R Kelly - Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 10) Lyrics

Now the midget jumps outta the cabinet and stomps the policemen on his toe
The policemen hoppin around on 1 leg screamin "son of bitch" while he runs under the table
He yells ''freeze'' dives over the table and lands on the midget...while the midget is kickin
real fast screamin out bridget,bridget ,
"She yells darlin don't hurt em'"
He says bridget get yo' ass back...then he continue to ruff up the midget as if the midget was under attack...
Then bridget runs up to her room, goes in her purse and pulls a number out...
The police puts him on the table and yells "Man, what the hell you doin' in my house?!"
He whips cherry pie crust off his mouth and says man, i was paid not to tell you
Then the police pulls his gun out and yells trespassin man I got the right to shoot you..
The midget says mr. the man that pay me to this would kill me if i tell
He points the gun in his face, the midget say ''god i think i just shited on myself''
Now at Sylvester's house Twon gotta patch on his shoulder playin cards gettin alone
There laughing and talking when Sylvester says Gwendolyn, baby, get the phone
Then she walks away from the table picks it up and say "hello" there's a lady on the other line panic-n-
cryin and talkin all offf the wall,
Gwen says wait slow down, who am i talkin tooo
"My names bridget and i found your number in my husband's pocket, I had to call you"
2mins later Gwen shakin her head sayin girl i understand, Sylvester says who is it baby?
She hangs up and gives him the address,
Now meanwhile back at the policemen house the midget cryin his ass off while he lyin threw his teeth bout
to get lil ass told off,
Then bridget bust in the kitchen with a double barrow sayin "james i can't let you do this"
Then he looks at her and says what? you shoot me for this
fuckin midget she says "I love him"

Now bridget and james stairin each other down slowly backin apart..then the midget takes his inhaler out
and says this is not good for my heart,
Then james says bridget don't make me do this baby put the gun down...thats when Sylvester and Twon
busted up in the house... and says you put the gun down..whoo while Twon & Sylvester sniffen around...
tryina firgure out whats that smell...as they turn and look at each other like whaaat the...hell.....?

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R Kelly Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 10) Comments
  1. ashundra betts

    2020 and this sht still funny🤣‼️

  2. Emma Daisy

    You go kill for this midget

  3. Quite literally a disgusting creature

    I'm pretty sure there's a porn star called Brigette the midget 🤔

  4. Jeremiah Williams

    I like the country voice by Bridgett

  5. BNa n

    watching this stoned is pure comedy LMAO

  6. ruhtra angatnom id elos

    This is just getting better and better.

  7. Galewinds 312

    When in doubt of cheating, pull out a gun

  8. Collin Gill

    "he continues to rough up the midget... as if the midget was under attack"
    might just be the bar of the millenium

  9. B0koh

    The intensity from the police man pointing a gun a midget that his wife's cheating on him with passes over to them playing cards

  10. Jahrell Adams

    All these years and I finally realize there's a fart sound right when the midget said he thinks he shitted on himself 😂😂😂😂

  11. Alex Muratore

    Did m night shyamalan direct this?
    Plot twist! It wasnt r kelly! It was a midget along!
    What. Why? How!

  12. Sucielle Whitehead

    This shit is a movie 😂🤣😭20/20

    Not My Name

    Yeah that’s why they made it lol

  13. Hunter Coe

    𝓙𝓪𝓶𝓮𝓼 𝓘 𝓬𝓪𝓷𝓽 𝓵𝓮𝓽 𝔂𝓸𝓾 𝓭𝓸 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓼.
    𝓦𝓱𝓪𝓽, 𝔂𝓸𝓾'𝓭 𝓼𝓱𝓸𝓸𝓽 𝓶𝓮 𝓯𝓸𝓻 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓼 𝓯𝓾𝓬𝓴𝓲𝓷𝓰 𝓶𝓲𝓭𝓰𝓮𝓽?

  14. JamesTavRule

    Bridgette + The Midget 4 evr

  15. Demetris Alston

    Kelly had to be high making this

  16. Vinamra Parashar

    You know I was waiting for the beretta

  17. August28

    This is the best chapter


    "not only is there a man in the cabnit but the man is a midget"!

  19. Matej matej


  20. Carter117 Gaming

    I like how he has no name and they just call him the midget

  21. BuzaniGaming

    Damn Bridget cute asf

  22. UVLYNX

    This is a cinematic masterpiece

  23. Captain Anarchy

    Well now I'm too deeply committed to the story to stop watching...

  24. Tim Tim

    that wink...

  25. SchwiftyyBeard

    0:52 dat fart noise doe

  26. Josey Wells

    Kells aint took a shower yer???????

  27. Kheerah912

    Lol why did Sylvester wink when he said "You put the gun down" 🤨😆

  28. M&N Distribution

    Oh my lord

  29. TheLegend

    ".... Trying to figure out what's that smell?"

    Surely ain't piss.

  30. daimon hellstrom

    bwahaha he calls him "the midget"

  31. Dan W

    “You shoot me for this fuckin midget!!??” This keeps getting better lol....

  32. Dan W

    So r Kelly’s “character” is cool with his chick cheating and she is with him cheating all of a sudden?

  33. Dan W

    “He dives on the table and lands on the midget”

  34. MyNamesTristan Worts

    im actually enjoying the singing lol

  35. Blake Ferrell

    The king of moistness brought me here.

  36. Monty B

    just when you think it couldnt get any better

  37. Emwo

    still my favorite episode in the saga

  38. Cec arcademodetv Gordon

    Trisha paytas is that you

  39. Fina Tey

    Jeasus wtf

  40. i pack lunches

    I appreciate the mention of the Twan's patch

  41. LeXxX

    🎵I can't stop singing everything that comes out my mouth🎶 this shit is the greatest without a doubt🎵🎤

  42. Mattnel

    This is the first chapter I've seen, nice opening

  43. Drew

    It took me so long to realize they were talking about the little person's shit

  44. MaiYass

    "God I think I just shidded on myself"

  45. condesnation1000

    This shyt seems like the creation, of an illiterate brotha. This is like, comedic.

  46. Mario S

    The Wire is probably the greatest TV show of all time.. with that being said, this is by far Michael K. Williams best performance ever.

  47. DrTLGardner

    He took his inhaler out 😂😂😂

  48. The Boy Who Saw Ghosts

    As if the midget was under attaaaaackkkkk

  49. brainbeatuk

    Ya know I never listened to r Kelly back in day fuck me what did I miss. This is jokes. The guy is twisted but this is awesome

  50. Kendra Jones

    This was funny when I first saw it lol lol we had make u laugh girl u just don't know how bad your health was

  51. Lancer

    2:18 That wink XD priceless lmao

  52. Decode Lifehacker

    2020 anyone? Miget about to die

  53. rory

    what the fuck has happened in this series

  54. Moni Telling

    why is everyone quick to pull out a gun?

  55. Koki Lee

    Who in the hell still watching this in 2020 lol

  56. Dalia Capellan

    Waaaht deh heeell

  57. Joken Word

    “What the hellllllllllll!?” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  58. Layekpeh Beglar

    Is it bad that I like his but not him

  59. Deandre Duskin

    Anyone in 2020

  60. Mary Hudson

    Comedy. why is r kelly calling the short man a midget through the song and not his real name.

  61. daya keys

    Whats that smell whatttttt the helllll lol

  62. Love Akeela

    So everybody just cheating 😂😂😂😂😂LMAO

  63. BeautyoftheBeast

    The midget was fuckin him up tho you gotta admit😂😂

  64. FutureLPN/RN

    Lying through his teeth bout to get his lil ass tow off!

  65. Phoenix Wiseman

    You put the gun downnnnnn

  66. Uroš Raca

    "Now back at the policeman's house the midget is cryin' his ass off!" hahahahahaha I lost my shit right there!

  67. Lord Jamarr

    Lol oh my God 😂😂😂😂

  68. the Lovely fam

    I love how r kelly winked when they came in like James winked at him.

  69. Love Would Help

    #Bridgetandthemidgetdidit #itrhymes #themidgetalsoshitted #haaaaaaaa

  70. Nick Clay

    Been watching since pt 1 i cant

  71. You Tube person

    He was whooping that midgets ass ☠️😂

  72. lay

    “Bridget.... BRIDGET” 😂😂😂

  73. AprilFools

    Damn the ending thoo. "Whaaaaat the heeeeelllll?" XD

  74. Robert Napolitano


  75. Raid

    Bruh how many chapters are there lmaoooooo.

  76. Kimothy Harrell


  77. Zy&kay Tv

    Idc r kelly is sexyyyy😍😍😍😅

  78. Main Man TV

    0:16 the way the midget was kicking got me dying 😂😂💀

  79. ShayPeee

    😂😂😭 I’m so outdone by R.Kelly!!!!!

  80. yanga tsoko


  81. lawrence taylor


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    Why 🔥😂😂😄😃😄😃😄😃😃is my stomach hurting this has turned inyo something else😂💯

  83. Jim Rains

    "Then he continues to rough up the midget as if the midget was under attack" The midget WAS under attack lol

  84. spotlight moonlight

    Of course she's got a southern accent and a double barrel

  85. miguel Rosario

    Wait why the hell homies going help some cop that was just with his girl shot the other dude


    The midget played dead


    I'm dead lmao I'm dead

  88. Prince_Pess •

    Swear yt up next cant count

  89. You Thought-

    IM CRYING BRO😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂

  90. Myah MSP


  91. JMWilkes

    Also.. Wwwhile we're at it... Bridget gets caught cheating and is afraid that her husband is gonna kill her bf. Does she call her friends? Nope. Brother? No. Her priest/minister/rabbi? Nein! Who does she call in the jam of all jams? Her husband's side hoe. Ok....

  92. JMWilkes

    Roughed up the midget "AS IF" he was under attack?? He WAS under attack. I done seent the vid-juh.

  93. Queen Mbd Aka

    The Midget is my cousin 😂😂😂🤣

  94. Logan


  95. Logan

    Dude the ending to that, his voice. So nice

  96. Jared P

    why would bridget call for twan and sylvester to come over instead of cops?

  97. Skyy Stowe

    Me: *simply laughs*
    My grandma: tHaTs eNoUgH

  98. Shane Dennis

    What the hellll is thissss😂😂