R Kelly - Step In The Name Of Love (Remix) Lyrics

now, now, now --see u got to understand stepping is not just a dance its a its a culture--it its the way we live--its wat
we eat, think and breathe
you understand me--see you out there on that dancefloor
and you wit ur partner and all, yall holdin hands and yall swinging and swaying
and you turning them and twisting them and dipping them
and its such an exciting feeling u get u know wat i mean

[music starts]
yeah--its the power piper of r&b yall (whoooooh)
follow me-(yeah)-chicago and them (oh yeah)
don juan and them (yeah)
this is for yall--the remix

[verse 1]
said i know that it's somebody's birthday tonight somewhere
and i know somebody's gonna celebrate tonight somewhere
(i know) one things for sure
(im gonna put on my dancing shoes) then imma hit the door
(and go out and step the whole night through)

snap in the name of love (im gonna) snap in the name of love
(them im gonna) clap in the name of love (oh yeah) clap in the name of love
(im gonna step) step in the name of love (whoooh),
step in the name of love (in the name of love)
groove in the name of love, groove in the name of love

[verse 2]
see i know theres somebody breakin out the champagne somewhere
and u can be sure that (can be sure) that somebody's gonna make love from the night until the day
(i know one thing) one things for sure
(im gonna put on my dancing shoes yeah) then imma hit the door
(and go out and step the whole night through)

snap in the name of love (yeah) snap in the name of love (whooh)
clap in the name of love (oh yeah) clap in the name of love
(said im gonna step) step in the name of love (whoo)
step in the name of love (in the name of love)
groove in the name of love, groove in the name of love

ooooh i wait till somebody else gets up (then i)
i wanna be the first one to hit the floor (ohhh soooooo)
so tell the dj to turn it up (turn it up)
cuz it feels so good--dancing to this remix makes me wanna step cuz its the cut

snap in the name of love (oh baby) snap in the name of love (uh im gonna)
clap in the name of love (yeah) clap in the name of love
(step in the name) step in the name of love (of love) step in the name of love
(then im gonna groove yeah) groove in the name of love, groove in the name of love

yeah,yeah, yeah,yeah, yeah

good evening ladies and gentleman its the power piper of r&b
and i would like to welcome you to the chocolate factory
this album was designed to make you feel good for those of you who wanna feel good
follow me

now i know everybody is familiar with the stepping game
yeah from the loveland album,
uh huh but yall know i had go and do a remix and put it on the chocolate factory
yeah so the stepping game we played then is the same game we gonna play right now
are yall ready?
c'mon 1 2 3 sing

step step side to side
round and round dip it down
separate bring it back
now let me see you do the love slide (yeah)

(dance) step step side to side
round and round dip it down
separate bring it back
now let me see you do the love slide

(step) step (step) step (step) side to side
round and round dip it down
separate bring it back
now let me see you do the love slide

(everybody do the stepping) step step side to side ,round and round dip it down (everybody do the stepping) separate bring it
back (whoa yeah)
(everybody do the stepping)
cmon--keep on stepping, round and round side to side---left to right bring it back
(everybody do the stepping) now let me see you do the love side
(everybody do the stepping)
cmon and step in the name of love while we living,
just stepped out hit the club, dj pumping and its all for us
anybody ask you why we stepping tell them that--we did it for love yeah, did it for love yeah, did it for love yeah, did it
for love yeah,did it for love yeah
if they asked u why we did it--tell them we did it for love oohhh yeah
if they asked u why we did it--we did it for love
everybody's snappin, everybody's clappin, everybody's groovin in the name of love

step on yall---regina and george daniels--i love yall
i see you--dj wayne williams--spinning them records
and last but not least lets not forget the man on the guitar mr donny lang--play on player
and all my fans out there--i wanna thankyou for supporting me and the chocolate factory album
and all the other albums i ever did in my career
i thank you, i love you, peace

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R Kelly Step In The Name Of Love (Remix) Comments
  1. Barbara Parsons

    Da movement!

  2. Sabrina Doctor

    Rob’s Personal Business is His Own ...Not My Business ...
    ❤️this Song is Lit 🔥
    2020 ✊🏽❤️

  3. Lord Art

    Such a beautiful man.

  4. BashanSandersRockstarchannel


  5. Chris Wilson

    Free R. Kelly

  6. Crystal Yates

    2020 Indpls,in

  7. Big Dog

    I am still a fan of R Kelly and his music

  8. Anaiyah Seed

    I’m no hater I’m not a people who would want him in jail I’m the person who will support if even if he raped a 13 or 14 year old all we know is he did something bad and forever stick with his life all we know he know what he did was bad but his voice is gifted by god and he should use it so bail R kelly out of jail🥺..people who likes this comment will understand👇🏼

  9. Mark Chona

    Another level. Still doing it for me.

  10. Ron Sorn

    I my is Ron sorn am Doppled from the usa. My is just die ad Months i have been abude got rad and beat up and food have painted in side food and close and me up went am a sleep stone my

  11. Catherine Nwachukwu

    R.Kelly you are music itself.. You do it effortlessly. Love you and your music..

  12. Mary White

    Why I feel guilty, listening to his songs.





  15. Kama zakaria Mohamed abdalla

    You are very Classic person ...R.kelly..Amazing

  16. Redd, Ro.

    I don't know what he did are whatever he did he will pay for that. But I love this man's music and I will never stop listening to it.

  17. clarice colley

    All bad acts not condoning but his voice will be forever and music.....singing hard as I write this

  18. Carpe Diem

    You can not deny this man is a musical genius...still listening in 2020

  19. Amax With The Facts

    R'Kelly could have been announced as King of Soul and R&B in the 2010's. But sadly, that won't happen.

  20. hussein whilechair00

    Very interest

  21. Lashawn Cook


  22. Lashawn Cook


  23. nick nack

    waahaaaahouhaaa XD this is shit!

  24. Lumamba Mwaanza


  25. Anita Nando


    I FOUND LOVE .. I'm stepping & tripping in it 🥂🥰💋💃💃💃

  26. jonathan Mshelmbula

    The real power piper of R&B! Hope you get through with your travails, brother!

  27. jul123 it's awesome

    I love how all the comments are like "yeah he's a scumbag but his music......"
    I mean it's true

  28. Tanika Hatcher

    Heyyyy Chicago stand 👑👑👑up

  29. Nicole Williams

    I going too still support you sweetie cause I no you didn’t do none of that s$$$ in that’s case arrest they parents to

  30. Jennifer Carney

    I pray to be able to celebrate my 50th birthday like this on the good time 3 it would be wonderful

  31. anthony wemambu

    which man on earth has no fault ...let that person cast the first stone...

  32. Octavia Mosley

    Damn Kelly’s why you gotta dance with a 17 year old in this video🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  33. Lincoln Graves

    1 R tea a

  34. Brown Sugar

    This song always put me in a good spirit

  35. April Reign

    He is a perv....but he made awesome music.

  36. Jazz Head

    Surprised he has not been banned from YT🤔 I do still listen to some of the songs he sings, and others he wrote during his career.

  37. Dee 777

    Hi, 2020 Anyone Still listening?? When Love Songs have a Meaning to Them!!! Hit that like Button!!! One of R. Kelly Greatest classics " Step In The Name of Love " ❤👞👠😆👏🎤🎶💯

  38. Terrie Hayes

    Love this song and video

  39. Terry Edwards


  40. Florence Carter

    Pied piper is the shit!!

  41. Vestina F

    I'm still listening my birthday next month and I'm going to step in the name of love


    R Kelly we still here! 💜

  43. Sheila Turpin


  44. Stracy Curry

    I love this song

  45. Barry Wolfe

    I in joy it is good toknowthat

  46. Daphne Rodriguez


  47. Love Heart Walters

    I love his music.. . I am listening with love yeah. 2020 thumbs up if you listening.

  48. Only Stilton Rd

    Like if you feel that the parents of these women should be in the same jail as R.Kelly if these district attorneys & whoever else really concerned about getting justice...What parent doesn't look into where there underage child is staying for days & weeks this is more about money & tarnishing his name & legacy than anything those judges,lawyers & district attorneys could care less about these grown women who were once fast little girls emotional or mental state

  49. Marquette yvette LAMAR

    Amazing. I love his music

  50. DDE

    This is how I’m trying to live Grown & Sexy

  51. Doris Lee

    Watching in 2020 and as long as I live smooth as glass

  52. MrBluefunk4

    Say what you want, this pedophile is talented

  53. Cassandra Berry

    Love this song but i'm praying the sick bastard get the help he needed....

  54. cooking_withT

    No matter what Kelly did I still love his music 2020 still listening

    Barbara Duncan

    Me too!


    YOU KNOW IT!!!

  55. Shirley Oxner

    Happy Birthday To The One and only King of R.B. R.Kelly your number one fan forever and always. Keep on Stepping.Happy Birthday again JANUARY 8TH🎊🎊🎉🎉💿💿😊😊🎊🎊💝💝🎁🎁🎈🎈🎈🎈🙏🙏🙏

  56. Rita Ramirez

    Damn I would have loved to step with R🥰🥰🥰FOH that's bae

  57. the only NoOther1

    Happy borndate king

  58. Jack Chris

    Happy Birthday 🎈🎊🎁🎉 🎂 #FreeRKelly

  59. Rebellious Aquarius

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KING YOU ARE LOVED #vindicaterkelly #keeprkellyup

  60. Tyrone White Sr.


  61. knightd12

    Really gonna miss this guy for the next 30 years.

  62. Jame Mason

    U should have not didst for love

  63. Trishana Grey

    2020 baby❤❤will play this song at my next birthday party❤❤❤❤❤cant mute good music 1 thing for sure

  64. Mother Jewels

    Say what you want them girls knew what they wanted

  65. FABBO

    Ok ok whoz here in 2020 please press like

  66. Darrell Broome

    Make a nuhh wanna step for real

  67. Hannie Vries


  68. Bernae Beatty

    Very good music 👌 I still listening to this song

  69. Dwight Ceesyu

    Listen, it's a problem. Our legends are being eliminated one after the other....this one is hanging on in jail.....What a tragedy.

    Annette Salmon

    Dwight Ceesyu i sincerely believe this

    Ba Coger

    Dwight Ceesyu
    I agree with you? Trump doing worst. He should be in jail. Trump can’t sing R. Kelly can. President Obama can speech. Trump has no idea what the hell he is talking about it is all about money which he has. And thats all he has.MOney......Money talks and Bull Shit Walks. He’s a Bully and is causing world war 3. Because he has no idea what he is doing.

    Jacki Palmer

    It's all about choices... just that simple! Pray on Playa'!!

  70. tamikalovely

    Other target

  71. Romario Henry

    Listening in 2020 🎶🎶🔥

    Dwight Ceesyu

    No matter, I'll be here. I love RKelly.

  72. The Calming Kind

    His wife Andria should have been dancing with him in this video. She’s a beautiful dancer and she deserved that spot next to him.🌹 He’s a fool.


    Prayer Cabin yes Indeed!

  73. Dianne Jones

    I love this song

  74. Deanne Hyde

    And I'm here again in 2020 still jamming with R. Kelly I'mma step in the name of 💖love anybody else still listening to R Kelly in 2020 👀hit that like button 💯❣️👌🤞💚💚

    Orla Dempsey

    pedo know fact google it not hard to do what he he is doing to young girls is sickning

  75. Mukasa Deo

    But why do blacks guys use black women in the videos

  76. Jackie West

    Happy New Year R Kelly

  77. Rentia Wallace

    2020 frfr

  78. Darrin Bates

    Kiss me and kiss me and kiss me again

  79. Mark Chona

    Timeless elegance 2020

  80. Reneejaguar Jackson

    When I seem this video I knew that this was a making love MUSICAL for the 90s.

  81. Ba Coger

    Me too. Always will listen to R.Kelly . His voice not guilty.

  82. Ricky Water

    My homie

  83. Shirley Oxner

    Will still be listening in 2020 and the years to follow.Always and forever loving this song.Awesome song and video luv it.Dec.2019☺☺☺

  84. Safura Kabore Ahmed

    I❣️ Love❣️U❣️R❣️ Kelly❣️

  85. Crafty Claudine

    I don't think you tube should even play this monster songs. My brother got his girlfriend pregnant.he was 17 she was 15. They been dating sence 5th grade. My brother claimed paternity an the courts took it over . charges was a child sex offender an he spent 7 years in prison starting when he was 19. How is this thing walking around free???

  86. Django Unchained

    Stay strong the day of requital is upon the hypocrites. 2020

  87. Mohammed Abdulkarim

    Memories 😍R kelly the best

  88. Emmanuel gemge

    EmmmulG Y G

  89. rushell lindsay

    Listen this every time 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

    Martine Chaplin

    Martine one love

  90. Anastasia kyles

    Love me some old school music after Xmas.

  91. Doris Duckworth

    I like this song

  92. Riccoo Cuban

    what comes from the heart goes to the heart that's his music God bless KELLY

  93. Police Dexter

    It's The Year 2020 Who's Still Listening To This? If You'll Still Listening Give Me A Thumbs Up...!!!

    Dee 777

    Hi, Police Dexter I'm Still listening!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020 🎤❤👍🎶

    Christine Clark

    I'm most definitely still listening ❤❤ and will continue. Always play this tune to wind down, absolutely beautiful song. xxx

    Hannie Vries

    Remind me of my weddingday 15yrs ago.my heart beat for the song..2020

    Crenshaw Inc


    Imon henderson

    @Shenikee Moore bruh just because its 2020 u dont need thumbs up

  94. Hakeem

    How you gon mute an artist with a song like this?


    They don’t wan see us win fr ✊🏾

    Martine Chaplin


    Martine Chaplin