJ part