R Kelly - Slow Wind Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Girl I want to be alone with you
Just To See what you can do
Ow you'r dancin' all over me
Baby this is like some kind of fantasy
The way you move your teasing girl
So tonight I want you in my world

There you go again girl on my mind
See you in my dreams all the time
Ew baby girl your so fine
Standing in front of me

Now will you wind for me
Slow wind for me
Will you wind for me
Slow wind for me
Will you wind for me
Slow wind for me
Will you wind for me
Slow wind for me

[Verse 2]
Girl, the time has come
To show and prove
I've seen enough I wanna feel the truth
Put your voodo on me babe
Kiss my lips
And curse me babe
Show me how you do your magic babe
Lead me to your secret jungle babe


[Bridge 2]
Your a jamaican queen
I'm an american king
[repeat x4]

[Verse 3]
Let's get together
And make sweet love ye
Let's get together
And mix cultures
Let's get together
And change the world ye
Wind for me jamiacan girl

[fade out]

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R Kelly Slow Wind Comments
  1. M.A. Jer

    I love this song and video!!!!!👍👍👍💗💝💜💛💚💙

  2. Roosevelt Curtis

    2020 turn up!!! #FreeTheKelz #IfYouReadingThisYoureGuiltyTooSoDontJudgeMe

  3. Ahmad Musa Bulama

    Still fresh like old wine.

  4. Miss Cocoa

    Unfortunate what's going on with Kellz I hope God can fix it....Cause this man is the KING of R&B PERIOT and hella talented to say the least I pray things change for him because nothing that was said was seen or proven and I know some females cling to artists of his caliber and been since day one so now all of a sudden they have a problem with him...I pray that if he truly has a problem they seek help for him instead of keeping him locked up like a criminal!

  5. Keiaira Thompson

    Can we appreciate all the beautiful black women 😍❤️

  6. William Simunyola

    R Kelly is the best

  7. Mille So Curvee

    My favorite R Kelly song!!

  8. Sam Mejah

    R Kelly really out did himself on this track. Epic

    Shawn Karter

    He's a legend! 🙃🙃😁😁

  9. Dorcas Gathoni

    R.Kelly the artist will always be the ish!

  10. tina anderson

    This the perfect Ab song loose the tummy lol

  11. kanal k-dozo

    2020 🎧

  12. Reneejaguar Jackson

    I just notice that his Ex Wife 'Andrea Kelly' was in this video. 'Slow Wind' 'R.Kelly'.

  13. Happy Feet

    Who's listening 2020 not beyond

  14. Faye Lee

    December 2019

  15. Erica Kane

    Me I think the parents should be blamed to. Anit no way in hell I would take my 15 year old daughter to see r kelly or my mom me . But I love his music

  16. Emmanuel Tucker

    Flow. Like water.

  17. Ange Meviane

    Who is here 2019, put like if you're from the old school

  18. nyda 622

    This that ish this man damn!!!!!!!!

  19. Mia Porche

    This is the best fucking song ever!!! And the video...

  20. Rejoice Gwaze


  21. Rose Danna Joseph

    Free r kelly


    Please who knows the song playing from the beginning title help

  23. diamond alexander

    Still bumping dis in 2020🔥🔥😍😍😍

  24. johno estsskak

    slow wind for me(;

  25. Fifi Walton

    Still listening Dec 8th 2019
    All the way to 2020...👌

  26. Thutmosis7

    I doubt he did this video in jamaica. Likely trinadad he did this or in south florida or barbados

  27. Clorese Love

    Love him as an artist and hate him as a person and that’s okay. Gotta learn to separate the artist from the person.

  28. Michelle Martin

    Lord have mercy this shit fire 🔥 2019 and it’s still hot 🥵

  29. yep I'm tray

    How the hell you run up and dung ina bush half naked.... yuh skin nah scratch yuh

  30. Serge Youtube

    Love this track. It's undeniable his music brought you to the dance floor

  31. Dwayne Rogiers

    I believe that's R Kelly problem, he always seen these women in his dreams.. #alotofwetdream. Still fire

  32. Ojay Smith

    am from jamaica and I've been listening to this since I was 5


    Still listening Dec 2019.
    I ain't muting him.

  34. Don Dilli

    Anyone else notice he's in Jamaica where the thick woman rule but he only has woman with slim frames, almost like teenage bodies👀

  35. John Blaze


  36. papouche joseph

    I like it a lot,

  37. Alecia henry

    Am a Jamaican queen

  38. Courtny 007

    This song aged beautifully. Doesn't sound old at all.

  39. Jamieke Barrett

    I remember the video when I was younger but not the song and I've been trying to find it now I love both the song and video

  40. yolandacrawford81

    Dec 2019

  41. gixxercon39

    I fuks wit R Kelly. ...but robert kelly...thumbs down

  42. 112stace

    Musical genius very gifted with the pen 🖊 🎼🎼🎼🎼🎤

  43. Vincent Anuba

    Loving R.Kelly's work no matter what. Its 2019 and I am still balling with this song

  44. Ricky Phillips

    R kelly still g

  45. MrHighAllDaTime EL RoachoKilla

    Cmon nobody does RnB better than this chi town legend facts


    I damn love r Kelly songs

  47. tariq nahdy

    And black girls are the one who introduced slow wind dancing and twerking

  48. L Wilson


  49. 2enchant

    Whine for deez nuttz!

  50. Sand Crowder

    I love R.Kelly and i want STOP listening to him cause i 💘 all his music 2019.

  51. Teresa Scott

    So we'll what

  52. Teresa Scott

    Love you too what

  53. Teresa Scott

    So that was for like what to me an French one huh

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